In and Out for September - short version

30 September 2009

You can look at Purity's website here Purity website although they sell the range in Superdrug.  It says that this costs £5.99 on their website and I am sure I didn't pay more than £3.99 for it in Superdrug?? So get it from Superdrug!  I had to buy a moisturiser quick (I will explain why in a sec) on the way to work last week and the only shops at the station are Boots which is tiny and Superdrug which is marginally bigger.  I went for this as it is cheap and I want to continue with my drugstore skincare regime, it is organic, it is unscented/unperfumed, it is for sensitive skin and it says it contains sweet almond oil and shea butter and my eczema responds well to both of those products. 
Our survey says??? A winner! This stuff is the consistency of a body butter so whoever wrote on the pack/their website that it is a light mousse must have been drunk because it is a thick cream! I love it though, I expect a rich moisturiser to be a thick cream.. I have dry and sensitive eczema skin I neeeeed a thick cream!  True to their word it is unscented, uncoloured and I really love it, it does take about ten mins to sink in but really I would only buy this if you have really dry skin or eczema otherwise it is probably way too heavy for normal or oily skin.


There are not enough words to describe how much I flipping hate this product.  I would have taken a picture of my own one, but I actually launched it into the bin I was so p***** off with it.  After purchasing it 1 day after I was requested to try a Ponds product I used it morning and night until last Wednesday, when I realised that it must be the culprit of the massive rash all over my face! On closer inspection I had blackheads waaaaaa how on earth can I have blackheads I have eczema! After a slightly overexxagerated flip-out at work (I am sure the girl that sits next to me now thinks I am  a complete shallow idiot) I went and bought Freederm which managed to heal the rash/blackheads in 3 days (amazing!) then again it is for acne haha and I didn't have acne, so no wonder it was strong enough to work!  This product seemed to completely clog up all of my pores and mucked up my skin well and truly.  Basically I urge you to steer well clear of this product especially since you can't get a tester of it first.  Grrrrr ponds I am not impressed!

Jemma Kidd - Free Lipgloss Heads Up

After my post the other day I found that Bodyform are launching a new “Campaign for Confidence”  and will be giving away as an 'on pack promotion' the latest lip gloss in two gorgeous, autumn shades.

From the 12th October you can snap up a Limited Edition Jemma Kidd Lip Gloss absolutely free with special packs of Bodyform! The lip glosses come in 2 shades (Orchid & Rose) and are worth £10 each from the Jemma Kidd Makeup School range.
The limited edition packs will be available from the 12th October in supermarkets and pharmacies. So I will wait and give that a go, depending if I like that I will buy more Jemma Kidd stuff.

GIVe by George Davies

Is anyone else super excited for the launch of the new store by George Davies called GIVe? I saw some of the collection in Grazia magazine and the clothes really look classy, smart and glamorous whilst being high quality. I really think the products will have good lasting power as well as George Davies is well know for high street fashion that is classic and affordable. The items cost a bit more than I would normally spend but they look like really good quality. The shops apparently even have a talilor in the shop so you can get things altered which is amazing, I am pretty tall and I find it a nightmare to find things that will fit me, so to have a tailor in the shop will be fabulous.  They will also change buttons, shorten sleeves, add shoulder pads etc.

I will let you all know what i buy as I plan to go to the Bluewater on either on Thursday (if I can bribe the BF with Nandos to come with me) or at the weekend. I need a winter coat and some winter clothes for work, so if I can find a blouse and pencil skirt or a pair of tailored trousers then I will be chuffed. I also love the look of the sweater dress on the home page

Is anyone else going to get anything?

Jemma Kidd Makeup

29 September 2009

I must be really slow of the mark with this one, since I had no idea she even had a makeup range! I have seen a few people blog about her this week so I just went and checked out her website which is and I really like lots of things! Photos courtesy of her website

Crushed Jewel Creme Duo in Black Diamond £15.66

The English Rose Palette £37.19

And the Ultimate Duo Lipstick £12.72

But since they are fairly expensive I would like to know if anyone has used these and if they think they are any good?  Obviously I will go look on Makeupalley (sometimes I wonder if I would buy anything before looking on there lol) but its nice to have a 'real person' tell me whether they are good or not or any suggestions xx  Oh and you can get them at Space NK in the UK

Chocolate Button Cake Recipe

28 September 2009

Since everyone seems to love the cake this is the recipe!

