11 March 2010

My New No7 Purchases Natural Radiance Highlighter and Luminating Radiance Beauty Serum

I finally got my mitts on the No7 Limited Edition Natural Radiance Highlighter and I absolutely love it.  It is a baked mineral powder and it is so creamy and buttery in texture, I really don't have anything similar at all.

You just need a light dusting at the top of the cheekbone to create a really fresh and healthy look and it can also be used to highlight the browbone as well.  It is a brilliant product to use when contouring the face as it really adds lift to the cheekbones. I love it! 

I read a review where someone said that it wasn't very blendable and I was so confused as I think the exact opposite, so I think it depends on which brush you are using.  I apply highlighter with a brush that is fairly loose and then buff it into my contour or blush with a flat topped brush with a bit of face powder on it, this means it looks more glowy rather than shiny.  I don't know how other people do it but that's what I have always done.  Sarah's number one aim is to avoid disco-face syndrome.  RRP is around £13.50

Wow look at that pic, isn't it lush? I think it looks stunning in the packaging let alone on the face!  The downside?  The dodgy packaging.....the only word that it brings to mind is why? It is beyond me why they used this monstrosity to package such a gorgeous product.  This is only available until 23rd March so get one now while you still can at Boots No7 Online

The next thing that I have been loving from No7 is the Luminating Radiance Beauty Serum  it's £17.50 for 30ml which I think is reasonable for a serum. I only tend to use a pea sized amount and my protect and perfect serum lasted me 4 months which I think is good for the price.  The ingredients include cribosum, sophora and kiwi extracts, together with vitamin C to help your skin look brighter faster and boost your skin's natural defences.

Apparently " In just 4 weeks this gently turns back the clock, reducing the appearance of wrinkles and leaving your skin luminous, healthy and younger looking.".  It's only been a week and a half so far and I certainly think it improves the look of my foundation when used in the morning, I have more of a glow than without it.  We shall see about the 'younger looking' part after the four weeks.

You can barely see it but it just gives a slight sheen to the bit of my hand it's on

I am really surprised that I have been loving No7 to be honest as I never really had any interest in them before a few months ago.  I think the fact that the gorgeous Lisa Eldridge is their advising makeup artist steered me towards them as I think she personally is stunning and I love her youtube videos.

Do You Like Boots No7?


  1. I cant get that highlighter anywhere. i nearly got it the other day. They had one left but it had a fingermark in it so it was a no go.
    Never mind. It is lovely though.
    The reason i'm not that bothered I didnt get it is because of the vile packaging. It's just weird.

  2. I only ever buy No7 when they're giving out those £5 vouchers! I think some of it is a bit of a rip off otherwise.
    Their brushes and blushers are ok, haven't tried much else.

    Have to agree about Lisa Eldridge, she comes across as really lovely in her videos!

  3. @Marcia- I know its minging, what the hell where they thinking, shame you can't depot but it would probably break :(

    @Laura - I know what you mean but I always seem to have about a hundred £5 off vouchers !

  4. Glad you managed to get the highlighter at last! x

  5. the highlighter is so gorgeous and my favourite by far at the moment! I bought it about 2 weeks ago and have been wanting another since but I cant find it in any store because its sold out =(.

  6. same here hun! I love their products and I guess its coz of Lisa :)

  7. Im a big No.7 fan, never had a bad work to say about their products. Not actually seen the new serum, but now I have... me wants!!!

    Adore the highlighter! I save mine for weekends and such and use my prestige one during the day. I never want it to run out! haha.



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