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Fake Bake Mousse Fake Tan and Superdrug Solait Tanning Mit

I got my spray tan today and I feel so much better! I wish I was naturally darker skinned, it would save so much money but the good news is I have used up my beauty stamp card so my next tan or nail infill is free wooo! I have put the link to my nail and tanning salon (Polished) in my list to the bottom on the right in case anyone is in the Kent area and wants to go there cos Louise is brilliant.

The spray tan reminded me about my review I needed to post of the Superdrug Solait tanning mitt and Fake Bake mousse which I did a week or so ago.

I got this Fake Bake mousse from Superdrug too and it has different packaging to normal fake bake and it says 'Beyond Bronze' on the bottle. This one is absolutely rubbish so please just get the normal one and don't make the mistake I did! I have no idea why the formula is different but it is so steer well clear of this.  It is on the left in the pick below.  When I do face tan myself I use the facial tanner in the bottle to the right in the pic below and and this stuff is brilliant.

I had never used a mitt before to apply this product as I usually apply wearing latex gloves.  Let me tell you this made it soo so so much easier, I would say 80% easier using this mitt. It is from Superdrug and cost just under £3. Here is how I apply it, yes the mousse looks like something disgusting lol!

I start at the bottom of my body and work up.  Basically to apply just squirt a big blob of mousse on your mitt and spread it in a line  (up your leg or arm), scoop up the excess and do the same on the next stripe of leg until it is all covered.  Move from your legs to your bum and back, then do your tummy, then boobs and top of chest, then arms and then face.

How I Do My Feet and Hands

Personally I tan my entire body and face and leave my hands and feet until last.  Once everything else has a coat of tan I put a blob of tan and a blob of oil free moisturiser on the mitt like this:

And then I rub this all over the foot (well the top) and the ankle and blend it in with the leg fake tan so it looks all one even colour, then I take one glove off and do that hand and then carefully take the mitt off and do the last hand.  You must use oil free moisturiser or it will not mix with the tan properly, it also must not be fragranced as some perfumes turn fake tan green (mm shrek look)!

I then (depending on whether it is Summer or Winter) dry myself off with the cold shot on my hairdryer or my fan if it's summer, this is so that when I put on my clothes the guide colour doesn't wear off and ruin them.  And then I leave the tan on overnight and wash off in the shower in the morning.

This mitt can be used over and over again as you can put it in the washing machine.  I think this would be best for mousse tan rather than liquid or spray as it would just absorb the liquid or spray causing a waste of product.  Using this compared to using gloves (with a mousse product) meant that my face and body looks tanned evenly with the guide colour so if I want to go out or to the shops etc. I canand I will look fine, sometimes when I apply with gloves the guide colour looks too dark or too patchy even if it is applied properly and I would not be able to go out without getting laughed at!

I would definitely recommend this product if you use mousse tan, and I will be repurchasing a backup. 

Don't you just love a brilliant cheap product?!!

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Sarah xxx

Fake Bake Spray Tan and Random Update

I have my spray tan today at 4.30pm and all I can say is thank goodness for that!

This is the absolute best beauty treatment that I have ever had.  I just love it so much and having a fake tan makes me feel so much better about myself as it tends to hide my eczema more on my face, it makes my body look thinner than when it is pasty and white and it covers my dark circles slightly so they are easier to conceal.  The more tan your skin is the whiter your teeth and eyes look, which I also like as I often have bloodshot eyes, I should really buy some eye drops.

24 Hours before the spray tan you have to shave, exfoliate and moisturise and at the moment I am using The Sanctuary Salt Scrub although I am almost out now, it is a really good exfoliator but it doesn't last that long for me, ones which are more like a paste such as FCUK or Soap and Glory, Korres or Garnier tend to have less fallout when you slap them on and start scrubbing but a lot of this tends to fall straight off onto the shower floor.  I always have a backup of body products when I get low on the one that I am using and my backup scrub is Korres Watermelon so I will probably start using that next week so I can do a review on that after some decent usage. 

I used my Lush Mange Too massage bar straight after the shower yesterday while my skin was still warm, and I absolutely love this bar so much, I doubt I am ever going to get a massage with it but I am just going to use it as an after-shower body treatment.  My skin feels so soft and smooth this morning although it did take quite a long time to sink in, this I would assume is because the butters in the bar turn to an oil when they are warmed on your skin and I did slap a hell of a lot on because the smell of shea butter and chocolate was just so yummy, BF said I smelled like 'cake' which he seemed impressed by lol!