This is to make a sandwich sponge cake in 8 inch round tins

The cake is sandwiched together with a layer of jam (I like M&S or Bon Maman - the red and white check lid one) and a layer of chocolate buttons...I had to use them up!
Tools you need for the whole cake

2x 8 inch cake tins with the bottoms that push up and out (saves time faffing about)

some of those greasproof circles that you can buy at Lakeland

A hand whisk (I got mine for £5 from Comet)

A flat knife or spatula

1 large 2 small mixing bowls

Ingredients for Sponge

1 bag Cadbury giant chocolate buttons
175g self raising flour
175g caster sugar
175g of butter or stork (I like stork)
1 heaped teaspoon of baking powder
3 large eggs
1 tsp vanilla extract

How to Make
Preheat the oven You could sift the flour but I can't ever be bothered. Measure the flour, baking powder, butter and sugar out. I just use the same mixing bowl on the scales and then add the flour, press zero, add the butter and press zero etc. It saves time and washing up. Add the eggs and vanilla and mix this all together with a hand whisk. Once it's creamy add a tablespoon of milk or cold water if it is really stiff (if in doubt add it anyway).

Divide the mixture between the two cake tins (remember to put the baking parchment circle in the bottom of the tin), and cook at 180 degrees centigrade for 30-35 minutes until if you press the centre of the cake it springs back to your touch (no don't go jabbing it really hard as you will make a hole and burn your finger haha).

Remove from the oven and leave for a few minutes before turning out onto a cake rack or if you don't have one then use one of the shelves of your oven (take it out before you put the cake in) and cool it on that. If you want the cake really quickly or are super impatient like me then put the warm cakes on a chopping board and bung them in the deep freeze! You can take them out after about 10-15 minutes and you can ice them rather than waiting for ages for them to cool. While they are cooling make the icing.

Ingredients for Icing

100g butter (you need good quality)
230g icing sugar
1 tablespoon of cocoa powder

If the butter is straight from the fridge then microwave it for 5-6 seconds to soften it a bit (repeat if it's still hard). Just whisk the icing sugar and butter together, you can add some vanilla or almond extract or maybe lemon or coconut if you like. What I like to do is remove a couple of tablespoons of the white icing and set it aside. Add the cocoa powder to the remaining icing and mix until it is chocolatey and yummy.

Decorate the cake

Try and decorate the cake while it is still in 2 halves. On one half cover it with the chocolate butter icing, then take the white butter icing you set aside and either pipe or use a spoon to put some blobs around the edge. Then put the chocolate buttons on the blobs and then in whatever funky pattern you like. On the other half of the cake put a layer of jam and just use up the rest of the chocolate buttons. Then put the top of the cake on the bottom and tada you are done!

If you want me to post pics of other cakes I do then let me know, I wasn't sure if anyone would be interested! Also if you have any cakey requests let me know!

ps. I do not know whose recipe this is as it's my mums but she does love Delia so I would hazard a guess at her recipe but a bit adapted

Domestic Goddess Sunday!

Mmm I do love a good cake! Since it was Sunday I relented the ban and made a chicken roastie and a sponge cake with chocolate and vanilla icing and giant Cadbury buttons. Mmmmm.

I also tried out a new look with my Cheryl Cole false lashes and American Dreams hair extensions:

For the eyes I used Mac's prep and prime as a base, strike a pose eyeshadow in the crease mixed with Urban Decay's Oil Slick and under the eye mixed with Urban Decay's Mary Jane.  The neutral colour is the palest in the Mac Notoriety quad and I used blacktrack fluidline and L'Oreal voluminous mascara along with the Cheryl lashes.  I thought it was quite a pretty look. 

I really like the hair extensions, finally I can use that babyliss conical wand without looking silly, it really helps blend the extensions in with your actual hair.

Did everyone else have a nice Sunday?

