3 July 2010

It just isn't Christmas without a Christmas flamingo....!

On Thursday both Tesco and Boots had their Christmas press days.  I absolutely love Christmas so much, I have been trying to convince Matt to come with me to Lapland every Christmas since we met  (if anyone else wants to come I am more than willing) but he hasn't cracked yet!

So I went along camera in hand to see what goodies will be gracing the shelves of Tesco and Boots this year, eat Christmas cake (very odd in this heat) and have a nosey!

First I will post about Boots 

Click to enlarge

There are plenty of gift sets from Soap and Glory, Joules, Ruby and Millie, The Sanctuary, Gok Wan, Toni and Guy, Boots Botanics, Celia Birtwell and a new range from Sex and The City

I spoke to Vanesa Guallar who is the makeup artist behind the Boots 17 Makeup range.  She showed me the Starry Eyed Christmas Collection which includes these gorgeous glitter eyeliners, which I actually found to be nicer than Urban Decay's and some extremely well pigmented eyeshadow trios.

I was given the mascara and gold liner which I love and will review soon

These were really good quality, very creamy and pigmented

The Ruby & Millie Gold Brush set was very pretty
and it seemed like decent quality too, comes in a nice gold bag

Strictly come dancing have a new range of makeup
Palettes for different types of dance i.e. Latin

I spotted Lisa Armstrong (Ant McPartlin's wife) who is head of make-up on the show but she was chatting to someone else so I didn't get to say hello, it's probably lucky I didn't get to speak to her as I would have embarrassed myself!

Nail varnishes, pencils and glitters

There was even a train case, you can remove the makeup and
 use the case for  your own makeup!
Brilliant storage idea

Gok Wan has some new Christmas gift sets out. 
Personally he reminds me of animal the peperami but that could just be me...

The gold shimmering body oil was very nice

Samantha's palette
Boots have the exclusive on Sex and the City makeup
Not sure how well they will do after the film was panned!

Even Matt's toiletries are sorted!

Everyone was busy at the No.7 station so I didn't get to see anything up close

However there is a new  highlighter and some new eyeliners
which look like an exact dupe for Mac's liners so
I will post pics if I can get some images

There was also a new range of makeup by Fearne Cotton which you can see pictured over at vexinthecity  since personally (no offence to anyone) it wasn't something I was interested in.

Next I went to the Tesco event at the Westbury and oh my, this was the best decorated event I have ever been to, it was actually like Christmas!

The Christmas flamingo is definitely growing on me

Shall we call him Barney?

But back to beauty!  The treacle moon line was well represented and these are such bargains, for a few pounds you get so much product compared to the high end Philosophy products they are a dupe of, and he scents are gorgeous especially mint and ginger.

There are dupes for The Sanctuary, Soap and Glory, Molton Brown and Body Shop butters which I think is nice really, some people can't afford the genuine products can they?  At least Tesco is making nice products accessible to all with most gifts costing around the £5-10 mark at most. For example if you have children who buy Xmas gifts for their teachers it can get really expensive, these are perfect!

Lots of lovely Skin Wisdom products

I like the look of the Denise McAdam hair products too

So overall apart from having a wicked day I found that there are a lot of nice things coming up in the shops from September to December and I am most excited about the Skin Wisdom skincare from Tesco and the Boots 17 makeup range. 

Will you be getting a Christmas flamingo?


  1. All these gifts look really nice. I love Christmas aswell and have always wanted to go to Lapland but my boyfriend hates the cold/snow so could never be persuaded x

  2. I love christmas too..it's fab and everywhere looks so beautiful! How do u get invited to these events hun?! The 17 stuff looks fab and I always love Soap & Glory products! xxx

  3. @MacJunkie09 let's just, go and leave the old fart men to their own devices!

    @scouselovesmakeup ooh forgot to say I came and followed your blog hun x For events they tend to just pop you an email and ask if you want to come. Sometimes I get a phonecall but it's usually email x

  4. Aww thanks Sarah! :) Ooooh I will keep my fingers crossed that I get invited to one in the future! xx

  5. What fun, you got an extra christmas in summer! :D I spy some lovely gift sets, particularly those Soap and Glory ones :)

  6. Ahh i love the flamingo - need! lol. Leave the man behind and just go with the girls, i have always wanted to go, but much like yours my other half refuses.

    Lu xo

  7. Ahhhh Christmas in July... I was just watching a christmas movie this afternoon! Love it!

    The no 17 make up looks lovely, look forward to your review, especially if they compare to the urban decay stuff.

  8. ooooo lots of nice goodies looking forward to see the sex and the city palletes in boots :D xxx

  9. Wow, I can't wait until christmas! I really love the Treacle Moon stuff, I'll be using that over the next couple of months while I'm on the cheapy stuff! x

  10. I adore the Treacle Moon products <3


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