The Cosmetic and Fashion Hotspots of London

18 September 2014

Heading through the tourist hotspots of London, failing to spot the trendy people amidst American and Japanese holidaymakers holding elaborate telephoto lenses is easy.  

But a fashion capital it is, replete with the hippest areas in the UK and home to big names on the style circuit. And while you probably won’t spot Vivienne Westwood stalking the streets of Britain’s largest city, there are a number of fashion vistas to visit where you can try cosmetics, surgery and the hottest trends.

So add some of these locations to your holiday wish list and you’ll be kitted out like a Cara Delavigne tribute act before your trip’s end.

Remove those mistakes – for good

Remember that time when you were drunk in Thailand, staggered into a tattoo parlour and requested a giant love heart on your navel that read, in bold lettering, “I HEART YOU, MUM”? At the time, it was like getting the Sistine Chapel on your body, but now it seems like a large, rather garish mistake.
It happens to the best of us, but the British capital has the perfect solution. Laser tattoo removal in London is always professional, and could make those questionable cosmetic choices of your youth vanish with just a few magic rays.

Hit up a market

The Camden and Spitalfields Markets have become famous for providing the trendiest designs at extremely affordable prices. Open all year and featuring a revolving door of different sellers, they’re two of the hottest tickets for bohemian styles.

While you won’t be gracing the London Fashion Week with your purchases, they’ll fit in perfectly with the world of art students and other trendy types who shy away from the mainstream. Although slightly outside of the tourist areas, both Camden and Spitalfields are on central underground lines that should take no more than 20 minutes of commuting.

Invest in class

It’s not all trendy markets and lasers in London, however. If you’re looking for old-school class, the capital can offer bespoke tailoring, luxury cosmetics and much more besides. Selfridges on Oxford Street, for instance, features a range of men’s and women’s wear, all available in a shop fizzling with a sense of post-Victorian class.

Or, alternatively, hit up Harrods (Brompton Road), another luxury store offering only the finest in products to the finest of customers. While the prices might leave your wallet running for the hills, the quality of every garment is undeniable, with lead designers the world over scrambling for a place in this feted shop.

Be populous

If popular fashion sense is more your thing, then Carnaby Street, filled with brands like Nike, Vans, Pretty Green and loads more.

It’s the ideal location to pick up casualwear and, most importantly, makes for a great day out away from the grander locations of the capital. 

Look good: the all-natural way

17 September 2014

Ugh – the alarm is buzzing and you’ve got that 6am feeling. Tired, groggier than a drunken pirate, limper than a deceased jellyfish and with skin drier than an arid desert – this is going to be an awful day.

And your bathroom mirror tells the same story. Your hair is Neanderthal, your skin is patchy and dry, while your eyes are baggier than a chronic insomniac’s. This is going to take a whole load of cosmetics.

But hold onto your horses there. You don’t need fistfuls of makeup to look good. All you need is to be a little healthier. Which is exactly why we’ve put together these tips to make you look great – without endless cosmetics.

Let’s get mineral

Animal, vegetable or mineral? Well, when it comes to putting things on your face, mineral is your best bet.  With mineral powder makeup you can make your skin look healthier in an instant. And, unlike traditional cosmetics, those friendly minerals won’t “cake” you in the stuff, providing you with a lighter and more natural tone.

Use this concoction regularly and you’ll find that your skin is less prone to spots and blemishes. It could improve your appearance in a matter of weeks.

Make things watery

Do you live on a diet of Coke, black coffee and Red Bull? Then that pasty complexion is easily explained. Indeed, dehydration is the mother of bad skin, but it’s easily resolved. If you increase your water consumption to the recommended eight glasses of water a day, you’ll lend your pores a healthy glow and less pallid features.

With more water, the blood flows more rapidly, adding a healthy vivaciousness to your skin. So replace that coffee for water and you’ll be looking ace – the natural way.

Make food that’s good

Your diet, like your water consumption, should be more finely tuned than a Formula One car. With fewer greasy foods, takeaways and a more calorific diet of fruit, veg and carbohydrates, you’ll find your health increasing – and that slobbish morning wakeup won’t be such a chore.

For skin and hair in particular, oily foodstuffs like fish are a must. Combine that with the rest of your diet – ideally, as healthy and balanced as you can make it – and you’ll be able to replace that dodgy morning wakeup with an abundance of pep.

Let’s get physical

It’s always so tempting to loll around on the settee like a sloth on a busman’s holiday, but it’s extremely bad for you. In fact, here’s a quote from national newspaper The Guardian: “The more time you spend sitting, the greater the chances of dying from heart disease or cancer, having a stroke or becoming diabetic.”

So there you go – not only will getting up and doing exercise make you look better, it could extend your life. So wake up and head for the gym for a natural way to look healthy. 


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