I am not sure if anyone reads this blog because they too have allergies or skin issues but this is a tip I found on the internet which may help you if you do - I hair dry my body dry on a cool or warm setting rather than using a towel but this is a good tip for people who have skin problems on their body, as having damp skin especially in places where your skin creases (underarms, down there, the crease under your bum cheek) it makes it a lot easier for skin to chafe and as soon as your skin is chafed other bacteria can enter and can set off your eczema or psoriasis etc.

At the moment I am just chilling watching Youtube videos, then off to the gym for a long session and then off to my spray tan and to see my lovely mum.  I am debating staying at her house tonight as there have been so many kids causing trouble in the name of Halloween in my street and since my lovely new car has to be parked on the road (and someone 'keyed' or scraped it on purpose after it was only 3 weeks old) I do not really want it to stay here and potentially get smashed and egged.  I am also a little worried for my little kitty, I am not one to bang on about him too much as it gets annoying people and their cats but I took this pic last night and it is sooo cute, I cannot imagine how anyone could harm something so cute but they do, some people disgust me the way they treat other people, their property and their pets.  So he will be locked inside with his little blanky so he is safe and away from the weirdos.

Mr Benny

I hope everyone manages to have a happy and safe Halloween, let me know what you are up to -are you partying or fancy dress? Or are you hiding from the trick or treaters haha!

Have a great day xxx

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Sarah xxx


Lilash Eyelash Growth Stimulator Review, My Lashes Have Gone Beserk!

I have been using Lilash daily for 10 weeks now as I wanted to do a proper review.  I decided to try this product rather than any other as it offered a 100% money back guarantee if the product didn't work, which to me is a good indicator that the product will definitely work, otherwise they wouldn't be able to afford paying up if everyone cashed in the guarantee.

You can buy it from Lilash Directly but I bought it from Ebay at http://stores.shop.ebay.co.uk/beautylagoon__W0QQ_armrsZ1, I have no affiliation to them but I was pleased by how quickly they delivered.  I don't think he/she has any instock at the mo, they only have Jan Marini.

It comes in a silver tube with a liquid liner -esque applicator.

Here are my before pictures. My eyelashes are naturally blonde at the ends so I have a tiny bit of clear mascara on the first pic below otherwise you wouldn't be able to see anything. For the rest of the pics I have had to put mascara on as you can't tell the length otherwise, I am wearing L'Oreal voluminous in all but one of the other pics x

After 6 Weeks

Before Lilash

After Lilash at 6 weeks

10 weeks of Lilash

Let me just start this by saying if you want to use this type of eyelash growing product then be aware of the potential pitfalls and benefits and make your own mind up. There are a lot of scare stories out there so please make up your own mind.  Personally? Well people have plastic surgery on their eyes so I figured a little wand of product wasn't too risky! This is their website http://www.lilash.com/lilash.html

This product is clinically tested and is suitable for sensitive eyes, I have very sensitive eyes and I had no problems.  If you apply this as they suggest I am sure this would minimise the risk for any irritation.  They suggest you apply it to the upper eyelid only like they show in this pic

You apply the product once a day and it says you will see results in 4-6 weeks which was true for me, even my lower eyelashes have grown.    I have a chunk of eyelid which is scarred where I had a chickenpox in my eye when I was very small, the scab dropped off and it seemed to take some of my eyelid with it and this part has never had an eyelash growing out of it, well it does now have 1 (there is still an obvious gap as there probably should be 5 lashes growing out of it but I was mega surprised that the Lilash even managed to get 1 follicle to produce a full eyelash again) I was actually amazed although I just read their website's FAQ section and apparently it can stimulate cell metabolism so maybe that's how it happened?!

I bought this product as I saw Natalya (Filthygorgeousmakeup) and Lollipop26's videos on Youtube about this product and I was in awe. I am so glad I watched their videos as this has to be hands down the best product that I have ever used apart from Bio Oil maybe.  This does exactly what it says it will and for that I would give it 10/10.  The price is fairly high, but in my local town one tube of this stuff costs the same on Ebay as 1 set of eyelash extensions, this lasts far longer than extensions, with less upkeep and less pain.  My lashes have got visibly longer and while I don't think they have gained in volume the lashline looks a lot more full as this is stimulating the lashes at the inner and outer corner to grow where they didn't grow longer than a few millimetres before.

