23 August 2010

Liz Earle Skincare - Cleanse and Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser

Before I start there are 2 disclaimers 
1) despite using Liz Earle products many times before (prior to blogging): I was sent this lot for free 

2) I have included at the bottom of this review a paragraph on the natural aspects of Liz Earle so please don't get your knickers in a twist before reading that (feel free to knicker twist afterwards) .

Liz Earle skincare.  My mum loves it, people at my office love it, and before blogging the cleanse and polish was repurchased often by yours truly.  So what happened? I suppose you could call it  'grass is greener' syndrome, added to the chore of continually washing the flipping muslin cloths.  

Cute zippy bag with instructions

Liz Earle products are sold in her two shops (London and IOM) and are distributed in John Lewis, online and via QVC.  My favourite place to buy though is their Factory Seconds Store on Ebay!  It's cheaper due to the packaging having a few marks on but it works for me - I like a bargain.  A good thing about buying her products is they come packaged very nicely and make perfect gifts especially for mums! A 200ml pump at the regular price costs £21.50

The most hyped product in the range and one that is undoubtedly my favourite is:

Cleanse and Polish - Hot Cloth Cleanser

I love this for the fact that it is just so easy.  One pump massaged into my face seems to melt all the pollution, dirt, grime, makeup, mascara and liner off my face which then lets me wipe it off swiftly and easily with the muslin cloth.  It leaves my skin feeling smooth, soft,  supple and definitely not dry or stripped of oil.  This does not  aggravate my eczema and even seems to help me get rid of it when I have a flare up.  I love using this in Winter.
One pump is easy to massage into your face.  It's quick and easy to use and let's be honest anything that makes  removing makeup less of a chore has to be applauded and this does just that.  For those that haven't tried it I would suggest trying a mini from ebay, just to see if it's your type of cleansing routine as it does involve muslin cloth.  If you are really on a budget try buying mothercare's muslin cloths which  are massive and cutting them up into small squares.  
Please do wash your muslin cloths daily otherwise you will just be rubbing bacteria all over your face - nooo!

The ingredients

Overall I would definitely give this cleanser 9/10.  Its good for me (facial eczema, dry or extremely dry skin).  My one bubgear and the reason it's not 10/10 being the endless muslin cloth washing.

My personal thoughts are that this could be improved by providing muslin cloths that are 1/2 the size they currently provide you with;  for example instead of 2 large, I would rather have 4 small cloths.

The whole routine doesn't work as well if you use another type of cleansing cloth such as a flannel (I have tried) and some of us have better things to do than spend their life washing things (well maybe not better but...more interesting - like shopping).

Natural Products - How Natural Are They?

Liz Earle prides itself on being a natural brand, and it is certainly much more 'natural' than the chemical filled products that usually grace the shelves of Boots et al  but some products in the range do contain parabens and synthetic fragrances, the Company was also recently sold to Avon. These issues have caused a bit of controversy both on and off the Liz Earle website so I wanted to quickly mention it, as I don't think glossing over it will help give you an informed opinion.

It does mention on their website that they use food grade parabens in some of their products.  Now I am not too sure on exactly which ones as they don't list all ingredients of each product only the natural ones.  I don't think they are being hypocritical using parabens as they do write it on their website, plainly to see.  I also don't think from the ingredients list above that the cleanse and polish contains parabens.

While I personally enjoy her products, if you are against/allergic to parabens even in small measures or if you want 100% organic product then some of the products in this brand are unlikely to be for you (they are not organic products).

I do also have the Superskin Moisturiser to review but I am getting close to deciding whether to purchase a fullsize one for the Autumn/Winter when my skin really goes to flaky hell so I think it is best, if I do indeed purchase my own or not, to wait until I have decided before reviewing.  Needless to say, since I am even considering purchasing, that I do really like this cream a lot.

 So what's your opinion on Cleanse and Polish? And Liz Earle in general? And should I buy the fullsize superskin?? Hmm?


