24 October 2010

John Frieda® Precision Foam Colour

Precision Foam Colour

Last week John Frieda launched a brand new hair dye which is designed to be used at home and fix the main problems that women have with home colourants namely:

  • Poor colour saturation and patchy results
  • Dripping colour running down the neck and ears and making a mess of the house
  • Having to buy 2 or more packets of hair dye if you have long and or thick hair
The range, which hits Tesco, Sainsbury's, Boots and Superdrug in mid November is the first permanent foam colourant for home use.  The product has taken seven years to develop and was trialled in Asia under a different name.

I attended a blogger launch event where we watched a model apply the haircolour with ease to herself in front of us and then we watched after it had developed her hair being dryed and styled so we could see the colour and shine.

Each Kit Contains

Each John Frieda® Precision Foam Colour kit contains:
Professional Gloves
Colour Keep Conditioner

My thoughts

I think this is a great improvement in home hair colouring and it was easy to see at the demonstration that the model had no trouble mixing the colour, creating the foam and applying it to her hair in an even way and we could see that there was no mess or dripping product.  After her hair was left to develop and then washed and blowdried it was obvious that her hair was a lovely colour and very shiny, it had a translucency about it which isn't often there with home hair dyes  which are often so flat and just give a block of colour.  

For those people that have one colour of hair dye applied at the hairdresser or who currently use another brand of hair dye I would definitely recommend giving this a go.  Personally as I have highlights it's not something I would be looking to use so as we were all given a sample to try I got the brunette version for my mum so next time she colours her hair she can review this for us.

You can purchase the brilliant brunette range of products to compliment the hair dye

Available in 20  shades for blondes, brunettes and redheads, John Frieda® Precision Foam Colour works in 20 minutes for a precise colour result; 30 minutes to cover stubborn grey.

Available nationwide from mid November with RRP of £9.99

 For the chance to win one of 5,000 product just click on - www.facebook.com/johnfriedaUK  

Please find below a link to the How-To Video for the range


  1. wow that actually looks like something I would buy. I use their shampoos and am so happy with it :)

  2. Do you know if one box would be enough dye for someone who usually uses two boxes? I got one on their facebook page, they were giving away 10k O.o Not sure whether to try it and risk not having enough or wait until it's released to buy another.

  3. @Glam and Glitter - definitely one to watch out for!

    @Small Town Girl - yes that's one of the main points of the colour, one box makes two litres of foam! We watched a woman and her hair was very long and thick and she didn't even use up one bottle x

  4. Thanks Sarah! I'm thinking I should give it a go then :D My hair is very long and thick, lol, I love it but it does make some things like home dyes awkward.

  5. wow, this got me really excited! I hope they have som good reds. I absolutely love using foam, it's so simple at I don't have to wash down the entire bathroom afterwards.

  6. I also have really thick hair and can't face the thought of home dyeing but this might be enough to persuade me....look forward to seeing how your mum gets on!


  7. i think they have/ had a giveaway consisting in one of these foams. i entered it and really hope i'd get the chance to try the product for free. i am usually really scared of coloring my hair as many products have lots of bad ingredients in it :-S

  8. Looks really interesting and easy to use... but to be honest i really dislike roots and dying my hair every month... so i prefer semi-permanent, then i can do whenever i want just for fun or to have a change... could be awesome if with the time they develop a semi-permanent formula!

  9. Superdrug have an amazing deal on this at the moment!!

    Only £6.66 with a Free John Frieda mini's bag worth £5 (shampoo&conditioner&styler) and free delivery!! I have ordered two! hope its as good as everyone is saying it is

  10. Superdrug have an amazing deal on this at the moment!!

    Only £6.66 with a Free John Frieda mini's bag worth £5 (shampoo&conditioner&styler) and free delivery!! I have ordered two! hope its as good as everyone is saying it is

  11. Just used this tonight i wanted to change my hair back to brunette from the truly terrible red colour that i had done at Toni&Guy (will never go back there again)
    Its so easy to use and had plenty of dye to cover my thick hair, it also smells very pleasant.
    After i had styled my hair the colour is very rich and shiny.
    The conditioner tube is huge aswell so my hair should look fab for a while. Will certainly be using this again! x

  12. I love this, used it to dye my mums hair last night, so simple and easy and her hair looks fab!!! going to buy myself some tomorrow, just got to choose a colour.

  13. I just tried the medium ash blonde. My hair is dirty dark blonde with natural blonde highlights, needless to say, I was quite upset after using this product. I wanted to go a shade or two lighter-blonde, just to make it pop, and have waited 3 years to dye it again. It has turned my hair into a reddish color with a slight gold touch. The application I found more difficult than other traditonal hair dyes. It never foamed like the photo and it was frustrating to spread it throughout my thick hair and remained sort of dry-like. The whole time I was anxious about if I would have enough but in the end I did-that is the only good thing I have to say-it goes a long way. In the end, it really hasn't given me a boost but only destroyed my beautiful, natural highlights that I had.


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