27 March 2015

4500 Follower Giveaway - Korres Skincare

I love Korres products and I love my followers, so it seemed only right to purchase my favourite two Korres skincare items to give away to celebrate 4500 blog followers (which I did have this morning, a couple have now gone, sad face). 

These products not only work but are very natural and I love the ethics behind the company too.  I want to thank you for all of your support over the years. I really appreciate it and I never thought I would have this many followers at all! I was excited when I had 10!   

So to the giveaway,  it’s very straightforward to enter! Iam giving away the Korres Black Pine Antiwrinkle Firming and Lifting Face Serum and the Korres Wild Rose Advanced Repair Sleeping Facial with a value of £65.

All you have to do is: 

  • Write a comment to this post with your Bloglovin name that you follow by and your favourite skincare product of all time (so I have some ideas)!

I should say that it’s open to not only readers based in the UK and Ireland but worldwide.  Open from 27th March 2015 until Midnight GMT until 12 noon (midday) GMT on Friday 3rd April 2015.  The winner will be picked at random for fairness.

Good luck! 

26 March 2015

Cheeky Parlour Holborn - Top Pedicure in London

Opening Hours and Location

Cheeky Holborn
198/200 High Holborn Road

Tel: 0207 661 3050

Mon – Tue (9.00am – 8.00pm)
Wed – Sat (9.00an – 9.00pm)
Sun - (11.00am – 5.00pm)

In need of a pedicure before my Paris trip I did the usual, and asked all the girls in the office where to go near work (which is one way of me saying, this is not a review of something I got free).

The overwhelming response was Cheeky Parlour, Cowshed’s trendy little sister who have recently opened at the Hoxton Hotel, just down the road from Holborn tube station.  You can make an appointment quickly on line or just give them a call and there are also walk-in appointments available.

You can go to the parlour on your own or book in with friends and they offer manicure, pedicure and makeup services, there is also the opportunity to have a nice glass of wine while you relax.

It has similar vibe to a trendy Shoreditch bar or café, with a hipster warehouse style and shabby chic furniture with pink neon light up lips and flamingos.

I had the Toe Shine Pedicure and at just £26.00 I thought wow, what a bargain for central London.  It is a full pedicure and includes a file and shape, all cuticle work, buff, soften and smooth hard calloused skin, exfoliate, moisturise with foot massage and obviously the nail paint with your choice of Cheeky colour.

My manicurist was quiet but friendly, which left me ample time to have a much needed disco nap!  She did check with me at each stage to make sure I was OK with shape of nails, colour, heat of water etc. which I appreciated as while I am not that picky when I know the manicurist knows her stuff, obviously some people are, and I thought it was good that this was done as standard.

I went for one of Cheeky’s bright red nail varnishes, I believe it was called American Hot and was applied really well; every nail is absolutely pristine and now, over a week later, looks exactly the same.  Time and care are taken and then you are sat under a foot dryer to make sure the polish has fully set before they say you are OK to put on your shoes and leave.

I will definitely revisit Cheeky Holborn next time I need a fancy pedicure (I do my own normally to save money).  It’s the perfect place to pop in at lunchtime or after work for a pre-night out or holiday mani or pedi.

The Vintage Cosmetic Company Review

I have been trying out a few new make-up brushes recently and today's review is on the Airbrush Face Brush Set from The Vintage Cosmetic Company.  The brand is new to me, and you can buy the products in Boots,  on their website or Feelunique.  They sell a range of make-up brushes in singles or in gift sets, lashes, hair tools and make-up tools like eyelash curlers, all in their signature vintage style and packing, which has a passing resemblance to Cath Kidson prints.

The set of brushes I tested out has three brushes, a Foundation, Concealer and Powder brush.  The set is designed to give you a flawless, airbrushed finish and is ideal for a long-lasting make-up look.  The brushes have pastel pink handles and the bristles are synthetic so hypo allergenic and cruelty free. Each brush has it's use written on the handle.  

Vintage Cosmetic Company Airbrush Face Brush Set
I think the kit is aimed at your everyday woman, perhaps one with not so many hundreds of make-up brushes as myself (it's an addiction to be honest) so I think it's really helpful that they have their use printed on the side.  The box also features a step by step guide containing hints and tips on how to make the most of your brushes which again would be really helpful to someone new to make-up or just new to using brushes to apply them.  I didn't realise there were such people to be honest as I am so obsessed with make-up and brushes, but my friend recently told me she had never used a foundation brush (shut the front door..I nearly passed out in shock)!

Below is a summary of my thoughts on each brush in turn. And then some pictures of my make-up after having used the kit to apply my base.  

Foundation Brush

Having used many types of foundation brush over the years I have found that this paintbrush style is better for beginners and that I prefer a more flat topped buffing brush.  This is good for getting your foundation on your face, but then you still need to use another brush to buff it out and blend it in or to use your fingers.  

As the brush has synthetic bristles and they are tightly compacted it means you don't waste any product by the brush absorbing it, but then that in turn means that you get quite a lot of product on your face, hence the need for blending in with your fingers or another brush afterwards.  If you never use a foundation brush this is a good way to ease you into it, as you can still use your fingers or a sponge for the second stage of blending.  If you prefer a quick application then I wouldn't say this style is great for you.  

The brush is well made and the handle weighty enough to make it feel good quality.  The bristles are good quality too, with no shedding when I washed them.

Concealer Brush
I really like this brush for under eye concealer application as the bristles are really soft and it's a good size to really blend in the product and make it look even and natural.  Depositing too much concealer under the eye can mean that it sinks into any fine lines during the day, actually making you look older, so it's a good idea to apply the minimum and blend it in really well to avoid that, this brush does that with ease.

Powder Brush

This is my favourite brush by far and you can buy it by itself as well for £16.00 which I would definitely recommend.  It's perfect to use for setting powder or blending in your blusher and contour to make them look flawless, you could even use this to apply your mineral foundation.  It is the softest brush I have ever used, much softer than any of my Mac brushes and it's really large.  It's the perfect powder brush and the price is fab.  It doesn't feel prickly or sharp as some powder brushes can do and it imparts the perfect amount of colour and blends everything in well to really give you that airbrushed look.
Using all three brushes with Tom Ford and Clinique Foundation and Soap and Glory Concealer and Mac Bronzer


My overall thoughts are that the brushes are extremely good quality for the price with super cute packaging. If you were just to buy one brush I think the Powder Brush is the best out of the three and would be a must have for me.  The kit would be great for yourself if you are just wanting to get into using brushes or it would make a lovely gift especially for a teenage daughter just starting out with makeup.

The Vintage Cosmetic Company Airbrush gift set costs £22.50 and was provided for review
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