In and Out for October

30 October 2009


    Ped Egg (my feet need help this month they are so dry)

    Barry M Blusher in 101 (such a pretty colour)

    Pluswhite teeth whitening Gel (as you can see this stuff works!)
    You can look at this here and if you are in USA this apparently can be bought in Walmart or Walgreens.  I bought mine from Ebay from this seller

    Barry M Purple Mascara - this is soo cool

    Here is a pic with it on

    Redken Extreme Products - these are for extremely damaged my dodgy barnet


    Lee Stafford Straight Overnight Treatment (it just made no difference to my hair at all).

    Fake Bake Mousee (on the left) - This one in the purple and silver container seems terrible? Nothing like the normal packaging one but I got it in Superdrug which surely is not dodgy? Very odd.

    Bracelet/Cuff from ASOS.  I have not even taken this out of the box lol, it's cute but really..what was I thinking?

    Let me know your ins and outs xxx


    Harps said...

    what does the purple mascara look like when its on? is it a subtle kinda purple?

    Sarah x said...

    @Harps - I added the new pic so hopefully you can tell x

    ♥ ChloĆ« ♥ said...

    That tooth stuff looks great!! Where is it from, is it v.pricey or...? xxx

    Sarah x said...

    @Chloe - no it's cheap as chips! You can look at it here but I bought it from ebay from a USA seller. I will edit the post above to include the info xx

    ♥ ChloĆ« ♥ said...

    Great, thank you :) Will have to look into it as it really does look fab xxx

    Computergirl said...

    I like the puple Mascara:) Just a word of warning about tooth whitening (although I know nothing about the product you use)... But, many tooth whitening products work by actually stripping your tooth enamel off to reveal new enamel (thus removing tea, coffe, wine stains etc). Very damaging and scary. They don't publicise that part much!

    You might be ok with that product, as I said I dont know that particular product. I just wanted to post a comment so that you (and your readers) knew the bad side and can do their research before buying any kind of tooth whitening product :)
    Emma x

    Sarah x said...

    Good point Emma, this has the same ingredients as the Enlighten kit I got from the dentist (although not as concentrated obviously) so I am guessing it's ok. Also my teeth were not mega stained as I had dentist whitening and at home whitening before, this is more of a top-up product so it isn't super harsh (well to me anyway) I don't get any sensitivity myself.

    Phoebe said...

    I love that cuff - very now as well!

    Sarah x said...

    Thanks Phoebe, I just never really get the chance to go out and wear funky on trend items, all my mates have husbands or partners and kids so they don't really go clubbing or to pubs or bars...and I am not going on my own!

    Harpreet said...

    ooooh i love the mascara, the colour looks good on your lashes! im going to buy it!! :)


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