Mad Hatters Afternoon Tea

7 April 2014

Having been to a few standard London afternoon teas I went with my friend Bridget to the Sanderson hotel who can lay claim to London’s most wonderfully whimsical afternoon tea with an Alice in Wonderland theme. The tea was initially launched in conjunction with Tim Burton’s remake of Alice in Wonderland but as the tea continued to be such a hit they revamped it and carried it on and now it is better than ever.

The hotel serve the tea in the courtyard of the hotel. Amongst a small Japanese garden with a fountain the sleek marble tables are Sleek marble tables sheltered by large umbrellas and warmed (well sort of) by outdoor heaters. This gives a chilled garden party or picnic vibe, without actually being totally outside, I have to be honest thought I was pretty chilly in March! Definitely leave this tea for the warmer months of the year if possible.

I loved the attention to the smallest details, the menu was concealed in a vintage book (although did find it a bit odd that it wasn't actually a copy of Alice in Wonderland) and the sugar cubes are inside a musical box. The crockery, as you can see from the pictures, is a matching set for each person which I really loved and even the teas are presented in glass bottles with stoppers on a tiny mirrored tray, the King and Queen teapots even had paper crowns!

As well as the usual tea selection there are some loose teas especially created including
rhubarb and custard, strawberry, mint choc chip and apple pie. The apple pie tea tasted exactly how it should, warm and spiced and not sickly but still sweet enough. The strawberry tea, which was Bridget's choice, smelled absolutely delicious.

The sandwiches were adorably rolled up like chocolate mini rolls, definitely no bog-standard finger sandwich here! The fillings are ham and mustard, egg mayo and smoked salmon. The rye bread was a little dry and I dislike egg mayo but the ham sandwiches on tomato bread were a real winner for me! The bottom layer of the afternoon tea contained both sweet and savoury scones which was a nice touch but I would have preferred two sweet scones to be honest, the garlic butter that came with the savoury scones was delicious though. The roasted vegetable mini quiches were nice but not really my thing, I am much more of a sweetie girl.

The cakes were by far my favourite part of the tea, I had a drink me bottle with passionfruit and coconut pannacotta, strawberry marshmallows, a mug made of chocolate filled with matcha tea mousse and a cheesecake which was like an egg as it had a yellow mango 'yolk' in the centre which was amazing and delicious. The sweet carrot meringues on the top of the tea tower were a fun extra but I didn't like the taste at all (swish that away with some tea pronto)!  We were invited over to the self-serve jelly buffet but after all we had already eaten is was difficult enough to wobble myself to reception, let alone eat any more so we didn't indulge.

We found the service to be good overall but a bit slow especially with the champagne in the beginning and the bill at the end, both times we had to ask more than once for some assistance which, on a Wednesday at 5pm when the tea wasn't particularly busy, probably not the best indication of how the service will be at a peak time, I would say don't expect to go on a weekend and be served speedily.

For overall experience and a change from the normal style afternoon tea then I definitely recommend this tea but some of the food and the service could definitely be improved.

The afternoon tea costs between £38-£58 and the Sanderson Hotel is at 40 Berners Street, London, W1T 3NG. You can book online here Mad Hatters Afternoon Tea

Lee Stafford My Perfectly Polished Finishing Touch Brush

2 April 2014

I'm always looking for a good hair brush to use for my extensions because, while I love my tangle teaser to death and wouldn't be apart from it, as it's great for the roots and ensuring your extensions aren't ripped out,  it's not always great at smoothing any frizz out of the ends, because it's so gentle.

I was looking for a brush that I could use just to finish my hair after using the tangle teaser and the Lee Stafford Perfectly Polished finishing touch brush (£9.99) seemed to be a great option.  Lee Stafford have just launched their new range of brushes, each with a specific use.  I love the bright pink style of the brush and it also makes it  handy to see in your handbag or gym bag, rather than black brushes which are usually indistinguishable with the lining of my bag, so it saves time.

After using it for a few weeks now I definitely think this is a great brush for what I use it for.  It helps finish off your style, to make your hair really shiny and get rid of any frizz, it does this because it uses boar bristles which help distribute either the sebum from your scalp if you are using this on your natural hair or, in my case, my spray on hair oil or serum, evenly along the hair shaft leaving your hair looking smooth and sleek instead of frizzy or dry.

You can use the brush after curling your hair to give you a beachy wave look or to style your hair straight and sleek.  I haven't used this for putting my hair up because I would have to use it too near the join of my extensions and I don't want it to cause a problem with that but I am sure it would work just as well for ponytails or up do's on natural hair. Definitely a hair must have for me.