All in all a wonderful product in my opinion, I actually enjoy putting on mascara now!

Once this tube is finished (there seems to be plenty left) I will then be moving on to try Revitalash and we will see if that is any better/worse.

Has anyone else got this?  Filthygorgeousmakeup and Lollipop26 those two should be on QVC as they have that hypnotic enabling power haha!

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Sarah xxx

Lush Christmas Items - Let them eat cake and sexy boy

Everyone seems to love Lush, but the smell of the shop really puts me off, some people love it but it makes me feel a bit nauseous but then I thought derr go to the one in Victoria station, it's tiny and the whole shop front is open so less likely for it to smell so strong.

I had a look online, http://www.lush.co.uk/  to see if there was anything I could use due to my stupid allergies which are worse on my body than on my face, I would recommend anyone do this if they have allergies to save time. And I found that at the moment they have special Halloween items! So cute but I can't use any bath or shower products but the ghost shower gel looks lovely so check that out if you are there as apparently it smells gorge.

I went through the list of ingredients and I think these items look really nice and they shouldn't cause any allergies:

Mange Too Massage Bar

Sexy Boy Massage Bar

Let them Eat Cake Lipbalm

So as usual I went along to the shop.. I'll just buy one thing....try it out....see if I like it.  NOT!!!, once I got there the woman was so lovely I bought all three, I am definitely going back to this branch - I didn't see the woman's name  but she had a lovely smiley face and brown hair and glasses, so if you see her then say hello!

Does anyone have any other recommendations? Off the top of my head I am allergic to kiwi, pineapple, cinnamon oil, baby powder and anything harsh and abrasive. I definitly cannot use their soap/shower gel/bath stuff (sadly) as my skin will not tolerate anything like that, it just goes mad.

So if you can think of things that you love that I maybe just maybe can actually use then please let me know! 

Thanks and have a lovely Halloween xxx

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Sarah xxx

In and Out for October


    Ped Egg (my feet need help this month they are so dry)

    Barry M Blusher in 101 (such a pretty colour)

    Pluswhite teeth whitening Gel (as you can see this stuff works!)
    You can look at this here http://www.pluswhite.com/ and if you are in USA this apparently can be bought in Walmart or Walgreens.  I bought mine from Ebay from this seller http://myworld.ebay.co.uk/firstchoiceus/

    Barry M Purple Mascara - this is soo cool

    Here is a pic with it on

    Redken Extreme Products - these are for extremely damaged hair..like my dodgy barnet


    Lee Stafford Straight Overnight Treatment (it just made no difference to my hair at all).

    Fake Bake Mousee (on the left) - This one in the purple and silver container seems terrible? Nothing like the normal packaging one but I got it in Superdrug which surely is not dodgy? Very odd.

    Bracelet/Cuff from ASOS.  I have not even taken this out of the box lol, it's cute but really..what was I thinking?

    Let me know your ins and outs xxx


    Cheryl Cole Inspired Makeup

    One of my absolute favourite UK celebrities is Cheryl Cole, well for her looks and her hair and her wardrobe, not sure how I would feel about having Ashley Cole for a hubbie? Frank Lampard would suit me better haha!

    But here are some of my fave pics of our Chezza

    And so I thought I would try my hand at this look, it's an 'inspired look' since I quite clearly look nothing like Cheryl unfortunately haha!  And she has fake tan and mine has totally worn off. Roll on Saturday when I get another coat of the delicious Fake Bake.

    Before the clip in hair extensions (apologies for those massive lines underneath my eyes - they are the end of my eye bags, the concealer got rid of the black/purple circles but cannot physically get rid of my exhaustion)!

    With American Dreamz clip in hair extensions which I loosely curled with a Babyliss Wand

    ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzz I look like I am snoozing!

