15 March 2010

My Bicester Goodies

I have posted about going to Bicester Village outlet shopping centre before, but I was a lucky girlie and we got to spend an entire weekend in Oxford this weekend and so I got to go there again for a few hours. 

The goodies I picked up were mainly from the CCO and Alexander Mqueen so I won't ramble here they are ;)

In Cath Kidson I picked up some goodies for my mum, I hadn't realised how beautiful and kitchy everything was in there before, I would have got more stuff but it was packed, and I thought it best to leave before Matt got even more annoyed at being bashed by grannies!

Then I went to look in Alexander Mcqueen to see what the different scarf prices were for Sinead, nope, no plans to buy anything at all ;)

I realise that mine is quite a bit bigger than the standard scarf
It's a large pashmina skull scarf in cotton
(the scarf on the left is another fave of mine from HandM)

Rockin the piratey look with my stripey top and skulls!

They had these scarves and they were either £110 or £120 (depending on colour)
But as they come in silk or chiffon I found them a bit thin for this weather, maybe in summer!

I didn't really pick up much in the CCO - Just these three Mac shadows

And this gorgeous Estee Lauder Ultralight Gloss

On another note we went to a really nice bar/pub and an absolutely amazing Chinese restaurant that we would definitely recommend.  The bar is called The Oxford Retreat and the staff are lovely, drinks were good and the place itself was really nicely decorated.  We had some nibbles at the bar and they were seriously tasty, unfortunately the restaurant was fully booked so we couldn't sample any more.

We had dinner on Saturday night at Sojo Oxford and it was quite honestly the best Chinese we have ever had.  It's nothing like a Chinese takeaway kind of place although it has the same sort of prices as my local takeaway which is amazing! It was choc full of Chinese people - bingo! The food has to be authentic to draw in that many Chinese people, there were families and groups of girls who had spent the day shopping. It was lovely and didn't feel like we were in England at all. Our meal for two with dim sum as a starter, two drinks and a couple of shared mains with noodles came to £35 which was brilliant!  I would love to go back to Oxford just for dinner there. I would say if you are going to go then book a table in advance as it was super busy.

If any of you have never been to Bicester or just wondered what it's like I did a short video so you could see what it looks like



  1. I LOVE THE SCARF its' so pretty !
    sweet haul I love the e/s


  2. I love that scarf, how much was the one you got?

    Great buys xx

  3. that scarf is lovely! I didn't realise they did heavier ones, it looks nice and cosy!xxx

  4. SO jealous of pretty much all your purchases! I adore Cath Kidston so much, all her stuff is amazing. I've also wanted a McQueen scarf for ages and ages but being a student, I can't afford one :( Boo! x

  5. Great haul!
    I haven't been to Bicester Village yet, want to thoug. But I just love Oxford as a city. The mr is from there so I get to go there lots haha xx

  6. love the scarf and lovely post!

  7. I cant believe that Bicester had the McQueen scarves. I'm sure that any discount would be eaten up by the cost of travel from Scotland for me though!

  8. I am off there next month, can't wait for all the bargains! x

  9. @Hollywood - thanks hun

    @Girlwiththegoldentouch - it was £110 what a bargaino!

    @Jules - well if I mention I am going there again and you want one just send me a note and I can try and pick you up one. Alternatively their phone number is on the Bicester village outlet so maybe you could phone them and see if they would post it to you,you know if you beg it could happen haha!

    @Becky you will love it! Am baffled about the ppl who don't like it, they obviously need to learn how to shop muahah!

  10. Love your haul! The eyeshadows are all gorgeous, I have Shadowy Lady and I love it, I hope you do too (that is if you haven't used it before :)) Satin Taupe has been on my lust list for a long time now, but thanks for reminding me to seriously buy it once and for all! :)

  11. ahh so lucky i really wanna go there & a cco! cool!! :D how much were the mac eyeshadows?x


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