You can check out the website here and you can purchase the brush from Boots for £9.99 My Perfectly Polished Finishing Touch Brush

PIP Implants the True Story

24 March 2014

On the 23rd December 2011, the French Government recommended that women who had PIP breast implants have them removed due to the fact that 75% of the implants manufactured were filled with not only non-clinical grade but also unapproved silicone gel. Jean Claude Mas, the founder of PIP, was then found guilty for aggravated fraud. Since then, the NHS Medical Director Sir Bruce Keogh carried a review into PIP breast implants and reported that the implants fortunately weren’t causing a higher risk of breast cancer in its carriers. The Review of the Regulation of Cosmetic Interventions asked for information from patients, Royal colleges etc. to answer a series of questions with regard to PIP.

A 100 page report which offered great insight into the sector was submitted by MYA and contained ways in which to improve standards. An interim report was published on 31st December 2012 by the Review Panel. Suggestions were made to improve the sector including advice that the UK cosmetic surgery industry should gather more accurate and consistent data and non-surgical practices should become more robust among others.

Many cosmetic surgery companies and private hospitals are willing to find ways to improve their standards. Meetings have reportedly been carried out in order to find a way to obtain transparency of data in hopes that there will be a better understanding of what procedures take place in the UK and what type of procedures there are. However, not all of the cosmetic surgery companies are open to this idea of change and improvement within the industry. These companies will incur less costs and will charge lower fees which consequently means that the patients who opt for the cheaper options of cosmetic surgery will be the ones least protected.

It is important that, in order to help people make informed decisions, a cosmetic company is willing to show the necessary data to their patients. MYA, a well-established cosmetic surgery company, share their data with other organisations which is helping to produce collective sector data. Despite the fact that, like many trustworthy cosmetic companies, MYA has minimum insurance requirements for surgeons and a need for them to be on the specialist register or benefit from the Grandfather clause, this is not the case with all cosmetic companies. In hopes that the PIP incident never occurs again, the government wants cosmetic surgery companies to remove and replace PIP breast implants free of charge. A number of businesses are happy to do this, however not every cosmetic surgery provider want to offer this to their patients and these companies may be taken down as they oppose the health of their patients.

Bill's Restaurant Covent Garden

I went for meal with some friends last week at Bill's restaurant in Covent Garden after a few drinks at the Porterhouse.  We were please that, for a Friday night, we didn't have to wait for a table, don't get me wrong the place was busy, but not packed.  Having just come from The Big Easy Covent Garden, who didn't have a table for three hours, we were very glad as we were so hungry!

The ambiance in the restaurant was great, there was a good mix of friends, family and couples and we were impressed by the good service and good food.

Two of us had a burger, I had the naked version simply because I hardly ever eat the bun anyway and they replace it with a big salad so it seemed much more economical, my friend Shirley had the ribs and we had some sweet potato fries because they are one of my favorite foods ever.

The fries were crispy and well flavoured and my burger was delicious.  The salad great even though it was so simple and the tatziki was a great accompaniment instead of mayo or salad dressing, it was so flavourful.  The house red that we had tasted great to me although one of my friends wasn't too struck on it.

Overall the food is good, as is the drink but the pricing is on the high side of 'reasonable' for 1 course and 1 bottle of wine shared between three of us the bill came to £60, which I think is a bit over what I would prefer to pay for a burger, chips and 1 glass of wine to be honest unless it was somewhere very fancy.  I also found the fact that the toilets were a ridiculously long walk away down some stairs was a bit of a pain, on a night out I tend to wear heels and have some wine, and I prefer it if the trip to the ladies isn't a ten minute adventure!

Despite sounding particularly picky I  would go back again sometime,   I'd like to try their breakfast or brunch menu.  I don't think you will be disappointed with the food and it's definitely a must have to go to a branch of Bill's at least once, and there are probably plenty more in the chain with a better layout if that matters to you.

Website -

L'Occitane En Provence Neroli & Orchidee

20 March 2014

 L'Occitane Gift set - £49

L'Occitane have a new scent for their body products and perfume, Neroli and Orchidee which is a floral but zesty blend with orange and mandarin notes and white orchid.  The scent is absolutely gorgeous and they have this gift set which is perfect for mothers day, has a £65.00 value but costs only £49.00.

I think that this is perfect as the shower gel and body milk are the perfect size for either your shower at home or to leave at work to take to the gym and the perfume is quite a large size (75ml) so it will last for a long time.

The scent to me is really feminine and great for Spring, floral but fruity but not quite as light and crisp as a summer perfume.

