19 May 2010

It's Supposed To Be Sunny - It's May!

Facial Suncreams

I have 2 suncreams for this year, one I use every morning without fail and the other is ready and waiting for when this ridiculously grey weather ends, and we go back to having some sun - I used them 3 weeks ago when it was nice weather but I wore my winter coat today as I was freezing!

Clinique City Block Sheer
Price - £15.00 for SPF 25 or 40

Packaging- a handy tube so sanitary to apply, I think it looks rather nice, but I let you be the judge.

Colour - this is a tinted cream, I think it would suit all light to olive skin tones but I do wonder if it would leave a whitish or ashy mask-like effect if you have mixed race or darker skin, it is pretty pale, but the tint is sheer. If you do have dark skin definitely test this out before purchasing.

SPF - this comes in SPF 25 or SPF 40

Overall - I have bought this every summer for years now, it perfoms well and is non greasy however I do find it quite moisturising so it might not be best if you have acne prone skin. I use it instead of my primer and it really helps my makeup stay on all day. You could probably use this all year round, however I have realised I should really use something with a higher SPF. I also use this on the backs of my hands every day to even out the skintone and prevent wrinkles and age spots. I hate old-people hands, I am scared of getting them!

Avene - Very High Protection Cream SPF 50

You can but this suncream at Boots and the RRP is £12.99

This is made with Avene's thermal spring water which is an active ingredient known for being soothing, anti irritation and anti free radical. It is great for dry and sensitive skin and those with allergies. I didn't have any problems at all and I have very sensitive skin on my face.

This does not contain a chemical sunblock, but a mineral one.

The cream is free of any added fragrance however it does smell lightly floral so I assume that is the scent of the ingredients. It is also suitable for use on Children, as I presume having a child with an allergic rash is not the most fun thing!

Packaging - very handy squeezy tube so there isn't any waste but also with the sanitary pump action, I really like this actually. The cream is slightly thicker than the Clinique and is white, it does leave a little bit of a whitish cast on the skin, if you are using this as a primer under foundation or tinted moisturiser it will be fine, however just on the beach you might want to put a bit of bronzer on top so you don't look like casper.

This felt really lovely on my skin and not greasy at all but neither was it drying. I would say that after 5 minutes or so it sunk in completely ready for make-up, which although fast isn't quite as fast as the Clinique which only takes around 1 minute.

Overall I would recommend this to people with paler skintones or those with darker skintones planning on using it as a SPF under makeup, so it doesn't leave a strange whitish grey look to your skin.

Small Print - Clinique purchased by me, Avene sent for review by PR.


  1. I got my City Block through this morning it's fab because my skin is slightly oiler I tend to use it instead of a moisturiser x

  2. Winter coat?! It was really hot in Liverpool today, maybe the sun will spread further south tomorrow! I use the MAC spf 50 primer, I really like it, it helps make up last when it's hot like this week has been.

  3. Oooh thanks for this, I was just thinking about a facial SPF. Will have to test out both of these and see which one I prefer. I'm leaning towards the SPF 40 Clinique one. THanks for the tip about using it on the back of hands!

  4. Clinique SPF 40 isn't tinted - it's heavier and greasier too :-/

  5. thanks, that was helpful.
    I love avene skincare products so i will probably try this suncream.


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