ESSIE Resort Collection NOTD - Lapis of Luxury

4 June 2010

Please note the green is not Azur Like
It it is called Turquoise and Caicos
My bad!

I am loving my mini set of Essie's Resort Collection nail polish at the moment.  My Favourite is definitely the gorgeous Lapis of Luxury and strangely I think my least favourite is Playa del Platinum, both pictured above.  I usually love a mannequin hand but I think this is too grey toned to be flattering on my skintone.  The blue however looks gorgeous and I have had so many compliments on it.   I think next up should be Splash of Grenadine what do you think?

Do you like mini polishes or do you prefer fullsize?


Jeweled Thumb said...

Depends on the mini. Some are so tiny that they'd only last for a few manicures. I think they are great for trialing a color but sometimes they are nearly as pricey as the full sizes and no where near as economic per ounce!

nicoletta said...

I love the mini size polishes because 1 they look so much cuter and 2 i never use a full polish up ever so it feels like less of a waste.
Splash of grenadine looks gorgeous xx

Jo said...

Hehe great post babe :P

Isn't Lapis of Luwury just gorgeous! I LOVE it.


prettyaspeaches said...

Super pretty colors! I love that Essie makes them in minis

Sarah from IHeartCosmetics said...

@Jeweled Thumb I think these are decent, they are about a half of a normal essie size and the whole set of 4 costs £16 so not bad :P

@nicoletta I agree I have so many now minis are more economical.

@Jo lol I wonder why you say that!! x

@prettyaspeaches it's definitely a good way to get more for your money x

ipehishere said...

i like the bluee color :)

paige said...

i really need to get some essie polish. that blue looks beautiful


jbrobeck said...

Essie is the only polish that i don't mind in minis!

BittersweetKindaNew said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
BittersweetKindaNew said...

I dont really go for the mini's but these are so cute, so might pick. Love the Lapis of Luxury.

Would love to see a NOTD of Splash of Grenadine

L x

Jules said...

I've been tempted to order an Essie mini set to take on various trips I have this summer

laurawrites said...

I go for greyish colours but that one is a bit dull defo post a notd on splash of grenadine im looking forward to it x

susies1955 said...

I love minis and I love that blue. :)

Olivia said...

These are so cute! Love the colours! I don't have any mini's but it's probably better to have some actually. I can't see myself ever using up a nail polish! xx

Sugar&Spice said...

fab post huni! love the lapis of luxury & the Splash of Brenadine looks the the perfect pink polish to me!


Kelly/PlaneBeauty said...

I prefer normal size polishes, not a fan of mini ones at all. I find them too fidly(sp?) to use x

Sarah from IHeartCosmetics said...

@Jules they would definitely be good for trips, and the applicator isn't fiddly x

@laurawrites will deffo do the Grenadine NOTD XX

@susies1955 thanks its my fave too x

@Olivia it's pretty economical and leaves me more room in my nail varnish boxes!

@Sugar&Spice thanks will try and do the grenadine NOTD asap xx

@Kelly/PlaneBeauty these ones are actually not fiddly but I know what you mean, some brands it's so difficult! x


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