24 October 2010

By Terry - How much is too much?


By Terry is the range that produces the lip product Baume de Rose,  loved by many (including the lemming creator Laura herself ;P) and the Rose de Rose sheer blush which I love and realise as I type this that I have never actually mentioned on the blog...oops!  

The prices of By Terry make it a massive treat for me and so far the Rose de Rose is all that I have from the range. So imagine my surprise when whizzing around the Internet i stumble across a press release advising that By Terry is launching Terrybly, a new collection of make-up available from early November (well some things are actually available now on Space NK Website). Apparently 
Terrybly is not simply a make up; it helps skin renew and protect itself. 

Among the products in the new range are Teint Terrybly Flawless Compact Foundation which contains a lot of poncey sounding ingredients (ultra-push-up Densiliss technology or soft-touch microprisms anyone)? and Rouge Terrybly lipstick which contains anti-ageing technology and some kind of microspheres that plump up on contact oh and Ceramides to boost cellular cohesion. 

The new Terrybly By Terry range is available from Space.NK in November priced between £30.00 and £50.00.

Erm...I'm sorry did you say BETWEEN £30 and £50?  So the mascara is at least £30? And the lipstick likewise?  Yikes! I can understand that amount for a fabulous foundation, an eyeshadow palette or something like that but for 1 mascara is mad.  Plus it turns out the foundation actually costs £60 here so it's even more expensive.

I'm all for paying for good quality, but just because the product says it has anti ageing qualities? Surely your money would be better spend on some anti ageing skincare instead?

What is your opinion?


  1. I don't think I would ever pay for this brand! I think there are other brands that I would 'treat' myself too and still have a boyfriend at the end of it! xx

  2. I would love to try this brand but it seems a bit expensive, if something draws me in no doubt I will end up buying it. xx

  3. The profit they must make on these things must be huge. Must be coining it in. There is no way I would spend that. Not because its expensive. But because their is alot on the market the same, but for a lower price.

  4. i tried out the compact foundation and the one of the lipsticks today.... i am a lover of by terry but honestly dont waste your money on this particular range i experienced nothing out of the ordinary, and for the price you would expect to x

  5. I agree - a brilliant foundation/powder, yes, but £30 for a mascara?? I can justify most costs, but I can't imagine the mascara being that much better than a "high street" mascara. Although having said that, even L'Oreal mascaras are around £12 these days...

  6. My thoughts are, it's terrybly pricey! I bypassed the Baume de Rose as I could never bring myself to spend that sort of money on a lipbalm. However, I trust your judgment and think I'd probably really like the blusher. £30 for a mascara? Not a chance. I can only just get my head around the £20 mark for a mascara.

    I suppose it sounds like a silly statement from a person that was considering spending £73 on an eyeshadow quad but there are just somethings I will spend a lot on and some things I won't! Clear as mud, right?!
    Jane x

  7. I adore Baume de Rose but as soon as I read about this on Space NK's site I thought 'no way'. I'm sure these products will be divine but it feels as if make up prices are just becoming ridiculous now. 30 pounds for mascara?! Forget it! :)


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