Dove Caring Protection Body Wash

29 August 2014

I recently tried the a new Dove Body Wash -Caring Protection Body Wash, it is a gentle, mild wash that is great for dry and sensitive skin to ensure that your skin stays hydrated and soft.

I normally use Dove's Go Fresh Revive body wash in the scent Pomegranate which I find pretty similar to the Caring Protection Body Wash but apparently the new body wash has the addition of the Dove NutriumMoisture technology which is a trademarked blend of skin natural moisturisers and sunflower oil.  I think it's good that they are continually trying to improve their products but I do prefer a shower product with a scent, I have to say!

The new formulation gives an extra creamy lather and contains sunflower seed oil to refresh the protective barrier of your skin to leave skin noticeably hydrated after just 5 days of use.  I did notice that after 5 days my skin was more moisturised and it definitely looked better especially on my shins.

All of Dove's body washes feel luxurious on your skin, I always use a shower 'pouff' or whatever the net sponge thing is actually called, as it really makes the product go further and it's also a bit exfoliating.

The body washes keep my skin feeling soft and moisturised and even the unscented version keeps my skin smelling fresh and clean.  A bottle of the body wash lasts a good amount of time as you don't need to use much for each shower and as Dove is such a big brand they often have offers in Boots and Superdrug so you can stock up and save money.

They do demonstrate their products in a type of 'litmus paper' test, compared to a cheap shower gel, to show how much less their shower gel strips the moisture from your skin and doesn't damage it.  I have to be honest I never use those cheap shower gels anyway as I have always found them rubbish.  If I don't use Dove I generally use one from Korres which is a very natural and gentle brand anyway.  But if you are a cheapo shower gel lover, then the Dove products would definitely be a massive step up.

Overall I think the Dove shower products are great in all of their formulations and much more gentle than other cheaper brands, especially the cheap ones that have the gel formulation as they are very stripping.  It's a good idea to give these a go, especially if you have dry, sensitive skin or eczema.

Side Note

I would just say to avoid this wash when using fake tanner, as it really does interfere with your tan. This does show that the body wash does moisturise the skin well and creates a barrier however, if you like to be tanned, remember to steer clear whilst tanning as the moisture barrier will mean it repels the tan!

Nip + Fab Bee Sting Fix Range Review

19 August 2014

Nip and Fab have recently launched their Bee Sting Fix Range of skin and body care products.   The collection consists of the Bee Sting Fix Cream Deluxe, Bee Sting Fix Lifting Mask, Bee Sting Eye Fix and Bee Sting Deluxe Body Souffle.

The Claims

Nip + Fab claim that the products use Bee Venom to control the facial muscles, increase circulation, gently plump out and firm the skin and fill in fine lines and wrinkles.

My Thoughts on 'Bee Venom'

Anti ageing and skin plumping products are all the rage, as ever, but newer releases seem to sometimes focus more on including the new must have 'wonder' ingredient, especially some of the Rodial and Nip and Fab ranges, which also tend to have eye catching colourful packaging and interesting names rather than just the standard day cream, night cream and eye cream.  According to Maria Hatzistefanis, who is owner of Rodial and Nip + Fab, a lot of customers were asking for bee venom products so they 'took bee venom and the latest stem cell technology to develop a range for more mature skin'.

I think sometimes people read too much into the shocking names or ingredients the products are said to contain, and forget to use some common sense when it comes to products.  It is extremely unlikely that using any of these, or similar products will be the same freezing effect on lines and wrinkles as botox, bee venom, being bitten by a snake etc. etc.  However, the products are likely to smooth the appearance of skin and hydrate, therefore giving the effect of your fine lines and wrinkles looking better.  And these are all good things! I have really enjoyed using this range of products and will review them in more depth below but this is just a note to remember that nothing will lift your face permanently like a face lift, nothing will freeze or fill in your wrinkles like botox and filler so if that is what you want, then use those methods, these are the type of products to use to slow down further effects of ageing or minimise what signs of ageing you do have already perhaps over time or just temporarily after you have applied them and are an easy, cheaper, and less invasive way, with much less risk than having any kind of surgical or non-surgical procedure.

