30 July 2014

Congratulations to Beca Alderson who won the Remington 5 in 1 Cordless Epilator!  I have forwarded your details to Rachel who is working for Remington and she will arrange, with you, for this to be sent out.

Thanks everyone for entering and have a great week!

Weekend Break in Naples

23 July 2014

Last weekend Pete and I set off on a trip to spend 48 hours in Italy for a slightly belated Birthday trip, I was very excited! When I told some colleagues I was travelling to Naples they warned me of the bad attitude, dirty streets and mafia types but, with an open mind, we went and I am so glad we did as it was a great city break and certainly a trip I would recommend.

As a holiday destination, Naples often loses out to neighbouring Sorrento and the other towns along the Amalfi Coast but for a city break, I think Naples is great, I would much rather spend a couple of weeks travelling along the Amalfi Coast and not rushing rather than having a weekend break there.

We travelled via Rome as the flights were much cheaper, and there is a high speed train from Rome Termini to Naples Centrale at about 1 hour or a slightly longer but more scenic train that is 2 hours (which I much preferred).  The 2 hour train was much cheaper and went along by the sea and past the vineyards so there was some lovely scenery to look at, I didn't even end up opening my reading book.  The trip began with a stay overnight in Casa Di Amy bed and breakfast near to Rome Termini station.  While I would thoroughly recommend this place to anyone staying in Rome I would only stay there if you are arriving early in the day, the 15 Euro charge for arrival after 10pm is completely ridiculous and was 1/3 again of the price I paid for the room for one night!

I had looked at blogs and guides online and they do make you slightly frightened that everyone in Naples is out to rob you or run you down on a moped.  If you live or work in a big city such as London I think you should just use a similar sort of caution as you would normally and everything should be fine. My tips would be: always be vigilant about your passport, wallet, phone etc. and do not flash them about, don't wear a flashy watch or jewellery so you don't look like a target, I needed my iphone to take pictures and my Prada bag was the only one which was a small shoulder bag that had a zip top which is also another tip, thieves in all cities have a trick of cycling or running past and slicing the bottom of your handbag open and catching the contents, so have a tiny bag with a zip that you can wear across your body or over your shoulder with your hand underneath or on it, as this will make this far more difficult for thieves to take.

The first thing I noticed on arrival was the heat! Naples definitely felt hotter than Rome and it seemed more humid than in Rome.  I wore sunglasses for most of the time and SPF 30, I  would recommend both of these things to prevent sun damage, SPF 30 was fine and I didn't burn at all despite walking around in the sun for most of the weekend.  I enjoyed the contrast of the architecture, tiny streets, amazing food, the little stalls and shops and the beautiful blue sea of the bay.  We had a little paddle in the sea which was much needed after walking around and the water was so clear.


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