This is definitely a great one to get your mum this mother's day x

Top Trends for Women in 2014

9 March 2014


As spring is almost here, it seems only appropriate to prepare for life after winter woollies and fur lined boots. Although the SS14 clothes lines have been available for a good while now – so long in fact that AW14 collections are already being shown on the major catwalks – the cold weather has meant that people are still finding comfort in their chunky winter clothes, which means that they haven’t really had the opportunity to wear the new styles of 2014. Brands like Accent Clothing, Forever Unique and so on have a lot of the top trends to look out for in 2014.

Pretty pastels

Pastels haven’t really been ‘in’ for years. They’re the kinds of tones that look great on people with darker skin tones and children, but outside of this they’ve been a no-go area. However, this year that’s all changed and pastel colours are on-trend for everyone. The best thing about the new pastel trend is the fact that you can pick your most flattering colour and wear as much or as little of it as you deem appropriate. Whether you’re off to the beach for the day or just heading into work for another day at the office, pastel colours can be worn everywhere.

Cropped jackets

Moto jackets were a huge trend for AW13 and they haven’t yet left the shops so don’t worry, there’s still plenty of time to get some wear out of your favourite moto. However, if you’re in the market for a new jacket then a boxy, cropped jacket is a key trend this spring. Regardless of your personal style preferences, it shouldn’t be difficult to find a cropped jacket that’s really on trend this year as they’re available in an abundant number of colours and designs. They can be teamed easily with your favourite pair of bootcut jeans or a skirt in the office so you’re sure to get plenty of usage from your new wardrobe staple.

Contrasting collar and cuffs

It’s true that women have always been a fan of men’s clothing – just take a look at the huge variety of boyfriend jeans and cardigans that are available – but this year, the classic dress shirt has had a bit of a feminine make-over with contrasting coloured collars and cuffs.

Wide-leg trousers

This is a style that flatters absolutely any shape and can be worn in smart and casual situations. A lot of people think that wide-leg trousers are only for those that are blessed with the gift of height but they can be worn by shorter people too. If you aren’t blessed with exceedingly long legs then opt for a high waisted pair with a smaller flare as this will elongate your legs and make you appear much taller than you are. 

Bomber jackets

Layering is in this spring and summer and a bomber jacket is the perfect accessory to team with any outfit. Whether you go for the classic sporty design or a bold and colourful print is up to you but it’s a great item to pair with a pair of chic office trousers or your favourite jeans.

Tea-length skirts

It’s longer than a knee-length skirt but shorter than a maxi-skirt. The tea-length skirt is a great way to elongate your frame, especially when paired with a cropped top. Tea-length dresses with feminine patterns are also in this year and although they may look like an older fashion, thy can be kept sexy and modern if you leave the cardigan at home.


There are certain wardrobe staples that never go out of fashion and the sweater is one of them. The great thing about a sweater is the fact that it can be dressed up or down as you require and they’re available in a huge range of crazy colours, designs and styles.


It’s not just clothes that go in and out of fashion as the years go by, accessories do too. Robert Stewart has some great accessories to help contribute to your wardrobe this year.

Oversized jewels

Large, oversized jewels are a huge trend this year, especially in the form of necklaces and chokers. This trend isn’t just limited to jewels though. Chains, padlocks and shapes inspired by origami have all been supersized to adapt to this trend.


The release of The Great Gatsby in 2013 meant that sales of feathers, tassels and fringes rocketed, but the only one to really make any kind of impact on the fashion industry in 2014 is fringes. Bags, scarves and shoes are in a real fringe frenzy with some crazy, eye-catching designs all over the high street.

Bold and beautiful

This season, all accessories should be bold and beautiful. Whether you’re choosing a watch, a necklace or a handbag, bold colours and patterns should be at the top of your list. 

Bounce Ping Pong - My 29th Birthday Party

2 March 2014

Bounce is an amazing venue, I've been there once before and it is so good for so many different reasons.  If you're single, on a date,  in a couple, on a girls night out or a lads night out it makes no difference,  it's a great place to meet nice people, everyone genuinely seemed out for a laugh and a good time.

There's an amazing bar with everything from beers to an impressive selection of cocktails, a restaurant with delicious pizzas and there are ping pong tables galore so you can play as professionally (or in our case, terribly) as you like.  

The ping pong is such a great ice-breaker and I had an amazing time there on Friday celebrating my 29th Birthday (which is tomorrow, but who goes partying on a Monday really.  Not me! I love how many blonde friends I have, this is not intentional!

This is the most fun night out I think I have ever had, not one bit of drama or problems, everyone had an amazing time and was so lovely.  It's so cheesy but I feel really happy, it's been the best Birthday ever.

Make sure to book well in advance as it's so popular, it cost me £50ish to book the ping pong table for 2 hours.

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