27 July 2010

Need a wrinkle filler? Check out Lulu Time Bomb

The pictures above are my 5 minute test I did with Lulu's Killer Filler Wrinkle Compound. I was seriously impressed (that's my model's forehead) I used him as he has that freckle and inimitable sun bleached eyebrows (and a bit more wrinkly than my botoxed forehead)!  I thought that way you would know it was the same person, there was no tampering with the pictures apart from cropping them.

How cute is this packaging? Love it!

Lulu first burst onto the scene in the sixties with mega-hit Shout, these days she is busy with her beauty and hair care range.  Her anti-ageing skin and body care lines "Time Bomb" and "Bombshell Body" are currently on sale at lulus place and QVC

The Killer Filler Wrinkle Compound is flaming brilliant, I hope Matt doesn't read this...but his wrinkle on his forehead is really deep normally and it looked so much better after using this.  Hmm worst girlfriend of the year award probably goes to me.  I will also be testing out the eye cream to see if it can rival the Korres Materia Herba.

The reason for me posting about Lulu's Time Bomb skincare today in particular is I was sent these to give you a heads up that Lulu Time Bomb range will be the focus of the QVC TSV (today's special value) on Saturday 31st July.  I am not sure exactly which products will be in the TSV so you will have to go and check it out and see.

If you click here QVC it will take you to the main QVC page where they will show the TSV starting from midnight 30th July and going on until 31th July 2010 at midnight.

I love QVC but hate their exorbitant postal rates, seriously what are they on?  But if you buy a TSV the savings are usually so great it makes up for the postage charge and best of all, after 30 days if you didn't think the products worked or you hated them, you can just send them back for a full refund!

I had assumed the Time Bomb products would just be for mature ladies, but girls I have to tell you something. I read the other day that your collagen production starts diminishing from age 21! How depressing.

QVC - What are your thoughts?  Brilliant way to see the products up close or annoying channel?


  1. Oh the irony!! It was only yesterday I caught a glimpse of Lulu's Time Bomb as I was flicking through channels and actually thought for a split second, "another celebrity on the bandwagon, wonder if they're any good?".

    Now, I want to to know what the TSV's gonna be!! I always have QVC on when I go to bed because it sends me off quickly... Every night without fail. I just love looking at the products, beats reading.

  2. God i wish people would send me stuff to fill up my wrinkles,lol.
    i think i need to try this materia herba stuff.

  3. yes seriously their postage prices are phenomenal! just to let you know your pictures aren't showing up, hope you get it fixed soon interested to see your results! xxx

  4. I love QVC, It's totally mesmerising! You find yourself flicking through the channels and landing on QVC...2 hours later you're STILL watching! lol

    Do they still do 'In the Salon with Alison'? I used to love that when I was at uni.

  5. @Mercee - I always thought the same, but so far so good - it's too early to say with the other products of course as A) I haven't even given them to my mum to test out (she's 59 so better suited to testing anti ageing)!

    Will update the TSV when I find out.

    @Legseleven7 - I don't think Matt was impressed I chose to use it on him rather than myself! The materia herba stuff is quite pricey, the Caudalie 1st wrinkle cream is a bit cheaper and also very good x

    @sophie - I know and their boxes are huge for even tiny items!

  6. hmm...I'm not sure. I used to watch QVC all the time simply because it would help me fall asleep. However, now I watch it, because I'm bored or that funny Chinese lady is on there. [: Nonetheless, this product seems to be rather amazing!



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