Boots iPulse Smooth Skin

25 November 2010

If you liked my previous blog posts about the Boots Smooth Skin iPulse machine then you may be interested to know that iPulse are currently holding demonstration days throughout the UK.

Get full details of what's happening in your area at

Just to also let you know that the launch of something new from iPulse could well be launching in January. So I will keep you updated and will let you know if I hear anything. I've got my eye right on that pulse girls!

In case you are not au fait with iPulse  it is a home-use IPL hair removal system for the face and body and you can see a video about it here (not a sponsored link)

For international sales enquiries, email

Unfortunately I lent mine to a friend and never got it back! And I haven't seen her since.  So I did do 24 treatments on my bikini line myself. Which have 80% grown back now.  So around 20% of hair has been permanently removed and I am sure with repeated treatment it would have got even more hair. But it looks like we'll never know unless she reads this and sees fit to give it back....


The Beautiful Blog said...

omg what a naughty friend! I would love to try this one out, I think these hair removal gadgets will keep getting better x

Charlene said...

Thanks for letting me know about this product, getting very interested!! :)

Charlene xxxx

SiSi said...

You are so nice to lend it to someone, I hope you get it back!! I've always wanted to try something like this.

sev said...

Oh yes, please let us know! I was thinking of buying it in December, but if Boots launches another one in January (one that does not heat up as much as this one, according to what i read on the web), I'll wait. Thanks for keeping us updated! x


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