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Daly Body - Tess Daly Beauty for Marks and Spencer - Exlusive Review!

Tess Daly Beauty - Exclusive to Marks and Spencer

I was super excited about this new range as Tess Daly is so gorgeous and I really love her look, she is not unnatainable but is very glam and gorgeous and I also love Marks and Spencer beauty products as they are so cheap!

The press release says that
"All of the products are made with what Tess is calling her signature scent - tuberose, jasmine and spice upon a sweet vanilla base that dips into sandalwood and musks – so they can be layered without clashing. Tess says the range has taken two years to develop and it was she who approached M&S as a collaborator. "I couldn’t find the products I was looking for," she tells us. "I wanted gorgeous body products that would give me glowing, luminous skin that shimmered under the lights of the cameras at work, but that still looked great in daylight. "I was involved from the very first day," she continues. "Developing a range of beauty products has been a dream for as long as I can remember. I worked in the fashion industry before getting into television, with some of the world’s top make-up artists and gained so many great tips and experience."

The range goes on sale in stores on Monday 19th October but it is available now here Marks and Spencer Tess Daly Page so personally I would stock up for Christmas for your mates or your mum as the products will make great gifts.  Here are photos of everything in the range, isn't it gorgeous? I want to try most of the things but I can't use the bath products because of my allergies.

Daly Bath Soak - Costs £15.00 for 500ml

Daly Essentials - £15 for 5 mini products

Daly Face Glow - a dewy gold highlighter for the face - £9.50

Daly Body Mini Delectables £7.50

Daly Skin Shimmer - £12 for 100ml (this is an oil spray)

Daly Spa -£15 for a glitzy bag of bathtime essentials

I was very kindly sent the final item in the line which is the  Daly Body Glow which I am very appreciative for as I love this, as soon as I opened the box I knew I was going to as it smells absolutely gorgeous. The scent is stronger when you first apply but I think this is because it does wear off after a while to a much softer scent. I can detect the tuberose and spices and the vanilla, I couldn't personally detect the jasmine but that might just be me! All of the girls in the office loved this, comments were "this smells divine" to "can I have one?" erm no it's mine!

The pot costs £9.50 to purchase and comes in a very generous 200ml tub. The tub comes in a bright fuschia box as well so it would be a good stocking filler type gift. The base is clear plastic so the gold that you see is the gold of the product and the lid is gold. The tub is plastic which is good as it is already quite a heavy .

You can use this cream as a moisturiser or just to highlight your arms, legs and/or chest for a night out. It is super moisturising so it could replace your moisturiser in the morning, although you must remember not to use this on your face. It makes your skin look glowing and luminous without looking like a glittery disco ball or too 'young'. If you click on the picture below you can see how divine this is.

Extreme closeup!

This product leaves my skin looking moisturised and glowing, it sinks in so quickly that is would be perfect to slap on to your shoulders and chest before a night out as it is dry in minutes.

My one tip is to remember to wash your hands after applying or you will get it on everything!

Please note this product is BUAV approved and has not been tested on animals which is good to hear!
Are you interested in this range? I am definitely going to get the spray oil on Monday it will be fab for legs with all the parties over Christmas and the New Year.