Bundlebox Update

26 September 2009

Just a quick update as I have spent most of today feeling quite unwell, I wasn't able to go out shoe shopping after all. I stayed at home and tried to find somewhere to order from to make use of my new Bundle Box USA shipping address and finally found Coastal Scents who have been reviewed by a lot of youtube users and the concealer palettes are supposed to be good so I ordered a couple of them.  Fingers crossed everything goes smoothly.

I want to say though that Bundlebox isn't as good as I first though as a lot of USA website will only ship to you if you live in America AND have a credit card registered there, or your paypal account is registered in the US.  So basically you still can't order from them.  Websites like and ship internationally anyway, Victoria's Secret ships internationally anyway but places like Sephora won't let you buy which was a bit of a pain, I wanted to order the MUFE smoky lash mascara and the Stila Loves Barbie palettes.  I also wanted covergirl lash blast but I think that I can get it from to see what all the fuss is about.

I will update with further info once the order progresses! I hope everyone had a lovely Saturday and those in the UK how funny was Holly on Xtra factor?!!

New Shoooooes????

I might not get time to post tomorrow well today I am up late, but I need to go shopping for some boots before they all get sold out as happens every year.

I am hoping to find these:

which can be purchased here at Office

They are a bit boring IMO but they will be great for work as I have to walk to and from the station at either end of my journey and I can't always wear trainers unfortunately.  What plans are you making for Autumn/Winter fashion this year?

My Three New Faves

My three new favourite things are

  1. Nars sheer glow foundation - I have used this every day since I bought it and I have decided that I love it, it works brilliantly with the new L'oreal studio primer (the one in the pot that is marshmellow pink).  It lasts all day long without looking thick and cakey and the shade is a perfect match. I am in love. It has surpassed my HG which was Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation, although I do still love that.  You can check it out online and read the spiel here Nars foundation                                                
  2. L'oreal Voluminous Mascara the original one - this stuff is tried and tested and is fantastic at building volume and length as you can see above.  I have two coats on.  This stuff is always in magazines and recommended by celebs and you can see why.  It is very reasonably priced and performs like a Chanel or Lancome mascara in terms of quality and delivery of results.  Much better than any drugstore mascara I have ever tried and I am kicking myself I have never tried it before.                       
  3. L'oreal eyeshadow in Pink 222 from the Studio Secrets line.  These eyeshadows are more pigmented than any drugstore items I have ever used.  This colour Pink 222 is especially for blue eyes and I adore it. It is a gorgeous pale frosty pink, the texture is lovely and it is so easy to work with.  It looks great with the shimmery brown they pair it with or with Sin from Urban decay or a black sparkly eyeshadow like Mac's carbon for a smoky eye. This stuff is amazing.  I used it today for work, pics above in a sort of ballerina inspired look.  You can check it out here L'oreal studio eyeshadows everyone keeps going on about the primer but IMO the eyeshadows are just as good if not better and they are such good value for money

Presents for meeeee!

25 September 2009

This morning I got to work to find two big packages for me! I love presents even if I have to buy them for myself.

The first package was my Pluswhite 5 minute whitening system from America. You can look at it here:  Plus white website but I ordered it from Ebay.
I saw this stuff reviewed by Kandee the Makeup Artist on her blog and decided it was a must have as her teeth are seriously white (as she is seriously the sweetest person ever...ever ever you will love her YouTube vids). I had my teeth whitened in April with the Enlighten system which is 2 weeks of wearing your moulds with the bleach in overnight and 1 hour long whitening session at the dentist. I found this fantastic but it's only been 5 months and my teeth are looking dingy again and there is no way I can afford 2 Enlighten sessions a year, that's ridiculous! If you want to see the before and after pics let me know.

The Pluswhite comes highly recommended and you use it for 5-20 minutes each day for 2 weeks and then once a fortnight after that. I am hoping it will really brighten them up to how they were right after the whitening treatment as people would come up to me and ask if I had veneers which I was very flattered about. So expect a review on that in 2 weeks.

