Cocoa Brown One Hour Tan Mousse Review

26 November 2014

Cocoa Brown One Hour Tan

This product is by Marissa Carter and the 1 Hour Tan is an express self tanning mousse which states it will develop into a beautiful and natural looking tan in just one hour.

Me being me and being a busy little bee,  I didn't actually read that you only had to leave it on 1 hour so left it on overnight the first time I tried it out!  The second time, after leaving it on for just over an hour, the colour was exactly the same so I suppose there was some merit in testing out that claim.

Click here to go to a fake tanning how-to if you are new to it >


I've been using fake tan for years and mousse tan is my favourite, this mousse is definitely on the upper, more luxurious levels of mousse fake tan, the can is really easy to use and there is a generous amount in the can, you can use the nozzle at any angle and the foam itself is very creamy and easily blended into the backs of legs and arms which, for me at least, are my trouble areas!

There seemed to be no smell at all from this product which is apparently due to the accelerating ingredients in Cocoa Brown meaning that no DHA (the tanning ingredient with the biscuity smell) is left on the skin's surface and to be fair, that seems to ring true for me at least.  They do say that it containst extracts of Tahitian Gardinia but to be honest I couldn't smell too much of anything at all, which I preferred.

Upon application of the luxurious foam I realised that this was a great tan for those with dry or scaly skin.  Tan can often go patchy or scaly if your skin is very dry and so the moisturising effects of this tan will definitely help give the best application with no patches that you can get.

The mousse dries very very quickly and you can get dressed within minutes of applying although, as always, I would recommend dark and loose clothing.

The tan has not streaked on me any time I have used it, is non sticky and the colour is a golden brown that as you can see from the pictures, is very natural and doesn't look TOWIE style fake.

The biggest surprise to me was that this tan is only £7.99 delivered from Feelunique

That is an absolutely bargain price for such a brilliant product and, while I got the review can for free, I will most definitely be purchasing more and recommending it to all I had previously recommended Vita Liberata and Fake Bake, it does the same level of a job but for about £20 less money!

Beauty Stocking Fillers Under £30

25 November 2014

Top Beauty Stocking Fillers

I don't have many big presents to buy at Christmas as I have a tiny family, I get more 'stocking filler' or 'secret santa' presents for work people and other friends, where we keep it under a certain amount of money as other people have many people to buy for and I am guessing a lot of you are in the same boat.

Small gifts are just as fun however and a lot of the time you can give something that the recipient ends up loving but they might not have thought of buying for themselves.  I have grouped together 9 different products that would be great for either a stocking filler or a secret Santa present to give you some ideas for your friends or family, or perhaps your work colleagues.

  1. Lancome Juicy Tubes - these are a great size for people to take on holiday and they are so sheer they suit everyone no matter the shade in the tube
  2. Cocoa Brown Tan Gift Set - this is such an easy tan to use and would be a great gift for someone who loves fake tan, and also contains all the products you need before and after tanning for a good application
  3. YSL Mascara and Touche Eclat Gift Set - two iconic products and the mascara is a perfect handbag or travel size
  4. Emma Hardie Gift Set - a perfect way to try Emma Hardie's amazing cleansing balm without shelling out for the full size cleanser, everyone I have suggested to buy this has loved it
  5. This Works Sleep Spray Gift Set - perfect for someone you know who has trouble sleeping or relaxing and I find this stuff is the only thing that really works for me
  6. Neom Be Happy Gift Set - this is my opinion but everything from Neom is absolutely gorgeous, the best smelling candles and products I have ever found, I have never found anyone who has disliked any gift from Neom
  7. Bobbi Brown Holiday Eyeshadow Palette - Bobbi Brown eyeshadows cover all of the bases, good colours that work well in the palette, a good size (who ever finishes a full size eyeshadow), perfect for bosses, mums or teens to treat them to some nice 'grown up' makeup
  8. Benefit Sweet Temptations Gift Set - Benefit's products are beautiful but I find the full sized ones last forever (way past the sanitary date to keep them) and the mini ones are much handier plus both tints and balms are amazing, and suit most skin tones
  9. Mac Christmas Lipglass Gift Set - I have always bought myself one of these each Christmas, I love Mac and it gives you the chance to try a few different shades and is much more economical than buying just one!

Happy shopping! Links are above in the picture section.


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