16 July 2010

Burberry Cosmetics Satin Lipstick and Light Glow Blush Review

I was stomping through Harrods on Tuesday having a strop and I happened to walk past the new Burberry Beauty line. Ever since I saw pictures online and in magazines I can honestly say I wasn't really that interested.  Everything looked a bit blah and a bit boring. To be honest I just looked as I was there and I wasn't sure what to expect.

Sadly for my wallet I was really impressed by quite a few different things in the range although managed to reign myself in to 1 lipstick and 1 blush.  The lipsticks cost £22.00 and the blush £28.00 -ouch!  You can see them on the Harrods website here Burberry Beauty

Light Glow in Blossom - note the stupid tiny brush

A lovely lightweight blush that gives the skin a bright fresh glow. This gives a nice natural looking radiance to the cheeks.  The colour is a lovely peachy pink and is very flattering. 

The lipsticks are creamy and moisturising with a good amount of colour and for some reason contains anti-aging ceramides for fuller lip definition - I am not sure if they work as I have fairly full lips already.  

The products are very natural  and neutral colours.  I do love my neutrals but I was just assuming they would be a bit boring like the promotional images.  I was pleasantly surprised and after swatching and playing found that the pigmentation was fantastic and the products are finely milled and feel so soft and silky on the skin (after some reasearch I found that the blush contains silicone so that's probably why).   I was more impressed with the mascara's packaging than the brush and consistency but all of the other products were very nice.

For once at a counter I was given fantastic and attentive service without being over the top.  I was helped out when needed and left to have a play when I wanted in peace, I am not sure whether to credit the lady herself, Burberry or Harrods but I will say that either way I was impressed.

The packaging is stunning and modern with a classic twist with the check print etched onto a shiny metal compact.  The lipsticks have a magnetic click to keep them shut which is such a cool idea and means it won't fall off in your handbag.  The compacts also have a felt pouch similar to Dior or Chanel's which makes sure you don't smear your metal compact.

All in all I would definitely say this range was much better than I anticipated.  Will you be purchasing anything?


  1. Love the packaging of the Burberry makeup, very pretty! Love the impression on the lippie and blush too! Might just have to have a little look when I get paid x

  2. i saw something about this in glamour the other day and it does look quite good, i love neutral shades anyway so definitely want to have a look at this in person

  3. I don't know how on earth I missed these yesterday while in Harrods! I want to check it out, and probably buy something if not only for the amazing packaging! I'm such a sucker for designer make-up. x

  4. The packaging looks pretty, im a sucker for packaging! That lippie looks like a fabby nude too

    Thanks hun

    Lu xo

  5. Love the shade of the lipstick, but the pattern is rather tacky on it and makes the lippie look cheap.. to me, at least.

  6. Oh god.. Im in love! Next time you're near Harrods you're picking me up that Lippie! I neeeeed it babe!


  7. @Kelly/PlaneBeauty it's soo pretty. I am sure that they are dupable via Mac but still, I got sucked in!

    @Sarah@Blusherobsession me too, gotta love neutrals

    @Lucy it was right in the middle so if you walked round the edge it's pretty easy to go past x

    @LMD__its love I like that it doesn't make me look like I have whited out my lips with concealer too x

    @suzie yeah it does look a bit freaky, but it will wear off pretty quick I would assume x

    @Jo it's the exact shade of your YSL babe you don't need it lmao! I don't have that ysl so I don't feel AS guilty :P

  8. I was at burberry HQ last week and they had the promotional pictures everywhere -- I have to say it did look quite average but glad to hear you like them :) and also is it just me or does the blush look quite similar to the Revlon Matte range? x

  9. love the packaging & the lipstick looks amazing!!
    How much were they babe? or dont you dare say ;)

  10. That blusher looks really nice and natural

  11. @Sophie wow you were there, that must be cool?! I haven't really swatched the revlon tbh I guess I should x

    @*Dainty*Dollymix* sorry hun have put up link and prices x

    @Bettina@BeautySwot I think so too x

  12. Looks great! I love the packaging though the lipstick looks kind of funny with the pattern etched in it. LOL


  13. That blush is beautiful! I love the pattern on all the makeup! I wish I lived near London so I could get some! Do they deliver do you know?!



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