You know when you’ve been tango’d!

The now-common catchphrase “You know when you’ve been Tango’d”, relates to the Tango ad featuring a man being slapped around the face by a fat man painted orange however in popular culture if someone says that to you, you know your fake tan has gone hella wrong.

I recently became tangoed by the Solait Self Tan Foam in medium/dark which cost me £3.00 on special offer, RRP is usually £6.00.

The packaging and consistency of the product were fine, the smell was very fake tan-esque and biscuity.  The smell intensified as I slept and when I woke up I had to double check I hadn’t morphed into a hobnob.

After hopping in the shower  and rinsing off I emerged rather worse for wear.  The tan was patchy, streaky and very, very orange.  I am not sure how medium/dark translated to electric satsuma but that wasn’t the worst part.

My face and stomach had not tanned at all, not one little bit! As always I applied the tan from head to toe only wearing underwear on the bottom half but it didn’t take on my stomach or face for unknown reasons.

I had only purchased this as a magazine had called it a budget version of Fake Bake which I love but is rather pricey.  Needless to say this is about as much like Fake Bake as smearing Bovril over my body would be.

Obviously this is a review of the Solait self tan foam from my perspective.  And I would rather be white than use this again.  Now that is saying something!