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Free Downloadable Editable Packing List


I always make myself a packing list before I travel, it might be because I am a PA and it's ingrained into my brain, it might be because I hate forgetting things, maybe I'm a complete weirdo control freak. ... who really knows or cares.  Either way I decided to share my basic packing list with you before I filled in all the fields and make it so that you could download it for free in case it helps you out.  

It will download as a PDF so you can save it and print it out and fill it in by hand. However if this idea is horrendous to you (as it is to me) then never fear, you can google 'pdf to word converter' which will take you to many options of websites you can upload it to,  to transfer it from a PDF to a word document.  If you then save the version once it's converted to word, you can then use word to type in what type of clothes, change the headings etc. etc.  That line below 'packing list' is so you can either write your name or the location of the trip.

I hope you like this, it's my first downloadable item so fingers crossed. Let me know if you would like any other items made downloadable and I will try and help you out! 


New Goodies - Rosie Bea Nails and Rimmel Self Tan Mousse

I was in Superdrug last week picking up some holiday essentials and a trip there can’t be complete without at least looking at all the new beauty items.  None of the makeup took my fancy but I took a look at the fake nails by Elegant Touch and noticed a new range by a blogger/vlogger called Rosie Bea.  On closer inspection I found a couple of the sets had really cute designs so I picked up the nude and rose gold Spotlight set as I was trying to ration myself and be a bit more sensible than usual!  I have to be honest and say that while the mixture of different designs is cute, I am hoping when I open them up that there are enough that I can get a set of 4 for each hand that match with just the differing ring finger accent, I don't want to look silly in the office or like I'm trying to be cool! 

The plain coloured sets are £5.50 and those with nail art are £6.50, very reasonable as I tend to find a set of false nails will last me about a week.  You can check out the different sets available here Rosie Bea's Elegant Touch Nails  

I will test them out and review them when I get back from Cambodia in a few weeks.

Talking of Cambodia, a must have for pre-holiday prep is a spray tan, but since I am away for a few weeks I didn’t want to buy my usual litre of spray tan for my machine as it can go off, especially as my home is SO warm.  My apartment is some sort of Eco-friendly 'living space' with really well insulated walls (I’ll be honest I wasn't listening to the specifics when I bought it).  

So I decided to buy some cheap and cheerful Rimmel Sunshimmer Self Tan Mousse as it was a third of the price of most of the other tans available.  If you didn't know it’s only the pump at the top of most mousse tans (that are packaged in the bottle the same as this one) that turns the product from liquid to mousse, so if I just pull off the top I can pour the liquid straight into my tanning machine cup and away I go! Please note this doesn't work if the mousse is an aerosol such as the Cocoa Brown mousse tan. 

I’ll be testing this tan out the day before I go on holiday, so fingers crossed I don’t look like I've been tango tanned when it's time to fly (unless oompa loompas get upgrades)? I will update with how I get on. 

Have you picked up any new goodies recently? Let me know!


Beauty and Health Backpacking Essentials

When it comes to packing for a backpacking trip there’s no better way to travel than to travel light. Sometimes I do need to take more clothes or extra camera lenses but I’m going to Thailand and Cambodia this week, I'll be backpacking and we have a limit of 10kg luggage. When I’m backpacking you won’t find me taking any more beauty products than necessary despite my reputation as being beauty obsessed, I know how to be sensible when I need to! 

Everything you Need

Here are all the beauty, gadgets and health items you do need to take in your bag for a 2-3 week trip away.

Skin and Body Care 

At home I’m the one with 6 steps of lotions and potions but for backpacking I take some decent skincare wipes, some eye makeup remover wipes and a moisturiser.  This time I’m taking Pixi Beauty Moisturising Cleansing Cloths (£10 for 40 wipes), Pixi Beauty H20 Skindrink (£24 for 35ml) and Halo Eye Makeup Remover Pads (£1.50 for 30 wipes). 

For body I ensure that I have a good deodorant, this time I am taking Sure's Maximum Protection as it is sure to be hot and humid in Cambodia and I don't want to end up a sweaty mess! 

