26 June 2010

The Body Shop and ECPAT

Yesterday I attended the afternoon session of  The Body Shop bloggers event. I had a wonderful day but along with the new ranges mentioned, copies amounts of food and products there was also an important message which I felt quite moved by so I will post about this first and about the products and launches later.

A lady from ECPAT explained about the charity's work and you can find out more if you click the link.  They have partnered with The Body Shop and £3.45 from your purchase of   TBS Soft Hands Kind Heart hand cream is donated to ECPAT and the donation will help fund ECPAT UK campaigns and prevention projects against child trafficking in the UK.

ECPAT also have a yellow leaflet in TBS shops is a petition to the UK government to offer greater care and protection to victims of trafficking and they are aiming for a million signatures on this petition so every last person who signs is making a difference. Please do take the time to go there and sign the form, I would be so grateful if my followers could do this, and if you are able to sign the petition online at any point I will put the link in the sidebar.

Body Shop are also making display walls of the hands of their customers who have signed the petition. At the event, we were provided with pens and glitter to go all Art Attack and create our own hand outline.  

I was doing my decorating with the lovely Lu,  Zoe and Leanne, I think the glitter may have got a bit too much for Zoe...haha! For my hand outline I went for a gold ring and bracelet with pink glitter nails.

Don't worry, she didn't really eat the glitter :P

Will you be signing the petition against sex trafficking?


  1. I will definately sign when i'm next in the shop :)

  2. Will definitely sign, either online or in the shop.

  3. Thanks girls, this doesn't actually go online until 15th so I will put a link to the online petition as soon as it's up as that will be easier x

  4. Lovely to meet (see) you yesterday too :) I was so late and very embarressed! Your tan looked lovely, I used the xen tan luxe too :) X

  5. @Muhsine - wow really I thought that was your natural skin colour! Obviously looks very natural on you if I didn't even think it was fake tan x


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