    And here is everything that I used for the look:


    Urban Decay Pore Perfecting Complexion Primer
    Dior Forever Foundation
    Bobbi Brown corrector and creamy concealer kit
    Elf sheer mineral powder
    Mac Gingerly blush
    Benefit Georgia


    Maybelline Lippie in Crispy Cookie
    Lumiere's Lumi Lips in Mochacinno
    Rimmel Exxagerate lipliner in East End Snob (haha perfect name for me)


    Urban Decay 24/7 Eyepencil in Zero
    Covergirl Lash Blast mascara
    Mac Prep+Prime
    Mac Black Tied eyeshadow
    Benefit Creaseless Cream Eyeshadow in Birthday Suit
    Mac Fling Eyebrow Crayon

    Let's put it this way, I cannot wait until I get my spray tan Saturday, I look so ill and white! I have no idea how Dita looks this white and looks sexy.... I just look like Casper but more grumpy and tired!

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    Sarah xxx

    Sleek Cosmetics Graphite Eyeshadow Palette Review

    Well I picked the Sleek Cosmetics Graphite palette up when I went to get Janice's Storm palette for the Halloween competition.

    I do really like this palette and it's under £5 so a bargain.  As much as everyone goes on about these shadows and as much as I personally like the colours and price, the aren't as good pigmentation or quality as higher end in my opinion, if you swatch this next to a Shu Uermura you will see there is just no contest although they are still a lot better than other lower end shadows. Sometimes when I read about people going on and on and on about these palettes I wonder why as they are good but their reviews seem a little missleading. I.e. if you are reading this in a country where they don't sell Sleek, it is not the be all and end all to try and get it (in my opinion) you will be able to dupe the colours.

    Edited to add - this is just the opinion of me.  You do not have to agree! I am not saying don't buy this (erm I bought it myself!), I am just saying - make your own mind up  xxx

    That out of the way this is definitely my favourite palette over Jewels, Storm and Original.  I used the 2 lightest shadows for work and they are nice everyday on the eyelid but are probably just there as highlight for a smoky eye look.

    Here are the pics, I took one up on way and one upside down to see if it showed the colours better

    And these are the swatches of the top row starting from the shimmery white

    And these are the swatches of the bottom row

    As you can see I ran out of arm so had to move to a second row lol!

    Are you planning on getting it? I figured at £4.87 it was a good deal!

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    Thank you!

    Sarah xxx


    Cosmetics A La Carte Blackberry Outliner Gel Liner and Santa Lipstick

    I have wanted to try Cosmetics a la Carte products since I saw them on QVC QVC page when I was at my mum's house. She has a slight obsession with QVC and I see why, I wanted every single beauty product I saw it's addictive!

    I loved the look of their lipsticks, face and eye products and pictured above are the two products which I was kindly sent to try out which are Santa Lipstick which is a limited edition item and Outliner in Blackberry which is a gel eyeliner. 

    The website describes the lipstick as "Santa Lipstick – an extremely wearable red. The soft, velvety texture is good for those who want to go red without being vampy. Paraben and preservative-free". 

    This is a really lovely lipstick, the packaging is very glam and it even does a YSL style 'click' when you close the tube which I really like for some reason.  I apply this with a lip brush as I do for all bright or dark lipsticks as it is less likely to bleed.  It has fantastic staying power which you definitely need with a red otherwise you spend your time worrying it will smear off.  It has an undertone of blue which is so much better when you smile as orange toned reds can make your teeth look yellow. 

    Since I am a creature of habit I want to order a pink or a beige to try, which one should I get? I think either Pearl in Wisteria or Cream in Floribunda or Sugardaddy?

    The picture below is of one coat applied with the lipbrush. As you can see it is more a Drew Barrymore style red than a vampy or Dita von Teese style red. I was actually very pleasantly surprised as reds scare me but I have worn this out and had lots of compliments although this could just be as I never wear red lipstick and it's such a change for people to see.

    The Blackberry Outliner is described as "Blackberry Outliner – darkly dramatic purple creates a stunningly original look for the party season. Smudge and blend for smokey eyes with a twist, or go for precision definition using a brush. This professional, super long-wearing and water-proof eyeliner is a must. Creme Outliner’s intensely pigmented, comfortable gel formula draws a maximum-impact line without irritation. Glides on easily without budging or smudging. Paraben and preservative free."

