Alva Rhassoul Mineral Washcreme Review

Alva Rhassoul Mineral Washcreme

Alva’s Rhassoul range was primarily developed for people with problem skin such as spots and acne but it is also suitable for people who live in built up and pollution filled areas, those that wear a lot of makeup (guilty as charged) and even dry skin as it has been found that even though it contains mineral clay it works with the skin to reduce oil and increase moisture levels so it doesn’t strip your skin rather it normalises the oil levels.


volcanic mineral clay, tea tree oil, lavender oil, rosemary oil,
bergamot orange oil, citronella oil, ylang ylang oil, citronellol,
geraniol, linalool, limonene

I used this once and my face was quite red and itchy afterwards, so I looked at the ingredients and as you can see,  lavender oil – aaaaaaah! (I am allergic to lavender).

I therefore forced Matt to use it and give his opinions.

Consistency and how to use

cream is rich dark dark brown in colour kind of like mud really and a
nice consistency as long as you remember to shake the bottle this is very important.  You dampen your skin, massage it in and wash off. You  can leave on for 1 to 2 minutes if your skin is congested.


Matt really liked the scent which is a combination of Lavender, tea tree and rosemary.  I thought it smelled nice apart from the lavender, it does have a slightly more masculine scent so a perfect unisex product.

Matt has spots and blackheads around his nose which have cleared up considerably since using this face wash as it has that drawing action from the clay that seems to suck out all of the gunk from the pores.  They haven’t cleared up completely yet but I think that this will get better with further use as it’s only been 1 month and they have been congested for a long time.

The verdict

I think this is a great facial wash to use if you aren’t allergic to lavender obviously.  It’s easy to use and quite fun, it’s like a combination of a clay face mask and a facial wash so good for those who want a face mask but don’t have time.

It seems to suck out gunk and blackheads without drying the surrounding area and works great on blackheads not just spots.  The final impressive thing is that you only need a very small amount so after 1 months use daily there is still 2/3 of the tube left of product so this is great value for money.

Obviously as this is a mineral clay based wash it can get a bit messy so you can always use it in the shower or the bath to stop it getting on the floor.

The Rhassoul Mineral Wash Cream is available from Alva and costs £10.50 for 150ml. 

ps I forgot to mention – this was sent free for review purposes.