Soap and Glory You Won’t Believe Your Eyes – Business Trip Saviour

Hiya girlies

Now this isn’t an anti wrinkle treatment, this is for people who have under eye bags, long days at work, lots of time sat in front of a computer and basically anyone with contact lenses who gets that dry eye feeling after wearing them for a while.

Or basically for me on my work trip. To be frank I was bloody knackered – well I still am I only got back an hour ago.

You won’t believe your eyes is a  Brightening Moisture Serum

RSP £9.00 Size 15ml

Currently £8 at Boots

So how is it supposed to work?

This little gem does contain some amusingly patented technology = INSTANTIGHT™ and PUFFEASE-360™ technology, I bet the patents office had a giggle at that!  It has three metal rollerballs, you squeeze some product out and then roll under the eye. Simples.

How does it work?

The metal rollerballs are cold, so the cold soothes your tired eyes and the serum brightens and soothes the puff.


Advanced Moisture Complex plus a cellular booster to help reduce the appearance of dark circles.

Cucumber juice and allantoin, plus the above mentioned amusingly named technologies.

Extreme Closeup Swatch

WTF? How Does It Help Me?

Squeeze the tube until a little bit of serum is visible on the applicator end. Roll it on under the eye from the inside corners outward. That’s it.

So Did I Like It?

Pros – I love the metal rollerball action, it really soothed my eyes as they get very dry and tired at the end of the work day, oh hell even when I wake up I am tired so I love the way it cools them down. I love this even more after putting it in the fridge, wow it was much better when it was in there, I keep my eye drops in the fridge so I am sure it’s perfectly fine to do this.

My undereye bags did seem less puffy, this is probably just due to the cold item being applied to the eye area as if you put anything cold like teaspoons or cucumber slices on your eyes it helps.  But  have you tried stealing spoons from the kitchen at work to put on your eyes? I doubt that’s going to be feasible.

Cons – I felt the serum didn’t reduce my dark circles as it claims to, it is a great product for soothing tired eyes but I wouldn’t expect this to ease the dark circles.  Just slap on a bit of concealer after you have used this and the illuminating serum will mix with the concealer and help make them look brighter that way.

All in all I think this is a brill product for those with dry eyes, tired eyes and people who are totally frazzled and tired.  For those with big dark circles whose eyes aren’t that dry I would steer clear.

Small Print – Item sent free of charge for review by the lovely Soap and Glory PR x