    I tested the eyeliner at the same time I tested my new Urban Decay liners I put them all on my hand before bed and when I woke up only the palest UD colours had rubbed off slightly, all of the others and this Blackberry Outliner had stayed put.  I can also attest to the waterproof-ness as I was trying to remove it in the shower and it needed scrubbing, you would definitely need waterproof eye makeup remover for this as you wouldn't want to be scrubbing at your eye.

    As you can see it is a gorgeous colour, it has a soft consistency somewhere between Mac's and Bobbi Brown, I don't have a similar one with the exact same consistency to compare it to.  You can use it as an eye base or as a liner just like the other brands and as it is a blue toned purple it will contrast well with the whites of your eyes, making your eyes look brighter.  I will post the picture of me wearing the liner as soon as my eczema has cleared up on my eye (due to me still being ill, please send me sympathy lol).

    It will be perfect  for me to wear to work as it's not too harsh and I can use it with Barry M's purple mascara that I just bought.  Purple is absolutely my favourite colour BTW.  As much as I love my Mac fluidline and my Bobbi Brown gel eyeliners (of which I prefer Bobbi Brown over Mac) this has nicer packaging.

    It is a slightly thinner consistency than Bobbi Brown and it is so easy and quick to apply with my Mac 210 brush. It is really the easiest to use gel liner that I have ever tried, it doesn't go dry or clumpy on the brush and you can do your liner in one smooth line very easily.

    The one day I managed to use this before the sexy eye eczema outbreak I put the liner on before work at 7am and it was still there when I got to the gym at 6.30pm - it really lasts the distance.  It also comes in lots of other colours including a metallic gold and silver. And you can check them out here. I will definitely purchase the black one instead of replacing my blacktrack.

    I absolutely love both of these things and I want to try more Cosmetics A La Carte items, they have so much stuff and I was amazed that you can't get this in more shops.  This is why I am so grateful that they sent this to me, as to be honest I probably would have thought about buying some stuff from them but never really actually done it.

    Have you bought anything from them before? I want to order the lipstick as above and the lipgloss named Pearl.

    Do you use QVC? And is it just me or does that Alison Young have some sort of hypnotic shopping powers?????? 

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    Thank you!

    Sarah xxx

    Leslie Blodgett Bare Skin Eau De Parfum - The Perfume Diaries

    I was contacted by the PR company dealing with the above perfume, they asked me whether I wanted to sample their new perfume which is Leslie Blodgett Bare Skin Eau de Parfum and whether I wanted some to give as a 'giveaway' gift.  I said yes please, especially as Leslie Blodgett is the woman behind Bare Escentuals cosmetics and I thought it would make an amazing giveaway to have a bottle of perfume....that was until this morning when I received the above.

    Yes it is a 1 inch long sample bottle like the ones they dish out at department stores, so apologies ladies if my previous posts made it sound like there was going to be a great giveaway of a free bottle of perfume, I was not trying to dupe anyone, I had thought 100% that was what was being offered.

    So if anyone does want the 2 sample vials then please feel free to comment below and I will send it to the first person to reply.

    My Review

    The idea behind the perfume is 'the perfume diaries' and the card mentions memories of holidays, laying in the sun, cartwheels on the sand etc. etc. This is the quote from Leslie "Leslie says of Bare Skin: “When I have an experience, I like to have a scent behind it. Bare Skin, which is what Mexico reminds me of, is the way you feel when the sun is beating down on you during the day, but then you go out at night and you’re still sizzling from the warmth of the day which mingles with the night air and the music.”

    After reading the card I was a little surprised to smell the perfume, as if I had not been told it was a woman's perfume I would have automatically assumed it was a men's aftershave as it smells musky, woody and a bit like sandalwood, even after the initial notes settle down it smells like aftershave.

    I do like some unisex scents, but this is quite a strong man-ish scent.  To be perfectly honest I prefer to smell like a girl but  I am sure this would be perfect for a non girly girl.

    I also don't really understand why it mentions holidays as it smells nothing like any holiday-ish scents that I can think of like coconut or suncream or cocktail smells or honey and olives or...anything! If you actually want a lovely holiday perfume to remind you of Summer then try Bali Sunrise by Girard (pic below) as this does actually smell like a holiday and is lovely and is £15 at Boots http://www.boots.com/en/Girard-Bali-Sunrise-Eau-de-Toilette-100ml_640324/

    Anyway! You can't like everything can you?  If you want to check out Leslie's competition on Facebook to win a free holiday then you can here http://www.facebook.com/leslieblodgettperfumediaries

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    Thank you!

