7 August 2010

My First Genuine Dermaroller Treatment at Renew Medica with Dr Toni Phillips

Genuine Dermaroller is a natural skin regeneration therapy.  It is not just to be used on the face and you can actually use it on your stretchmarks as well anywhere on your body.  Those that read my blog regularly will know I have stretchmarks and cellulite and I am forever moaning about them.

If you are fat (as I was) and lose a lot of weight you still never lose your stretchmarks or cellulite and they are the bane of my life.  I would LOVE to have vaser liposuction and endermologie on my thighs but since that's unlikely to happen...!  I did try and take some before pictures of the stretchmarks but as my skin is super white (I couldn't fake tan the areas it was being done) and my stretchmarks are old so are a silvery white they just wouldn't show up.  I was offered the chance to have these treatments done for review here and I couldn't have been more excited/appreciative.  I couldn't afford to have these done myself at this time and I was/am desperate to rid myself of some stretchmarks as hopefully I will feel more confident.

Thursday evening I had my first session at Renew Medica in Knighstbridge as part of my stretch mark improvement plan. Renew is housed in an unassuming building in Knightsbridge but once you get down the stairs it's actually really nicely decorated and certainly always seems busy when I have been there.

Dermaroller is not really for the faint hearted as it works by causing the skin to regenerate and repair itself with surgical needles gently penetrating the skin which stimulates beneath the dermis and enhances the bloody supply to the area that has been treated. This promotes new skin cell regeneration and more elastin and collagen to be created, therefore technically stimulating new skin and renewing the old stretched out skin that was there before. This treatment should only be performed by a trained professional at a registered clinic and my treatment was with Dr Toni Phillips.

My torture devices!

First treatment

After filling out some forms I was taken to a side room where my stretch marks were appraised by a very nice therapist who marked out the areas which were to be treated and then applied an anaesthetic cream to the stretch mark area. This was then covered in cling film to help it penetrate the skin and I was covered with a towel and left to catch up with some zzz's for around an hour to make sure my skin was fully numbed. I was a little apprehensive at this point as I wasn't too sure how much pain to expect.

Dr Phillips then came and removed the film and the cream using alcohol wipes to sterilise the area, whilst she did this she explained the process to me and I was pleased to find that each patient has a disposable dermaroller ordered in for them at every treatment which is then disposed afterwards so there is no risk of contamination or infection. Certainly everything was clean and sterile in the room, I was impressed.

Starting with the left thigh she applied a light pressure with the roller and to begin with I couldn't feel a thing, she mentioned that it was likely I would feel something and around that time was when she was probably finished on that area. After a few minutes my leg felt warm and then I had the sensation of pins and needles. After a while I started to feel a bit like I had a nettle sting on my leg and that was when the treatment was finished for that leg. The treatment was then repeated on the other with the same feelings. It took approximately 10 minutes for each leg.  I have to be honest, once it was finished I did feel like I had a big graze on each leg, not really painful just sore.

The areas were then cleaned up and a layer of Chiroxy cream massaged in which is an oxygenating cream to help heal the skin and prevent infection. At this point as you can see from the pictures my skin was bright red and there was some pinpoint bleeding. The next day my skin looked pretty much the same and I made sure to apply the Chiroxy cream in the morning to prevent the skin getting too dry. Your skin feels hot to the touch and you do need to ensure that when you shower you only use cool to tepid water and don't get any soap, shower gel etc. on it so I didn't, I can imagine it would have stung like hell!

Let me just say I am not in the slightest bit squeamish or scared of blood or pain, so perhaps I am an ideal candidate. That's not to say I am as hard as nails but I knew that it wasn't going to be that bad, and it looks a lot worse than it felt.  I don't know about having this done to my face though, how would you get home with your face that red? How embarrassing!

It has been 2 days now and my skin looks much better and the redness is dissipating and the areas no longer feel very hot.  You need to keep applying the cream and make sure that the area doesn't get too dry and the skin doesn't get infected.

1-3 treatments are recommended 6-8 weeks apart and I shall keep you updated next time I have an appointment.  It does take 6 months to 1 year to see the final results so this is a long term treatment but I am excited as my stretchmarks do make me feel very self conscious.

Available at Renew Medica using dermaroller

So do you think I am completely crazy?  Or would you do it to?


  1. I think you're a little crazy but if they bother you that much, then why not. I dont think i care enough about mine to do something like this.

  2. Nope don't think you're stupid at all. You work hard to pay for things you want, so if you are unhappy with something and its affecting your confidence then why not do something about it.

    Hell if I could afford Lipo on my stomach, I'd be there like a shot!


  3. It will be interesting to know how well it works, good post though, its worth considering if something bothers you that much.

  4. I agree with Jo..if i had the money i would have an all over body overhaul hahahah..well done you x

  5. I would do it too if I had the money


  6. @legs117 no I agree its a bit much of a treatment to do unless you are really bothered by them! x

    @Jo aw thanks babe, your comments are always very sensible! And hell yes to the lipo..ah i wish.

    @paws and pockets thanks, I will keep everyone updated each time I have a treatment. I am surprised how quickly the redness is already going down so clearly my skin is mending already x

    @Pinkhair we just need to win the lottery first then we can have a communal blog extreme makeover!

  7. Id try it.. why not! I hear it stimulates skin so hell yeah!! If something bugs you its your life so do something about it (like Jo said!)

  8. @Tali - true, I always feel that if you want it done just do it - but the mother and the BF always try and talk me out of it, there was almost a riot about the boob job! x


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