The second package was my Eyeko order. You can find them in Superdrug or here call themselves 'London's cutest cosmetics' and I agree as their packaging is just too cute! I bought:

Raspberry fat balm
Cream and tinted cream set
Nail polish in pastel polish
Free gift of rose salve

All of this only cost £16 !!! They also gave me a code that all of you can use when you make an order to get a free gift which is: E101

The raspberry fat balm smells delicious and can be used on lips and cheeks as a moisturising balm with sheer berry colour which I have swatched below and I will try out on my face later. It looks very dark in the tube but rest assured it just comes out as a wash of the colour.

The cream and tinted cream are my favourites. you can use them as highlighter, all over your face, mixed with your foundation or moisturiser or on your body mixed with your body lotion. I am having a spray tan on Monday night so the tinted cream will be my friend after that as my foundation will be too light unless I mix this in with it. Swatches and pics are below and again I will do a proper review once I have actually used everything. The cream is a baby pink with a pearly, golden opalscent shimmer and the tinted cream looks like a dark bronze with golden oalscent shimmer but it goes onto the skin very sheer and nowhere near as strong as it looks in the pot.

The final item was the pastel nail polish which is a baby blue with a very slight shimmer. I will probably use it for my NOTD on Saturday.

Currently I have Nails Inc Victoria & Albert on which is my favourite color of all time, I did try the Barry Matte White and found it really horrible (sorry Parisa x) it just made my nails look really weird like they had glue on them? Maybe I got one with a funny consistency..... I can safely say I will not be bothering with matte polishes again, fashionable or not they are not for me!

Oh and also the gorgeous Lola over at

is having a giveaway so go and take a look, and check out her pink eyeliner post - so cool! I have never thought of pink eyeliner but its really nice x


23 September 2009

I just wanted to blog about this fantastic service I read about in the Metro newspaper this morning.

The website Bundlebox gives you a USA address where you can buy USA products from websites that normally you couldn't such as sephora, urban decay etc. etc. and take advantage of their free shipping codes within the USA. You have them delivered to the address that Bundlebox give you and then they post them to you! I am so excited to try this out so I have just signed up and am thinking of somewhere cheap to make an order from (I am thinking Forever21 or Victoria's Secret or something like that).
Think of all of the things that you have wanted to buy but you can't as they are USA only.  And now you can get them!
Even better is that bundlebox are offering Metro readers (i.e. me and now you!) a £10 discount on your first order which is valid until 23rd December 2009, register and enter the code nzNgZU
I hope this saves someone some money, perhaps you could use it to get your children that games console they like from the US for cheaper or an Ipod for your partner...I am off to look at Sephora and drool!
ps. you cannot ship nail varnish or hairspray there is also a list of other prohibited things on the site but I doubt anyone reading this is the sort to think buying weapons online is a good plan!

Matte Nail Varnish

22 September 2009

Does anyone actually like the new matte nail varnish trend or have any suggestions for me to try different nailpolishes out? Leighton Denny is supposed to have some matte colours for A/W but I am not sure as I like them shiny?

Advice would be good!


Illamasqua Eyeshadows

 I can't believe it's taken me so long to do this!

The matte Illamasqua eyeshadows are well pigmented and I really like them, I did use them with a base so I can't comment on their staying power without one but with one they lasted the entire day yesterday.

I tried to get as much use out of both eyeshadows so I used Servant all over the lid and then Feint in the crease and mixed with their sealing gel as an eyeliner, and as a blush lol!  I just used Maybelline Galactic Mauve Colorsensational. lipstick.

Please excuse my hair, I had to pull it back because I was having a hair disaster.  Apparently the Babyliss conical wand does not work if you don't have long hair, you end up with my 'Don King' style fuzz head (mm sexy).

I just posted this one even thought its pretty dark as you can see my freakishly long lashes
I am so pleased as they were so short before I love Lilash and it's not even 5 weeks until Thursday!

This stuff is brilliant.