    Sarah xxx


    Urban Decay Super Stash 24/7 Glide On Eyeliner Pencil Set and Compexion Primer Potion

    So I had a little lunchtime shop and I picked these little babies up from Urban Decay

    Complexion Primer Potion - Pore Perfecting and the Super Stash 24/7 Glide on Eyeliner set.

    I like minis as I never get to the end of a lip or eyeliner pencil before moving on to the next one so this is much better value for money as you get to try 9 shades. I got the primer since I am easily swayed and while I want to try the HD primer by MUFE I am going to wait until I go to France for the day as there is a wicked Sephora in Cite Europe just outside Calais so the BF can buy booze and I can buy slap, and I can actually see it up close rather than buying it online.

    Here are the swatches of the 24/7 liners

    Don't Corrupt and Rockstar just look brilliant? I wonder if I can use them both together and blend them....hmm an idea is forming!

    So there will be proper reviews of these both when I have used them properly a few times but first impressions are that the colours of the liners are brilliant and they are waterproof too which is a big bonus if you are using them on the waterline and the primer is in a funky tube but hardly any comes out at a time and this is fairly thick so  you do need a fair bit to cover your whole face, maybe I should have squeezed it harder? I just didn't want to break it!

    What products do you like from Urban Decay?

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    Sarah xxx

    Parissa Hot Wax Kit for your bikini area ooh lala!

    OK before the dreaded lurgy I mentioned that I had used this product above which is the Parissa Hot Wax Kit which you can get at Boots for around £8.999 not sure about Superdrug and their website is

    Parissa Hot Wax........... http://www.parissa.com/

    If there are beauty treatments I can do myself well then I prefer to do them rather than get them done in the salon, this kit costs under £10 and a leaflet came through my door yesterday where a 'hollywood' bikini wax was £45!!! Now my local lady charges £18 so I am still saving quite a lot by doing it myself. Does anyone else do this?

    This kit is so easy to use and I was honestly terrified about burning my bikini area or getting it all over the carpet etc. etc. Let me tell it to you straight. This Does Hurt.  Not a massive amount but obviously more than getting your legs waxed. My eyebrows kill when they are threaded and my eyes water massively, so this is about the same level of pain.

    What is the difference between hot wax and cold wax strips?

    With the hot wax you heat it up on the stove and mix it around until it is the consistency of honey then you apply to your bikini line with the wooden sticks (like giant lolly sticks) making sure to apply a thick layer, and then when the wax has dried but it still warm to the touch you rip it directly off.  With wax with strips you slap on the wax, then put on the cloth strip then rip off the cloth strip.  So basically with hot wax you aren't left with lumps of wax everywhere because you are ripping them off directly and you don't have to wash the cloth strips either.

    I found this kit surprisingly easy to use and my bikini line is really smooth.  The kit comes with everything you need for 1 wax, if you regularly have bikini waxes and not much hair then you probably won't use it all up in 1 wax it could probably do 2 but I doubt more than that.  It also comes with a special blue oil you rub in the waxed area after the wax and every day after that so you don't get ingrowing hairs, this stuff is brilliant, as I have none at all and I used to get a lot when shaving.  You can buy the oil separately in Boots.

    Tips which I have found myself  are to use talc or a spray talc product like they sell in Boots before you put the wax on, to make sure the wax sticks to the hair more than the skin, my second tip is to either sit or stand on an old towel when you do this as your first go can be a bit messy if you don't know what you are doing like I didn't! 

    When I posted about buying the kit from Parissa a lady called Alley from Canada must have actually read the post (!!)  and she works for Parissa  and she emailed me with these tips to share with you on home waxing which I thought was super sweet:

    • A light dusting of baby powder on the skin before applying wax and really bring down the ouch factor

    • Before you apply the wax, test the temperature on the inside of your wrist

    • Spread it on, concentrating on a thick layer, especially at the edges, to give you a good grip

    • Speed counts – hold your skin taut and zip the wax back QUICKLY. Not only is it more effective that way – it seriously cuts down on discomfort.
    So thanks Alley for your tips, I do agree with them all and they are super helpful.

    Does anyone else do-it-yourself?

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    Thank you!

    Sarah xxx