Organix Anti Breakage Keratin Oil Range

23 April 2014

The scent of the Keratin Oil range from Organix is very sweet and fruity which I really like, as with most hair products the shampoo is stronger scented than the conditioner and I like the smell, this would be great if you don't wash you hair every day or have hair extensions and your hair will retain the smell and keep nice and fresh.

You can tell the shampoo is moisturising just by the look and feel, it's very thick and there is a good amount of oil in there to really moisturise dry hair or extensions which are, by their nature, much drier than normal hair as they are not attached and don't get the natural oils from your scalp like your own hair does.  I actually sometimes double shampoo because I only wash my hair once or twice a week as I have a weave and this is so moisturising it sometimes doesn't feel like it gets my hair clean enough the first time, but you can easily use it twice as you only need a tiny bit.

The conditioner is nice and thick which does become a bit of a problem when you get to the end of the bottle as it's quite hard to get out but it's great for my hair and I really feel that it is helping smooth the cuticle of the hair and making it look less frizzy and dry.

The oil is my favourite product from the range, it's in a spray bottle which means you can get a nice fine mist and distribute it evenly through your hair so you don't get greasy sections which is so easy to do when you are just rubbing it on your palms and running it through your hair as the part of the hair you touch first obviously gets the most of the oil.

The scent of the oil is similar to the shampoo, very fruity and fresh and quite sweet, this is great if you don't have time to wash your hair, just a bit of dry shampoo on the roots, this on the ends and then your hair will be smooth and feel fine and will extend you another day before washing again. Remember to use the oil after using heat such as a straightener otherwise you will be frying your hair!  Use a serum or heat protection spray before hand.

Overall the products are great for my hair which is dry and mostly extensions.  It makes my hair soft, tangle and frizz free.  This wouldn't be good at all for thin, limp or greasy hair so I wouldn't pick this up if you have those issues.  The price is great for the quality, they look pretty on the bathroom shelf and they last well so are really economical.

All of the products are £6.99 and I bought mine in Tesco but you can also get them here at Superdrug

Nair Shower Power Cream Review

22 April 2014

I love the idea of hair removal cream but the reality for me is usually that the cream stings, leaves a rash after I take it off and stinks to high heaven.  A brilliant new find for me, surprisingly in my local Tesco, was Nair Argan Oil hair removal cream which specified it was for dry and sensitive skin so I thought I would give it a go, shaving my legs is never one of my favourite things to do.

The cream doesn't have to be but can be used in the shower, the water doesn't automatically rinse it off. You apply it with the spatula provided and it is just the usual thick white cream as with most of the brands.  The first thing that struck me was that it really didn't smell bad like all the others and was actually not bad!  I left it on for five minutes before the shower then got in and washed my hair.  Once that was done I used a flannel to scrub the cream off, overall I think I had left it on for 10 minutes.  It came off easily and I could see the hair in the cream (lovely) so it clearly did it's job.

After the shower I put on some moisturiser and was really surprised to see that my legs were just smooth and soft, no rashes, no redness or stinging.  This is by far the best hair removal cream I have ever used and I will certainly be repurchasing. I have tried it on the bikini line as well and that was also fine, not one problem or bit of redness.

The most exciting thing is, it costs under £4.00!! Nair Shower Power Cream

My Juicing Experience

21 April 2014

Today's post is about juicing, mostly because I always thought it was a load of old rubbish but I have changed my views and am actually enjoying it and I do think there are benefits to it after all.

I am allergic/intolerant to some random fruits and vegetables which appears to be just because my body cannot process some of them properly.  Trying to get a proper diagnosis from an NHS GP these days literally seems to depend on where you live and if your doctor can be bothered to take any notice of what's wrong with you.  It took me 4 years of repeatedly asking my doctor for help with my eczema before they sent me to Guy's hospital for a referral and after 10 minutes I left with a prescription and an understanding of exactly what was wrong with me, it's ridiculous it took 4 years! So I managed to get some allergy advice from a GP but the rest of what I have found are just my own trial and error methods.

