My Top 5 Perfumes

12 April 2010

Happy Monday Everyone xxx

It has been requested so I thought I would do my Top 5 Favourite Perfumes video. From the comments it seems that Vera Wang Princess is a nice scent also - what do you think about it?


Jo said...

Fantastic faves hunny. Love them all, although don't own them all ha, the only one I own is Flowerbomb.

Re: Very Vang Princess, for me thats just too sweet, I find it quite sickly to be honest. So many people love it though, so maybe Im just strange!


Jo said...

Vera not very! hahaha.


Jo said...

OMG... Wang not vang! lmao. not woke up yet, Im sat here with my morning brew. Im not commenting on anymore posts till Ive woke up properly haha.


Glitter and Love said...

I have never smelt any of these perfume, may have to check them out :)

Vera Wang princess is my fav perfume ever for daytime! It is very sweet and girlie but i love it :)

lisa xx

Charlee said...

I love Hugo Boss too and Chance! Vera Wang Princess is gorgeous but I like quite girlie scents and the bottle is really pretty x x


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