I Heart Cosmetics


In and Out for October


    Ped Egg (my feet need help this month they are so dry)

    Barry M Blusher in 101 (such a pretty colour)

    Pluswhite teeth whitening Gel (as you can see this stuff works!)
    You can look at this here http://www.pluswhite.com/ and if you are in USA this apparently can be bought in Walmart or Walgreens.  I bought mine from Ebay from this seller http://myworld.ebay.co.uk/firstchoiceus/

    Barry M Purple Mascara - this is soo cool

    Here is a pic with it on

    Redken Extreme Products - these are for extremely damaged hair..like my dodgy barnet


    Lee Stafford Straight Overnight Treatment (it just made no difference to my hair at all).

    Fake Bake Mousee (on the left) - This one in the purple and silver container seems terrible? Nothing like the normal packaging one but I got it in Superdrug which surely is not dodgy? Very odd.

    Bracelet/Cuff from ASOS.  I have not even taken this out of the box lol, it's cute but really..what was I thinking?

    Let me know your ins and outs xxx