  1. Thanks for the review! This sounds very interesting but I don't think it's available in Canada..=/


  2. Hi Lisa - yes it is available to be shipped to Canada, heres the link http://us.lizearle.com/index_2.php?userpage=postagerates

  3. thanks for the tip on the factory shop on ebay, my boss is a massive fan of Liz Earle and she will be more than happy to know about this :) x

  4. No probs hun it's my boss' fave too! x

  5. My mum also looooves Liz's cleanse and polish. Thanks for the factory shop link, I'll certainly be using it!

  6. Hi,
    I hope you don't mind, i've linked to your blog post in my latest post - reading this reminded me of something and inspired me to share it.
    I love your blog & cleanse and polish!
    If you're not happy just let me know and i'll remove it x x x

  7. hey sarah,
    im a daily "customer" of your website which has been for a long time the first i visit daily( because yours is really the best of its kind and most fun)but i always used the links for your favourite blogs (right side) to resume my daily search of interesting things on the beauty realm and for some days theyve been gone! Now, i dont mean to stop visiting your website ever but my brain has already groaned at the fact that from your website i cant progress to more blogs so ive been tempted to bookmark another blog just for the sake of the links and start my browsing elsewhere, where they might have your link.

    well...this really does come out as laziness on my side but from a marketing point of view (and in order to maintain the love relationship i have with the daily visits of your website, and leaving its tab intact while i browse other blogs) im asking you- please bring them back, if possible :/.

    your blog is the best, i repeat. Youre funny, honest and show relevant pictures of relevant products and of interesting stuff/fun stuff and you do this really regularly and i will keep coming back but the links were a really great addition to your site(for me). (i noticed that perhaps was a matter of space layout given you gave up on showing the (helpful!)titles of the posts first and then progressed to eliminate the links altogether).

    very respectfully and kindly meant,
    filipa from portugal.

    (and i hope im not making up this link's disappearance deal but i just dont see them anymore. Could it be my browser??i think not).

  8. I really love hot cloth cleanser... and the other products they sent me, I think the inci are supergood... p my favourite one is probably eyebright that really makeup your eye feel relieved :)

  9. Great post as always missy Im now thinking I need to treat my self lol xoxo

  10. Hi Sarah,
    really enjoyed this post.. nice to hear different points of views. I frequently place orders/visit the flagship store so If you are interested in seeing my reviews turning up this week, follow :)

    Im going to review:
    -deep clay mask
    -cleanse and polish
    -spot-on rollerball antiseptic thing
    -light moisturiser


  11. theyre back :D

    thank you.
    now life is complete again #D.

    (filipa, portugal)

  12. Another BIG fan of C&P - It is my favourite cleanser at the moment :-)


  13. What's the best way to wash the muslin cloths?

  14. Very informative post!
    I keep hearing excellent things about the Liz Earle line, even though I haven't ever purchased (mainly cos I like my skincare to be available in my country in case I suddenly ran out...yeah... I 'm a weirdo, lol)!
    I really should though, I mean, the cleanser sounds amazing and great for sensitive skin! Very intrigued about the cloths too!

    I have a question though, how often do u use the cloths? On a daily basis? And how often do u use an exfoliator when using the cloths?


  15. Andrea - washing the clothes has to be in the washing machine, washing them by hand wouldn't get to the right heat to lift off all the bacteria and dirt x

    @tina_mbc you use the cloth every time you use the cleanser to remove it so morning and night. You can use an exfoliator if you want but this muslin cloth does exfoliate the skin gently each time. I only use an exfoliator on my face once a fortnight as too much scrubbing causes broken capillaries which my family are prone to so I don't want them! xx And you can just order the Liz Earle products online, they do post to the US x

  16. Thanks for replying, yeah, scrubbing once every 2 weeks sounds wise! I 'm only asking since too frequent scrubbing can irritate my (poor excuse for a) skin too! Lol!
    I 'm definitely gonna try them out soon, once I 'm done w my current routine, good thing they ship to my country (I live in Greece btw)!
    Thanks again!


  17. Thanks so much for the link to the eBay outlet - wooohoooo!


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