Project Barnet Update

21 September 2009

Update on Project Barnet

  • Hair is still being dyed dark, I tried L'Oreal Perfect 10 in Dark Brown but am going to try a differerent one next time as I wasn't too struck on it;
  • Still not had hair cut
  • Have been using an overnight deep conditioning treatment once a week - still Lee Stafford, not too sure about this any more, it doesn't seem to be doing much but I will carry on until it is used up then try the Body Shop Brazil Nut Mask
  • Use a separate deep conditioning treatment once a week. - erm I haven't done this one, I haven't had time! Naughty Sarah
  • Continue using paraben free shampoo to see if this helps - my verdict is that it certainly seems to help.  I have been using Naked Rescue Intensive Care Shampoo - frizzy, damaged hair which is wicked and smells lovely, in comparison to the Naked Colour Protection Shampoo - chemically coloured hair which was rubbish and made my hair stripped of all moisture and so brittle.

  • Try not to wash hair daily - I have been trying...probably have 2 days a week without washing hair
  • Try and use heat styling products only when absolutely necessary and use a heat protection spray - I have been doing very well with this, in fact I am sitting here with wet hair. 
  • Try and use dry shampoo on roots to give more volume  - have been doing this and really like Batiste although the BF sniffed my head and commented 'why the hell does your head smell of weed????' so I think I might get the original one rather than the tropical one next time lol!

OOYD and the reason I need to cut back on my spending this month

Well I tried a few different angles and I finally managed to take pic of my outfit although obviously it cut off my head. Then after all that effort blogger wouldn't let me upload them yesterday.

Shirt and jeans are both from Zara, if you are tall you should give their jeans a go, they are the only high street ones that fit me properly (because long tall sally ones are ugly, frumpy and overpriced so I refuse to shop there, plus they have rubbish customer service).

And the reason I need to try not to spend too much money this month is this is my lovely new microwave:

Lol I would have rather spent the money on makeup buy hey ho, we do need to microwave stuff ;(

This is my Sunday FOTD using my new Nars foundation, St Bart's and Copacobana multiples and Sweet Charity gloss. I think it 'glows' ??? Or do I just look shiny? I am still on the fence really.  The dent on my nose is from my evil glasses, I wish I could wear contacts but touching my eye freaks me out.

Outfit of the day

19 September 2009

Well this is the top part of what I wore today (how do people take these pictures of themselves? My arm is not long enough)!!

This is the the top I got the other day from Missguided Website it's such good quality for the price.  Also the customer service is very good, for some bizarre reason they forgot to include the other item that I ordered and when I let them know they sent it via special delivery to arrive the next day and refunded my original postage costs, so I was quite impressed with them.

These are just aaaaa love

The sandals are from Zara and were about £50 and they are so comfy and gorge

I bought these while I was out, they are New Look yesyesyes superskinny jeans and they are a cross between jeggings and skinny jeans aka more stretchy skinny jeans and they are brilliant. And only £20 what a bargain! I just got black as the blue had weird diamante on them!

When Nars Attacks!

Well today’s event was good, but slightly odd!

I had imagined that as it was an event that was for charity there might be some sort of mention of the charity or a leaflet or something...nobody mentioned it AT ALL? I find that seriously bizarre and I would have liked to have learned more about the charity so I definitely think that’s something they could improve for next time.

I got to the Nars counter and met Sophie Goodwin who was really sweet and we talked through my questions (looking for a easy to use bronzer and a light foundation) and then the makeup artist tried the new Sheer Glow foundation on me, St Bart's and Copacabana multiples, Sweet Charity lipgloss and a pressed powder.

I purchased all of the items and I also got a goody bag full of stuff.  Heres everything I got (if you click on the pics they will get bigger).

These two multiples are so gorgeous and the copacabana is perfect for highlighting the browbone.  I need to practice with the St Barts as he made it look so easy but I doubt it really is!

How gorgeous is the Copacabana? Love it.


These are the swatches from all of the items that I got in my goody bag.  I like the glitter pencil and the mambo eyeliner, not too sure on the marnie lipliner and I do NOT like the cruella velvet lip pencil but I will give them a go and see what they look like on. I also got the #13 brush free which I cannot believe they gave away free as their brushes are very expensive.

The brush is so soft and I am looking forward to using it.

This is the sheer glow foundation in Light No. 4 Dauvelle which is a great match, he tried on a few and this was the best.  It is apparently full of antioxidants and more of a skincare technology foundation which I like the sound of, so I will do a look with this another day.  The coverage is not exactly sheer but its not heavy at all.