In my opinion juicing shouldn't be to replace meals (perhaps instead of breakfast or a snack) but not you lunch or dinner, and certainly shouldn't be in place of actually eating fruit and vegetables as you will always get more from food if you are eating it whole and it is also more filling than just drinking a juice.

I do think juicing has its place however, for people who don't like fruits and vegetables, can't or don't want to have them in their diet for allergy or taste reasons and for people who can't process the fibre very well from fruit and vegetables, just strain the juice more to get rid of the pulp which contains the fibre.

I personally don't agree with replacing all of your meals with juice as you are considerably cutting your calories to the point where it could slow your metabolism down, essentially making it harder for your body to lose weight in future, not what you want! There are also lots of natural sugars in fruit, it's not the same as table sugar but of course is still sugar which is bad for you and you teeth, so try and balance you juices between fruits and vegetables to keep the sugar down.

Some of my favourite juices are:

Beetroot, carrot, strawberry 
Beetroot strawberry and apple
Carrot orange and pineapple (I have to really strain this to get rid of all the pineapple pulp)
Kiwi apple and spinach (this is delicious and you can barely taste the spinach as the kiwi masks it)
Apple pear cucumber and kiwi (again the kiwi masks the cucumber taste)

The juicer I use is the Philips HR1863/01 which I really like.  It's easy to use and to clean, noisy but not too bad and the best part is you can just put your glass under the spout, you don't have to specifically use the jug provided which I think is handy as then you have to wash the jug and your glass rather than just the glass! You don't have to peel any fruit apart from pineapple but personally I would peel lemons, limes and grapefruits a bit just because it will squeeze every last bit of flavour from the skin, and the skin of citrus fruits is very strong so your juice might become too sharp or tart if you leave all of the skin on. It even juices green apples without having to cut them, handy if you are lazy like me!

Overall I am really pleased I started juicing, my skin definitely looks clearer and I can have a lot more fruits and vegetables than I can actually eat whole which means I am not missing out on any of their essential vitamins and minerals. 

Maxitone Sculptress Caramel Crunch Bars

20 April 2014

I always try and have a snack available at work or in my bag as it keeps me from eating one of the many snacks and sweets available at work.  Some of my favourite items to snack on are vegetables with houmous or tatziki to dip them into, rice cakes or apple with peanut butter but you can't always carry those around with you so a good alternative is a snack bar.  I find protein bars a good option as long as you find one that isn't just full of sugar to replace the fat and the Maxitone Sculptress diet bars are my favourite.

The bars are quite different to other protein bars I have tried which are often quite hard and difficult to chew, make you feel a bit sluggish and are just hard to digest.  These bars are very sweet which some people might not like but I really do like as if I am eating it instead of a chocolate bar or naughty snack then the sweetness means I feel like I have had a treat.

The other benefit of these bars are that they are very filling, I gave one of the guys at work a bar to try to see someone else's opinion and he only ate half and said he was full, so that's a good indication that these are satisfying and filling.  The taste is a bit like a milky way bar with caramel, which is great!

The bars are filled with vitamins and minerals which are listed on the Maxitone website and it actually provides 22% of your recommended daily allowance for the vitamins and minerals it contains.  The bars also include green tea extract and L-carnitine tartrate which are active ingredients which are said to support metabolic function which should give you a little extra weight loss help.

You can get the bars in a box of 12 for £23.99 here or I usually buy the bars at my local LA Fitness, as sometimes if I have a whole box I might get a bit carried away as they are so tasty! 

Mad Hatters Afternoon Tea

7 April 2014

Having been to a few standard London afternoon teas I went with my friend Bridget to the Sanderson hotel who can lay claim to London’s most wonderfully whimsical afternoon tea with an Alice in Wonderland theme. The tea was initially launched in conjunction with Tim Burton’s remake of Alice in Wonderland but as the tea continued to be such a hit they revamped it and carried it on and now it is better than ever.

The hotel serve the tea in the courtyard of the hotel. Amongst a small Japanese garden with a fountain the sleek marble tables are Sleek marble tables sheltered by large umbrellas and warmed (well sort of) by outdoor heaters. This gives a chilled garden party or picnic vibe, without actually being totally outside, I have to be honest thought I was pretty chilly in March! Definitely leave this tea for the warmer months of the year if possible.

