11 July 2010

You know when you've been tango'd!

The now-common catchphrase "You know when you've been Tango'd", relates to the Tango ad featuring a man being slapped around the face by a fat man painted orange however in popular culture if someone says that to you, you know your fake tan has gone hella wrong.

I recently became tangoed by the Solait Self Tan Foam in medium/dark which cost me £3.00 on special offer, RRP is usually £6.00.

The packaging and consistency of the product were fine, the smell was very fake tan-esque and biscuity.  The smell intensified as I slept and when I woke up I had to double check I hadn't morphed into a hobnob.

After hopping in the shower  and rinsing off I emerged rather worse for wear.  The tan was patchy, streaky and very, very orange.  I am not sure how medium/dark translated to electric satsuma but that wasn't the worst part.

My face and stomach had not tanned at all, not one little bit! As always I applied the tan from head to toe only wearing underwear on the bottom half but it didn't take on my stomach or face for unknown reasons.

I had only purchased this as a magazine had called it a budget version of Fake Bake which I love but is rather pricey.  Needless to say this is about as much like Fake Bake as smearing Bovril over my body would be.

Obviously this is a review of the Solait self tan foam from my perspective.  And I would rather be white than use this again.  Now that is saying something!


  1. In my local Superdrug, there is a HUGE stall of fake tan paraphenelia, and this Solait always has a prominent section to itself.. I keep walking past this paticular fake tan, but after reading your review I won't bother, I think I'll stick to my St. Moriz! :)


  2. @Paris, yep avoid, garnier are good but solait deffo not lol!

  3. Ooh this reminds me of how my legs are looking at the moment, my tan is fading and all patchy :( ps it's so funny to hear you say "hella" that's such a norcal thing haha! xxx

  4. Hmmm...it does say on the bottle natural looking tan! The label which said 'For use by satsumas ONLY' must have fallen off! :)

    I have now adpted the phrase 'electric satsuma' for OTT tango face girls! lol Love that phrase! :)


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