I did sort of try and take pictures of clothes although it was a bit difficult so I will post them later.

Outfit for a beauty event

I am going to a beauty event today at Selfridges for Look Good Feel Better cancer charity and am already up and panicking over what to wear as I am going to the Nars counter and meeting a Beauty Editor from one of the top magazines!

I think this Paul McKenna malarky is working (slowly) I am getting much better at saying no to food, stopping eating when I am hungry and have significantly reduced my chocolate consumption by about half, I wish I could have given it up completely but...maybe in a few weeks?  I still need to practice my cravings technique to stop my craving for home made cakes though since (annoyingly) I am pretty good at making yummy cakes so I need to learn to stop making them then I can't eat them, I am not really into buying a lot of cakes from shops so it's totally my own fault that I make them then eat them.

So because of that I am feeling quite slim and ok, so I am thinking of wearing something like a long vest top, leggings flats and a cardigan as I have a purple navy and white checked zara long shirt, navy leggings and a navy cardigan from missguided (website review to come later) or a black and grey swirly print vest, black leggings, my new primark flats and a grey cardigan.....I will have to make a decision soon (I will also have to take a shower soon)!

I will post when I am back with the goodies that I get, I am thinking some Nars eyeshadows or blushes and some Illamasqua nailpolishes and another eyeshadow.  If that woman is there today I will be strong (I will I will) and tell her that I would prefer to browse myself.  Is anyone else going to this event?

Drugstore Moisturiser Review and Eye Cream Rave

17 September 2009

Clean and Clear dual action moisturiser.

I purchased this moisturiser a couple of weeks ago while it was still vaguely summery and sunny in the UK. Now it is flipping freezing and cold I will need to switch to a much richer moisturiser as my eczema is very unhappy at the moment!

This moisturiser would be great, even for those with dry skin, during the summer months or on holiday. This is because it is a light moisturiser and sinks in quickly without being really runny and watery. It is especially for skin that needs moisture but italso contains salycilic acid (stuff that's in aspirin) to help unclog dirt in your pores and prevent them clogging up in the future which I really like, although this means it rubs off your fake tan quicker so bear that in mind.

This moisturiser is oil free which is good as it still has a very creamy texture and doesn't feel that it is lacking in moisture just because it is oil free even though alcohol does appear to be one of the top four ingredients . When you apply it there is quite a cool feeling and the scent it like a menthol/minty one which is nice as it feels clean.

All in all I think this is a really good moisturiser for the price and I will repurchase next year for the summer. I will use up the rest of this tube probably mixing it with some foundation in the mornings as I tend to only wear full coverage foundation when it is really wintery or when I go out so I don't want to waste this.  I paid £3.99.

As this isn't strong enough for the Autumn/Winter I have been looking for a new moisturiser and since yesterday's request was for Pond's products I thought I would pick up Pond's dry skin cream this morning and I will be using that morning and night and we will see how that goes! I think you need at least 2-3 weeks using a skincare product so you can see the results, it's completely different to a lipgloss review say which you decide whether you like almost instantly.
I am actually quite pleased I have managed to find such good cheap skincare.  Prior to this blog I used only Clinique which is very good but so expensive. The products I used were the 'take the day off' makeup remover on my eyes and lips, then the cleansing cream on my whole face, then the moisturiser in either the white tub suitable for eczema or the pink gel moisturiser. Bearing in mind 1 of their moisturisers can cost £30 - £40 I am saving a lot of money now. I am currently using Botanics soothing eye makeup remover which is under £3 and is (I think) better than the Clinique one, St Ives cleansing wipes in the purple packet, these are ok but not my favourite, and now will be using the Pond's dry skin cream which was under £4 in Boots.

Another rave I have is for a fantastic cheap eye cream from Superdrug called Natural High Brightening Eye Cream and it is on special offer at the moment for £1.95!!!! you seriously need to give this a go.

