Diorskin Star Foundation Review

24 September 2014

Dior's new Diorskin Star Foundation is the only foundation recently that has made me excited enough to purchase it.  I love a Dior foundation, from the innovative airbrush spray foundation to my previous liquid foundations from the brand, I have never been disappointed.  I read in Grazia that this foundation was created using new technology which took scientists two years to develop, to make your skin look amazing, even in photos, which I thought was very interesting as often when you look great in real life, photos wash you out or you look horribly shiny.  I bought shade 020 Light Beige.

The foundation uses titanium to smooth out the skin's imperfections and 'intelligent pigments' which they say work by capturing the light to enhance the skin especially the cheekbones.  They also say it banishes the look of wrinkles and dull skin in photos so you can be perfectly selfie ready at any time.

The Packaging

The Dior packaging is as classic and simple as usual, and I like that it's square so it doesn't go rolling around your table.  I set out all my makeup I am using that morning on my table (well ok, I dump it on the table) so it's nice that it doesn't roll off and fall onto the floor.  The pump dispenser is very precise, I use 2 or 3 pumps for my whole face as only a small amount comes out at a time, which is more economical.

Feel and Finish

The foundation is very lightweight but gives great full coverage, any red bits or dull bits disappeared and even my dark circles didn't need as hefty an application of concealer as usual, which was very impressive.  I don't have any major blemishes but it does cover my small ones very easily whilst not looking heavy.  I think the finish is very natural and is like your own skin, just better.


They sell a sponge (and actively tell you that you need it) when you purchase this foundation.  I'm sorry but I can't stand sponges, they never seem to be able to be properly cleaned to me, so I use a foundation brush (Elf Studio) or my fingers, which work perfectly.  No reason to buy the sponge if you don't want to.  I also feel they absorb so much foundation you waste a lot, and at around £32 for a bottle of foundation, I do not want to waste any.


I had high expectations from this foundation and they met them all.  I am loving this for for every day and evening, the coverage is perfect for me and I feel that this is a better version of Dior Nude foundation, with a more lightweight feel and gives you more of a glow, making your skin look like it has a natural radiance.  I am impressed with the new generation of foundations using intelligent technology to improve their application and effects, it definitely makes a difference. 

It looks like its RRP in the UK is £32.00 but it is currently on offer at Debenhams 
(as of 24th October 2014)

The Cosmetic and Fashion Hotspots of London

18 September 2014

Heading through the tourist hotspots of London, failing to spot the trendy people amidst American and Japanese holidaymakers holding elaborate telephoto lenses is easy.  

But a fashion capital it is, replete with the hippest areas in the UK and home to big names on the style circuit. And while you probably won’t spot Vivienne Westwood stalking the streets of Britain’s largest city, there are a number of fashion vistas to visit where you can try cosmetics, surgery and the hottest trends.

So add some of these locations to your holiday wish list and you’ll be kitted out like a Cara Delavigne tribute act before your trip’s end.

Remove those mistakes – for good

Remember that time when you were drunk in Thailand, staggered into a tattoo parlour and requested a giant love heart on your navel that read, in bold lettering, “I HEART YOU, MUM”? At the time, it was like getting the Sistine Chapel on your body, but now it seems like a large, rather garish mistake.
It happens to the best of us, but the British capital has the perfect solution. Laser tattoo removal in London is always professional, and could make those questionable cosmetic choices of your youth vanish with just a few magic rays.

Hit up a market

The Camden and Spitalfields Markets have become famous for providing the trendiest designs at extremely affordable prices. Open all year and featuring a revolving door of different sellers, they’re two of the hottest tickets for bohemian styles.

While you won’t be gracing the London Fashion Week with your purchases, they’ll fit in perfectly with the world of art students and other trendy types who shy away from the mainstream. Although slightly outside of the tourist areas, both Camden and Spitalfields are on central underground lines that should take no more than 20 minutes of commuting.

Invest in class

It’s not all trendy markets and lasers in London, however. If you’re looking for old-school class, the capital can offer bespoke tailoring, luxury cosmetics and much more besides. Selfridges on Oxford Street, for instance, features a range of men’s and women’s wear, all available in a shop fizzling with a sense of post-Victorian class.

Or, alternatively, hit up Harrods (Brompton Road), another luxury store offering only the finest in products to the finest of customers. While the prices might leave your wallet running for the hills, the quality of every garment is undeniable, with lead designers the world over scrambling for a place in this feted shop.

Be populous

If popular fashion sense is more your thing, then Carnaby Street, filled with brands like Nike, Vans, Pretty Green and loads more.

It’s the ideal location to pick up casualwear and, most importantly, makes for a great day out away from the grander locations of the capital. 


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