12 February 2010

My Second Bloggers Event

And next to paisley is Lina from makeuptomakeout

I was really excited to be invited to my second blogger event earlier this week.  I found this event so helpful as most of the brands had a representative to speak about their products in a relaxed and fairly informal venue in Carnaby Street, so you could have a drink and mingle and chat to the founders or representatives from each brand.  I was really sad that Lena from Korres wasn't there as I wanted to meet her and thank her for the lovely Christmas card they sent me but sadly she wasn't.  I met lots of great people though.

First up I met the lovely Shelley from He-Shi who make fake tan which is aimed at both men and woman and Christine Bleakely from The One Show uses their tanner, who always has a gorgeous glow.

The lovely Shelley with her range in front of her, such pretty packaging

We were given quite a few products from the range to test out and I am especially liking the look of the He-Shi day to day gradual tan and I am hoping this is a good product.  I will review thoroughly as I haven't seen a massive amount of reviews of He-Shi fake tan anywhere and there certainly doesn't seem to be much of it in magazines yet.

The He-Shi tanning range

I then met the gorgeous Paisley from purity organic skincare you can see the back of her in the top picture! I didn't get the chance to take any more pictures.  We had such a lovely chat and it was brilliant to see someone so involved in all of the processes of their range and so dedicated to making such affordable good quality products with scientifically proven ingredients.  Paisley shared with me a bit of inside gossip and I think I am allowed to tell you girlies that 2010 will see some additions to the Purity skincare range and potentially some different packaging, how exciting! We have the scoop!

I also had my makeup done by the gorgeous ladies at cosmetics a la carte and I was totally blown away by their range of products.  They custom make different colours and textures of makeup in their shop/studio and they had created a new gel liner (outliner) that day and provisionally called it True Blue and as you can see from the picture below it is such a gorgeous vibrant colour.

Me want me want!

Cosmetics a la Carte Outliner - new shade True Blue

I then had a chat with Liz from blooming babe and compared skin allergies, as her pregnancy range was developed as she has psoriasis and it became even worse during her pregnancy leading to her searching for products and eventually creating her range to help women in the same situation.  The brand has a spa range as well as a pregnancy range and I am definitely going to try out some of their products as aside from the pregnancy aspect it sounds like it is fantastic for people with all types of skin disorders.  Liz is in the picture at the top with blonde hair and glasses on the right hand side.

After doing a lap of glory I decided I had been there quite a while and should probably head home, on my way out I was given this glorious bag of goodies, seriously almost killed me waiting the 2 hour journey home to root through it and see what I got!

So what do you think of blogger events?
Would you like to go to one, or have you been to one (or loads)? Or do you think they are a load of crap? Let me know babes!


  1. looks like you had a ball huni! the He-Shi tan sounds fab,cant wait for your review!

    I'd love to go to a bloggers event, and meet up with lots of other bloggers too!!


  2. Oooh liking the look of the he-shi am looking for a good tanner for the summer, cant wait for your review hun, would love to go to some blogger events ......x P.s the Cynol dream conditioner is working a treat!!! and my hair is heavily coloured and on the dry side, normally and this seems to make a difference...x

  3. that fake tan does look pretty awesome, reviews please!
    I would love to go to a bloggers event, looks fun! xxx

  4. I'd love to know what you think of the Bumble & Bumble volumising spray, thinking of trying it but it's a bit more expensive than my usual!

    I'd love to go to a blogger event, I think it's great that the blogging community is recognised by these brands and is often given a 'sneek peek' of products and ranges! I'd also love to meet other bloggers, although I've only been blogging for a little while!


  5. Looks like fun! I wish we had such events in Delhi. My look at all those goodies!!

  6. I think I'd love to go to a blogger event, even if just to see everyone else in the flesh! It would be exciting.

    Looks like you got some fantastic goodies there...enjoy trying them out and looking forward to a review on the tanning products especially. Christine does have a great glow so I am intrigued to know what you think of them. I had never even heard of them!


  7. Looks like you had fun!!! How I wish to be invited to such an event!

    Love your eyes :)

  8. i just started blogging in november and have never heard of such a thing!! is it only in the UK? It looks like fun! I think any opportunity to learn is a great one! p.s. I want that traincase with lights! so awesome!

  9. I personally like going to events - Its nice to find out about new products to blog about, and also I love meeting up with other blogs, and having one of those conversations about nail polish that no one else would "get"

  10. you're so lucky to get to go to these events, i would be thrilled at the opportunity! you have more willpower than i do, LOL, i would have been exploring all my new things right off the bat!

    have a good weekend!

  11. I have the he-Shi liquid express tan and I totally love it! The event sounds like great fun

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  13. I don't use fake tan, but could do with one for pale beginners! =)

    I'd love to go to an event. I love that you can get a real view into the company, and get to meet more bauty lovers!!

    Btw, I totally agree about the Lush scrubs. Disappointing and overpriced! xx

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  15. I will do a review I promise! It's so cold in my house but I will try and do it today x

  16. Oh dear, I seem to be in all your pictures. Sorry about that!! x

  17. This looks like so much fun!! I would love to go to something like this, I'd be like a little girl in a sweet shop! That eyeliner looks lovely on you!!


  18. @Lina - i THOUGHT that was you that's why I kept staring! hahaa! Im such a div!

  19. Ahaha, I did notice you look and Fei recognised you but unfortch I was to besotted with the products to put it all together. Btw, are you from Orpington (my location tracker says someone from Orpers looked at the post you commented on)? If you are, I'm from Sidcup! VERY near each other! xx

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