17 July 2010

Blog Sale - Mac, Inglot, Models Own

The rules are:

1) If you want an item, say so in the comments along with your Paypal email address. I will then send you an invoice - if you are a very kind person and would send the money via personal payment please not that in your comment -  I would really appreciate it as I don't get charged if you do this (i have a business account) x

2) Paypal is the only method of payment accepted or bank transfer - if  I know you (like we chat on twitter or something)

3) Please ensure you pay for the item immediately upon receiving the invoice - or at least some time within the next 24 hours; otherwise the item will be reposted and will not be reserved for you.

4) Prices are in £

5) I will ship to UK for £1.50 for one item 50p for each additional item

6) Rest of the world shipping is £2.50 for one item: for each additional add 50p.

7) No returns

From Left To Right
Essie mini - turquoise and caicos
Models Own
pearly queen
green glitter - pend
slate green - pend
foxy fuschia
Zoya - ciara

Each polish has been used once.
£3 for models own
£2 for Essie
£4.50 for Zoya 

Revlon Photoready Shade 003 used 3x £6

Mac Lipsticks £9 each - both used 2x
Pink Fusion - Pro Colour - pending
Bubblegum  - Glaze - pend

Korres used 1x

Mac MSF Sunny By Nature -used 3x - £14 - pend
Mac Cream Bronzer in Beach Bronze - used once- £15 - pend

Shows mark on corner
Smashbox Muse Artist Eye Palette - With Brush
Pic above shows smudge on case as it's cardboard
Each colour used 2x

Smashbox Pink Power trio
Each colour used 2x

No7 Luminate Radiance Serum
Used 4x

Max Effect Lipgloss by Max Factor
The purpley pink colour
Used 1x (i think i picked up the wrong one)!

New C>ID ICE POP Used 1x

Inglot Grey Eyeshadow
Used 1x £6

Inglot 5 pan palette
Nicks on the brown and pink as pictured Each colour swatched 1x
£10 - pend

Thanks for taking a look x


  1. Hiya, could I please buy the Inglot 5 pan palette and the Models Own Green Glitter and Slate Green? I'm quite happy to do it as a personal payment :-) Paypal is 8yelining at gmail.com xx

  2. Hey sweets,

    Could I please have the MAC Creme Bronzer and Pink Fusion Lipstick..

    Personal payment is fine, and my paypal address is lauradixon@blueyonder.co.uk


  3. Oh no. I just ordered the smashbox palette :( Boooooooo! This always happens to me! :(:( Emma x

  4. Hi, Can i have the Mac MSF Sunny by natyre please? My paypal address is nicolatutill@hotmail.com Thanks x

  5. Hi, Can i have the Mac MSF Sunny by natyre please? My paypal address is nicolatutill@hotmail.com Thanks x

  6. Fixed it :D I tweeted you (@littlemissmaxi) but it appears my computer doesn't mind me commenting now lol. Please may I have bubblegum lipstick


  7. I would really like the essie nail varnish.

    misslouiselove@gmail.com - personal payment is fine :)


  8. I would like the Smashbox Muse Artist pallet if it is still available. my paypal email is veflexra at gmail dot com.


  9. Hi Sarah,
    have you closed this blog sale?


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