Natural High Brightening Eye Cream Review

Colour is a pale yellow, and the texture is lovely and creamy, not too runny or too goopy. The ingredients include organic rosehip oil and arnica which considering the price I am shocked that they managed to get these in as these are products that plastic surgeons recommend you use after surgery to avoid scarring, they are both clinically tested (you can google this) arnica to reduce bruising (so it reduces that purple bruise look you get under your eyes) and the rosehip oil helps skin regenerate and have a better texture. I am gobsmacked that I love this cream as it's so cheap, even the packaging is ok, I mean it's not glamerous but it is in a functional tube which means no bacteria gets in unlike a tub and you get 15ml of the product in the pale green tube. This is fantastic for applying under makeup as it has an irridescent sheen to it so the area around your eye looks a bit brighter and more awake.  It must be good as I am such a cosmetics snob normally but this is the best eye cream I have ever ever used. Ever!

This is my absolute favourite so have a look for it at a Superdrug near you.

Shoppy shop shop

14 September 2009

I did a bit of shopping on Sunday, Primarni, Hollister, Bobbi Brown and Asda, so quite a mix!
This belt was only £2.50 from Primark! So cute for work over a black dress.
And these were only £8 !! Bargain
I got some PJ's in Asda which didn't photograph well and a hoodie from Hollister which is sooo so soft and lovely.  That shop is a complete nightmare though, full of teenybopping 15 yr olds, grumpy mums, it was so dark I couldn't see anything and the shop assistants were 'too cool for school'. The man at the cash register didn't take kindly to me asking if he got a migraine working there....sense of humour aisle 2.
I then went to House of Fraser and got the Bobbi Brown gel eyeliner in espresso and I can 100% say that I like it more than Mac's fluidline, blasphemy! It is such a great consistency though and the brush is amazing, I like it better than my 210 but I haven't got a 209 to compare it to. Does anyone else have any of the other colours?  I like the look of one which I think was ivy green?
Eyes of Sunday! Mac vanilla eyeshadow, Nars duo in Surabaya and blacktrack fluidline. 3 coats of Revlon voluminous mascara. That lilash is really making the lashes grow! Only four weeks this Thursday I seriously love this stuff. I will do a proper review when I have hit 8 weeks to get the most out of it.
How was everyone else's weekend?

Lovehearts and crosses website order update

13 September 2009

I made my Lovehearts and Crosses order a week or so ago and felt compelled to write a review. Please note this is my personal opinion.

I wasn't really that impressed with the quality of the items I ordered and instead of the item pictured in my post about what I ordered I recieved one item which was similar, but not what I ordered.  I recieved the necklace below and to be honest I just don't really think that it is professional to send someone something 'similar' to what they have ordered rather than their actual order.  The quality of both necklaces was similar to that of Claire's accessories rather than say Accessorize or River Island which I was expecting for the similar price tag, so for that reason I cannot personally recommend the website.  The items did come quick and nicely wrapped but, well it doesn't matter how well you wrap something up if it is poor quality!

So I hope this saves someone the wasted money!  Incidentally if anyone actually likes this one with the purple bead and thinks I am mad if you want it you can have it for free if you cover the price it costs me to post it to you, just comment or email me.

I Heart Cosmetics: Lovehearts and crosses website order

It's a Fangtastic Addiction

12 September 2009

I can honestly say I have never been as obsessed by a TV show since Sex and The City Series 4 (my fave).
True Blood is really such a well written series.  I am currently up to Series 2 Episode 10 and will watch 11 tonight. 

I love everything from the theme tune which goes so well with the show to the crazy, strange, funny and sexy antics that they get up to.  I am not sure really who is my favourite actor/actress and I think this is because I generally think that they have all got very good acting skills, better than is usual for a series. There are three standout characters....and because I am shallow this is because they are SO BLOODY GORGEOUS!

I am still debating over who is more hot between Bill, Eric and Sookie's brother Jason.  Although poor Jason..I finally realised something the other day - he used to be Vinnie in Home and Away hahahah! I used to love Vinnie and the way he would wind Alf up every episode.  Here is a pic for those that can't remember.

Jason Stackhouse/Vinnie from Home and Away

How funny!  I would post pics of the other hotties but I might end up drooling all over the keyboard which could damage something.. does everyone else watch this? Who is your favourite?

I am off to calm down now... phew!


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