30 October 2009

Lush Christmas Items - Let them eat cake and sexy boy

Everyone seems to love Lush, but the smell of the shop really puts me off, some people love it but it makes me feel a bit nauseous but then I thought derr go to the one in Victoria station, it's tiny and the whole shop front is open so less likely for it to smell so strong.

I had a look online, http://www.lush.co.uk/  to see if there was anything I could use due to my stupid allergies which are worse on my body than on my face, I would recommend anyone do this if they have allergies to save time. And I found that at the moment they have special Halloween items! So cute but I can't use any bath or shower products but the ghost shower gel looks lovely so check that out if you are there as apparently it smells gorge.

I went through the list of ingredients and I think these items look really nice and they shouldn't cause any allergies:

Mange Too Massage Bar

Sexy Boy Massage Bar

Let them Eat Cake Lipbalm

So as usual I went along to the shop.. I'll just buy one thing....try it out....see if I like it.  NOT!!!, once I got there the woman was so lovely I bought all three, I am definitely going back to this branch - I didn't see the woman's name  but she had a lovely smiley face and brown hair and glasses, so if you see her then say hello!

Does anyone have any other recommendations? Off the top of my head I am allergic to kiwi, pineapple, cinnamon oil, baby powder and anything harsh and abrasive. I definitly cannot use their soap/shower gel/bath stuff (sadly) as my skin will not tolerate anything like that, it just goes mad.

So if you can think of things that you love that I maybe just maybe can actually use then please let me know! 

Thanks and have a lovely Halloween xxx

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Thank you!

Sarah xxx


  1. It's nice when you have good customer service, though you end up buying more stuff than what you went for! Nice haul, I'd love to try Lush.

  2. I love Lush, I have mountains of it hehe. My fave Lush lipbalm is Honeytrap. Don't know if it contains anything your allergic to though :-/

    I also adore all their Snow Fairy range but I know your allergic to that as I saw you say it on someones blog. x

  3. Not sure if you have looked at them with your allegies, but I like Ceridwyn's Cauldron (a material bag filled with gentle products. I dont think it fizzes or smells violent!)

    I also like Dreamtime bath melt. Another gentle product.

    When I do like the fizzy/glittery/fu bath things too, but use the two above when I just want to relax. Hope you can use the two above.

  4. I reallllly want sexy boy :)

  5. @Marce - how come you can't hun?

    Emma - it is soo cute and I don't think it cost more than a few pounds. Your hair is gorgeous btw.x

    @other Emma! Thanks for the reccs hun but I can't use anything at all in the bath or shower, from any brand.

    @Lu - yep I am fine with lipbalms no lip-issues! I think I can use some of their face masks too and they have a moisturiser especially for eczema and psoriasis skin so I will deffo buy that when my Korres rose runs out xx

    Thanks guys you are all so helpful! x

  6. Im still waiting on my lush order :( been almost a week! Stupid postal strikes... One of the thinks I ordered was the Mange Too Massage Bar, I cant wait to try it! :)

  7. @Nikki - I know this postal strike is getting ridiculous, you would think in this day and age they could sort things out without disrupting the whole country

  8. @Nikki - I know this postal strike is getting ridiculous, you would think in this day and age they could sort things out without disrupting the whole country

  9. Im thinking about buying the Mange Too Massage Bar. I heard it really leaves skin soft and nice.


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