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Halloween Competition

Hello everyone!  I haven't seen as many people on blogger, youtube these last couple of weeks and everyone on Twitter keeps posting slightly depressing things so I thought, how can we have fun...? Any my idea was to do a Halloween Competition where to enter you have to email me a picture of yourself dressed up/made up all scary (no not like a mean girls 'slutty Halloween' character, I want fake blood and vampire teeth for example), and then I can post the 4 best ones and everyone can vote on the winner.

What does everyone think, do you think this will be a good idea? Obviously there will be some fun prizes and I will try and do a look myself  Here are some ideas of what I was thinking:

Zombie bride

Obviously you could have your own take on it, say chav-vampire or sexy witch.  You do need to look scary though.

Comments would be appreciated or if you think just a theme of 'black' would be better let me know xxxx