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Purity Organic Skincare - Regenerating Overnight Moisturiser and Anti-Aging Mask and Serum and my new fave primer

As you may have read in my previous post (here)  I really like Purity Organic Skincare which you can get at Superdrug or their website is purity organic skincare.  All of their products are under £10 so they are pretty accessible to everyone and they have a lot more benefits and better ingredients than a lot of other things at that price range.  As I say their products are organic and they try to keep to as few ingredients as they can per product so it works but there is less likelihood of irritation. They very kindly sent me the above two products after they saw how much I liked the moisturiser so many thanks to them for doing that.

I love these mainly because they are not irritating in any way at all, I have eczema on my face which can sometimes just freak out like it did after  I did the halloween makeup with the white foundation and it can take a couple of weeks of soothing products and masks just to get it back to normal.  The two products from purity that have really helped to soothe my skin these last couple of weeks are the Regenerating Overnight Moisturiser and the Anti Ageing Serum and Mask.

I will start with the overnight moisturiser.

50ml for £7.99

This moisturiser is specifically for use as a night cream, it is free of parabens, GM ingredients and petroleum derived products, so no nasty mineral oil or similar pore clogging ingredients.  The cream is unscented and is  not coloured either.  I also didn't realise when I did my last review that the packaging is 100% recyclable and the products are not tested on animals (I think they should make this a bit more obvious on the packaging).  The ingredients include Ceramide 3, aloe vera, sweet almond oil and Vitamin E.  I stumbled across this really cool website which tells you what all these sciency skincare names mean here cosmeticscop it's so handy and now I know what a Ceramide is!

You apply this liberally before bed all over the face and it has the consistency of a thick Nivea type cream but it sinks in very quickly and without the horrible Nivea smell (sorry I just don't like the smell of that nivea in the navy tub)!  This is so soothing and rich I wake up with lovely soft skin and no horrible eczema flakies, as sometimes my face gets so dry in the nigth I have to wake up and scrub them off!  I think this is also in part because I am using the moisturiser in conjunction with the other products which is the anti-ageing serum and mask - I have only used it as an overnight mask for the nose to mouth lines on my face as I am only 24 and don't have many signs of ageing yet (and I will be bringing out the botox when I do) as personally I am all for growing old gracefully, I don't think I will have a facelift or anything that scary, but plumping out a few lines with a bit of filler or Botox? Why not?! That's my view anyway and feel free to differ! I am not an expert.

50ml for £8.99
This is the serum/mask. Its a thin clear gel and you either rub a few drops into your wrinkles or dry bits before slapping on your moisturiser or apply a thick layer and leave it on as a mask for 10 minutes or overnight as I have been doing.  I really love to use this underneath the moisturiser as both of them together really intensifies the effect and my skin looks a lot more dewy when I use both.

I think this range is great and it is really surprising that you can get anything in the range for under a tenner.

Please note that this really is a range for dry and sensitive skin, if your skin is normal or combination while the cleansers and scrubs will work fine I personally think the moisturisers are a bit thick for oily skins and could cause a breakout.  Maybe they will add a thinner lotion for oily skins? I am not too sure.

On to primer!

I got a sample sachet of the HD Foundation Primer from Makeup For Ever in a Makeupalley swap and I absolutely love it, it's better than the Smashbox primer in my opinion but that was so drying on my skin it didn't prime it at all! The sachet lasted me 5 whole days and considering the sachet was tiny I was very impressed.  It was really liquid so not as thick as the new L'Oreal Studio Primer which I have and I do like, but it is a bit thick don't you think?

So I want to know from you, have you tried the MUFE HD Primer? Did you like it?  And where can you get it in the UK?

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