For teeth I take a mini toothpaste and mini mouthwash, then I buy a regular toothbrush in duty free so I can use it on the plane too, I don't have a spare as I use an electric toothbrush at home. 

I save the kits you get in hotels so this time I am taking a shower cap and a nail kit that I liberated from Coworth Park Hotel. 


The most important skincare items. I found some amazing Solait SPF 30 Sun Cream Sachets by Superdrug that will be perfect to slip in my handbag or day pack when doing day trips so I remember to reapply it at sensible intervals, not only are they really handy but cost just £1.99 for 50ml. 

For the beach I have my usual Korres Yoghurt Sunscreen Spray as it works well and smells delicious and for my face I was, in a very timely manner, sent the La Roche Posay Tinted Dry Touch Gel Cream SPF50 which is £18 for 50ml and will be perfect to  use instead of foundation.  If I do want to wear foundation at any point I have the amazing Cargo Cosmetics Liquid Foundation Pouch, again super lightweight for travel and it’s a nice light coverage, very moisturising and perfect for those evenings when I will be staying in a fancy hotel especially at the end of the tour as I booked myself in the Pullman G Hotel in Bangkok for 2 days relaxing before I come home so will need to look a bit more presentable than for backpacking.

Tech and Random Items

I bought a microfibe beach towel with folds up really tiny from Ebay, this is a necessity for backpacking as you will no way have room for a large regular towel.  You can get it here Large Microfibre Towel and it costs less than £10.

I'm taking some travel adaptor plugs from Amazon, a Lexar USB port and sim card for my Gopro which you can get here  an Integral USB port so I can upload from my Nikon SD card to a computer which you can get here  I am taking my GoPro 3+ Silver with the waterproof housing so I can try and film if I go snorkelling and I am also taking it on the extendable selfie stick which you can get here 

Hair Care

I buy mini haircare for travel so I can take it in my hand luggage if I need to, I take 2 mini shampoos, one Keratin shampoo from Tresemme and the other is a purple shampoo so my highlights don’t go yellow in the sea and sun.  I take a mini Batiste dry shampoo to give me a bit of volume or if my hair is a bit dirty and I don’t have time to wash it. There’s no conditioner pictured as I will buy a large size heat protecting conditioner in duty free as there's no way 100ml would even last me one hair wash! 

I am also taking a travel hairdryer as it has so many uses.  It can be used to dry wet clothes or shoes as it might be rainy season in Cambodia and also helpful to dry wet swimming costumes as well as hair. I have the Pink T3 Featherweight Compact Dryer  This is not only the best travel hairdryer I have used as it’s light, folds in half,  drys hair amazingly quickly and is dual voltage, it’s actually the best overall hairdryer I have ever tried, it’s better than my Cloud 9 one as that kept overheating and cutting out. 

This seems to have a much better filter system on it, pictured above, which stops it getting clogged up with dust. Overall I would give this a 10/10 and it truly is an amazing product, it does cost £125 but you can tell this will last for years. I have been testing it out for about a month now and use it every single time I dry my hair.  This is a must buy for regular travellers (you can also get it in black). 

You can get it from:
 T3 at Lookfantastic , Currentbody.com and even T3 at Net a Porter

Medical Supplies

It's important to take sensible medicine with you such as paracetamol, Ibuprofen, insect repellent with a high Deet content, tea tree oil, antibacterial wipes, plasters, diarrhoea relief, blister plasters, insect bite cream and I always add in a nail file as you always seem to break a nail on holiday and some safety pins.  I would include anti malaria tablets but every time I have tried taking them I have gone completely loopy (different brands) so now I just use every single available insect repellent I can (I have also ordered some insect repellent bracelets I can also use on my ankles) and will try and get some local products when I am there too. 

It makes sense to put the items in a small first aid kit so everything is together and in case someone else needs to grab it out of your bag quickly.  I got mine from eBay here. 

I did write another packing blog post  which features clothes as well if you would like to check that out. 

I hope this helps if you are packing for a backpacking trip yourself! Let me know if you have any tips and tricks yourself! 

*La Roche Posay SPF, T3 Hairdryer and Cargo foundation provided for review, post is not sponsored.