Some of the other ingredients and their benefits are below:

Key Benefits

Bee Venom - Controls the facial muscles, increases blood circulation gently plumping out and firming the skin. Also fills and appears to make fine lines and wrinkles look smoother.

Propolis Extract – A great skin healer, this is a resinous substance harvested by bees on flower buds, anti-oxidant and antiseptic.

Gransil – spheres scatter incoming rays of light and diminish the reflected light, resulting in a matte look.

AC Moisture Plex – Helps skin retain moisture and improves moisture balance in the skin.

Instensyl – Lifting effect.  The skins surface will appear smoother. According to clinical tests this showed lifting and firming within 30 minutes (to what degree however I cannot confirm).

Bee Sting Fix Cream Deluxe and Bee Sting Eye Fix

This is an anti ageing moisturiser, designed to be used as both a day cream and a night cream, I only use it as a day cream if I am not using my primer, as that is a moisturising primer, and I use it every evening in conjunction with the eye cream.  My skin is dehydrated and sensitive so I am always quite prepared to have a reaction to any new skincare and was pleasantly surprised to find my skin gets on really well with this moisturiser and eye cream combination.

The products are slightly on the thicker side so I can see why they are in pots rather than tubes, you would waste a lot at the end of the tube as it would get stuck.  Just use a clean cotton bud to remove the creams if you don't want to put your fingers into the pots.  

The moisturiser is a very light but rich white cream that sinks in pretty quickly and feels very smooth to apply.  I can't quite put my finger on the scent, I want to say honey but I don't know if that is due to the bee venom connection, if not honey it smells very similar, nothing offensive at all and the eye cream has the same light scent.

The eye fix is thicker but you really only need a tiny bit.  Apply by either patting with your ringer finger or smoothing from the inside to the outside of your under eye with a light slightly upward sweeping motion to the outer corner of your eye, try not to rub or drag the delicate skin around your eye.

The eye fix has not brought me out in any allergies, caused any milia or greasiness under the eye and has really helped make the skin look more plumped which in turn makes the skin look younger.  Nearly all eye creams give me milia (those tiny white bumps under the skin) as they are too rich for the thin under eye skin.

My skin both under eye and on the rest of my face feels extremely soft and smooth when using these products and makeup applies really well, there is no 'balling up' of foundation or concealer once applied over the top which sometimes happens if the moisturiser hasn't sunk in properly.  Fine lines do look reduced while you are using the products although obviously only minimally.

Bee Sting Fix Lifting Mask

Despite perhaps sounding that it might sting your face or make it tingle to obtain the lifting effect this isn't the case.  The consistency is more of a thick serum gel and it is clear.  You apply all over your face and leave on for as long as you like, you can leave it on overnight as a deep moisturising treatment which I tend to do after a  long day or perhaps a (ahem) hangover.

This doesn't dramatically lift the skin on my face, and I would be quite worried at 29 if I had a saggy face, especially after the botox.  On a side note the botox is sadly wearing off now after 6 months and with no spare $$ to replenish at the present time due to my upcoming trips to Hong Kong and Vietnam I shall be slathering myself in this mask once a week! 

There is no redness or ill effect to using this mask, your skin doesn't heat up or tingle, look red or burn.  It is very hydrating and makes your skin look fuller and brighter, more hydrated, super soft and just overall quite glowy.  Definitely a great mask for those with ageing, or dehydrated and dry skin.  

Bee Sting Deluxe Body Souffle

At around £10 RRP this is quite an expensive body cream for me personally, I usually would use coconut oil or one of the Vaseline spray moisturises or good old cocoa butter.  

I do find the difference with this cream compared to cheaper ones is in the consistency, it soaks in much quicker than lower priced products which is great for early mornings when I am running late. 

The scent is really nice but very light so it doesn't interfere with your perfume or body spray.  It helped the skin on my shins look much less terrifyingly snake-like and I was complimented on the softness of my skin by the nurse giving me some travel vaccinations!

The Verdict

My first foray into using products containing Bee Venom and I am remarkably impressed. The stand out items for me are the moisturiser and eye cream, which leave skin smooth and plumped just as they claim to and I will definitely continue using these.  You can pick them up online, from Asos to Boots.  Apparently Sainsburys have a discount offer on at the moment so that would be worth a look to save a few pounds.


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