I loved the attention to the smallest details, the menu was concealed in a vintage book (although did find it a bit odd that it wasn't actually a copy of Alice in Wonderland) and the sugar cubes are inside a musical box. The crockery, as you can see from the pictures, is a matching set for each person which I really loved and even the teas are presented in glass bottles with stoppers on a tiny mirrored tray, the King and Queen teapots even had paper crowns!

As well as the usual tea selection there are some loose teas especially created including
rhubarb and custard, strawberry, mint choc chip and apple pie. The apple pie tea tasted exactly how it should, warm and spiced and not sickly but still sweet enough. The strawberry tea, which was Bridget's choice, smelled absolutely delicious.

The sandwiches were adorably rolled up like chocolate mini rolls, definitely no bog-standard finger sandwich here! The fillings are ham and mustard, egg mayo and smoked salmon. The rye bread was a little dry and I dislike egg mayo but the ham sandwiches on tomato bread were a real winner for me! The bottom layer of the afternoon tea contained both sweet and savoury scones which was a nice touch but I would have preferred two sweet scones to be honest, the garlic butter that came with the savoury scones was delicious though. The roasted vegetable mini quiches were nice but not really my thing, I am much more of a sweetie girl.

The cakes were by far my favourite part of the tea, I had a drink me bottle with passionfruit and coconut pannacotta, strawberry marshmallows, a mug made of chocolate filled with matcha tea mousse and a cheesecake which was like an egg as it had a yellow mango 'yolk' in the centre which was amazing and delicious. The sweet carrot meringues on the top of the tea tower were a fun extra but I didn't like the taste at all (swish that away with some tea pronto)!  We were invited over to the self-serve jelly buffet but after all we had already eaten is was difficult enough to wobble myself to reception, let alone eat any more so we didn't indulge.

We found the service to be good overall but a bit slow especially with the champagne in the beginning and the bill at the end, both times we had to ask more than once for some assistance which, on a Wednesday at 5pm when the tea wasn't particularly busy, probably not the best indication of how the service will be at a peak time, I would say don't expect to go on a weekend and be served speedily.

For overall experience and a change from the normal style afternoon tea then I definitely recommend this tea but some of the food and the service could definitely be improved.

The afternoon tea costs between £38-£58 and the Sanderson Hotel is at 40 Berners Street, London, W1T 3NG. You can book online here Mad Hatters Afternoon Tea

Lee Stafford My Perfectly Polished Finishing Touch Brush

2 April 2014

I'm always looking for a good hair brush to use for my extensions because, while I love my tangle teaser to death and wouldn't be apart from it, as it's great for the roots and ensuring your extensions aren't ripped out,  it's not always great at smoothing any frizz out of the ends, because it's so gentle.

I was looking for a brush that I could use just to finish my hair after using the tangle teaser and the Lee Stafford Perfectly Polished finishing touch brush (£9.99) seemed to be a great option.  Lee Stafford have just launched their new range of brushes, each with a specific use.  I love the bright pink style of the brush and it also makes it  handy to see in your handbag or gym bag, rather than black brushes which are usually indistinguishable with the lining of my bag, so it saves time.

After using it for a few weeks now I definitely think this is a great brush for what I use it for.  It helps finish off your style, to make your hair really shiny and get rid of any frizz, it does this because it uses boar bristles which help distribute either the sebum from your scalp if you are using this on your natural hair or, in my case, my spray on hair oil or serum, evenly along the hair shaft leaving your hair looking smooth and sleek instead of frizzy or dry.

You can use the brush after curling your hair to give you a beachy wave look or to style your hair straight and sleek.  I haven't used this for putting my hair up because I would have to use it too near the join of my extensions and I don't want it to cause a problem with that but I am sure it would work just as well for ponytails or up do's on natural hair. Definitely a hair must have for me.

You can check out the website here and you can purchase the brush from Boots for £9.99 My Perfectly Polished Finishing Touch Brush


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