1 September 2010

So what's happening today?

Bad Day - Good Shopping

I had a terrible day at work, its depressing how one idiot can ruin your entire day.  Bad day always means shopping on the way home.  Cue what I like to call 'station haul' since everything was bought at Victoria station.  Hardly a shopping mecca but oh well.

Cotton pads, elegant touch false nails, veet spray as I am lazy and 
like a nice chemical burn sometimes, and a Neil's Yard facewash.

I have become absolutely and completely obsessed with orange flower water recently after using my Yin Yang toner for over a month and so I wanted to get this facewash to see if it was any good.  I love my Yes to Tomatoes facewash but it is going to be coming into the colder months now when my skin goes beserk so I wanted something for drier skin.

I have amassed a fair few things with orange blossom or orange water so I might post about them soon, so I hope someone else likes it too otherwise that's going to go down like a lead balloon!  I really like the facewash packaging it looks quite expensive, so we shall see if it is a good facewash or not.

Then came my delivery of teapigs tea bags.  Or tea temples as they like to call them.  I was intrigued to try these out as I get a bit bored of my teas and like to change them up and posh tea sounded something I would enjoy.

Rather posh teabag

I ordered Rooibos Creme Caramel, Chai Tea and Popcorn Tea and I really like all of them.  I think my favourite is the Chai Tea as I have never had it before and it tastes delicious and full of cinnamon and vanilla, lovely with some soy milk.  A friend at work tried the popcorn tea and said it just tastes like green tea and smells of popcorn but I can tell the difference pah I must have superior tongue sensors or something ;P

The rooibos creme caramel is more of an after meal drink I think, you have to let the caramel melt properly for it to taste good but once it does mmm mm mm delish.

Now all of these are a bit pricey but once I have my spangly new teapot (i.e. when I get of my bum and go and buy one) then that will be more economical and the taste is a million times better than any tea I have drunk before.

Pet News

The changing seasons seem to have affected Benny and he has gone a bit insane, that's the only reason i can think he has taken to sniffing Matt's feet anyway, I sure as hell wouldn't get that near to them!


Just an everyday work look using Nars Tzarine Eyeshadow Duo, I have to say I prefer Rhajasthan by far this is a bit too silvery and cool toned for me, still  pretty though. 

I have Inika lip whip in Cherry on my lips which was sent to my as one of my latest goodies from  www.mypure.co.uk 

The Inika lip whip is soft and smooth on the lips, isn't gritty or sticky and leaves a lovely sheer colour.  I think it is such a gorgeous product and my favourite by far that Mypure have sent me.  It smells exactly like Manuka honey!  At £13.99 it is a bit expensive but it is gorgeous and a really natural lovely product as well.  Lip whips are certified organic and also contain beeswax and shea butter to moisturise your mush.

What have you been up to today?  Good day or bad day at work?  Do you shop when you are pissed off? Is your cat a freak?  I need the details ;P


  1. I always shop when annoyed, and online shopping is the devil in disguise when im in a bad mood at night! It was my day off today and had a great day in the scorching heat,hopefully tomorrow will be better for you xx

  2. I have always wanted to try orange floral water... Interestd to see how you get on with this! Love your cat. so cute! Emma x

  3. Well I wasn't really having the best of days untill I managed to get a massive 20% saving on some Xen Tan... Wonder who that was down to? hehe..

    Mmm Chai is my all time favourite tea, I get slated at work and called a hippy for drinking it cause they all hate the smell! I think it's yummy though, reminds me of Christmas with it being all 'cinamonny'


  4. all i can say is thank the lord they closed the Boots at London Bridge, that place played havoc with my bank balance!

    i love the lip gloss, looks delish xxx

  5. I definitely shop when I need a pick me up - your eyeshadow looks gorg! Lovely x

  6. You look blooming gorgeous in your FOTD hun. My cat is a weirdo. Lovely, but crazy. She only drinks water when it is placed in a 'human' glass, and she opts to sleep on the bathroom floor over a nice warm comfy bed! madness I tell you. xx

  7. aww your cat's lushy! xx


  8. oooh those teapigs tea looks amazing. love that lip colour, looks really pretty x

  9. @charlotte - ooh online shopping is bad but at least you can get to the checkout, see the price and go aaaah! IRL i just shove it all in my basket then have a heart attack at the till!

    @Computergirl, oh it's lovely will do the post so at least you and I will like it haha!

    @Laura aww yay cheap tan for all xx
    chai tea DOES smell like xmas. Love it!


  10. @Milly - oh thanks hun, I thought it was a bit rubbish haha! Your cat sounds as nuts as mine, he actually came into the room as I typed that and miaowed like 'tell tale'

    @abbie - thanks hun x

    @Sarah thanks hun I didn't actually think it was that good haha!

  11. Not having a good week to be honest. We were supposed to have the week off before the kids go back to school on Monday, but hubby's company sent him to Singapore for the week, so I'm home alone trying to entertain a very active 9 year old all by myself whilst simmering with annoyance that he's not here with me...

    My cats are in my bad books today, my kitten woke me up at 5am this morning to play, and my 3 year old rescue kitty was sick six times on the landing during the night. The carpet is a nightmare to clean.

    I'm almost looking forward to going back to work... how sad is that?!

  12. Oh yes, my cat is definitely a freak. Only last week instead of meowing at the door to come in, I found him crying at the window on the first floor landing to come in! He thinks he's spiderman sometimes.

    Thanks for the Tzarine FOTD, I see what you mean about the silveriness. I would definitely be better off with Rajasthan. :)

  13. Oh yes, I am definitely a bad mood shopper! Nothing like a wee mooch around superdrug to cheer me up.

    As for freak cats, mine, Maisie, also loves to sniff smelly feet! What a minger! She also likes to give me withering looks as I photograph make up!

    Anna x

  14. Nothing like a shopping pick me up! You look absolutely gorgeous in your FOTD. Beautiful!


  15. I got some Teapig stuff as a present once and I have a word of warning - don't try the chocolate one! It's VILE!

  16. oh sarah i love the way you write! haha try having a shopping spree at waterloo, a few pencils from paperchase and a foot spray from boots, you've got it lucky! that lipgloss really suits you by the way :) x

  17. What a shame about your crap day, I hope the shopping cheered you up a bit!
    Shopping always makes me feel better when I'm in a bad mood, probably why my flat is full of crap haha.

  18. Hi :) New follower, love your blog.

    I shop when down or peeved off!!

    Or just anytime actually (whoops)

    Your tea looks good, I was just thinking today I should drink more tea (herbal natural stuff like)..

    Anyway just wanted to say hello x


  19. Hahaha your cat... I read milly's comment and my cat does the same thing, only drinks out of a mug or a little teacup! Hope you have a better day tomorrow x

  20. oh I want to try that tea so badly! I may *have* to invest once I get paid! I always want to spend money after reading your blog ;)

    I like the look of the facewash, let us know how you get on!

  21. I totally shop when I'm pissed off. Its probably a good job I don't live or work too close to decent shops or I'd be in even more debt! Love the tea pigs, I love all of those flavours too. Hope your having a better day today! x

  22. so sorry you had a shit day chick, love your cat, i have 4 little monsters who are all losers hahahah..just been on the tea pig website and am going to order some, they all look gorg...i love the glass cup & saucers but the teapot is £69..bloody hell xx

  23. Retail therapy is always great when I'm in a bad mood!! It definitely makes me feel a whole lot better!

    Aww...your cat. Well, I don't have any cats, but I have two dogs that do some pretty strange things! HA!!

  24. Really liking Tzarine on u, makes a nice change from the usual warmer looks that we all love and wear most of the time!



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