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Cloud Nine Hair Straighteners - Living Up To The Hype

Everyone has tried to match ghd, but, as its been developed by the team that invented that market-leading technology, not only does Cloud Nine know how to match that, it has the capabilities to better it.

GHD’s are NOT affiliated with Cloud Nine however I do pull the comparison quite a bit simply as these are the only other brand comparable to Cloud Nine.

Imagine a hair styling iron that allows you to achieve breathtaking results – the same, if not better than GHD but without constant, searing heat.  It doesn’t seem possible perhaps but I promise you with this straightener you WILL get amazing results.  Or if you just want to slap it on high at every opportunity, well nobody is stopping you.

They say “with its low, medium and high heat options, six in total, and a perfectly constructed, rounded barrel, Cloud Nine is one tool that enables you to achieve a whole range of finishes. You can create natural curls and waves, or even simply smooth a blow dry, as well as crank up the heat when you do need to achieve something more structured or adventurous.”

The features of the Cloud Nine Straightening irons

The varied heat settings mean that all hair types are catered for, from fine (like mine) to ultra thick and frizzy hair;

The flexibility to have curly, wavy, voluminous of just plain straight hair

The iron has black ceramic (sparkly) plates and the technology enclosed adds extra shine to your hair

The iron features a hibernation it automatically switches off after 10 mins, and will only re-heat when you switch it on again;

The iron comes with heat resistant sleeve.

My Opinion

Temperature control panel
I tried a lower priced straightener with a temperature gauge but still ended up using it on high as the idea was good but in reality it didn’t work after a few months.  This is a million miles away and is amazing.  GHD’s and now Cloud Nines are the only brands where I can straighten in the morning and it last all day with no frizz but now I get the same effect but I can have the irons on medium which is so much less harmful to your hair, especially if, like me, you have layers and have to do some sort of styling every day. Without straighteners I resemble Jedward. The LED panel gives a clear indication of temperature, and it’s very easy to turn it up or down and since the buttons are on the inside you don't know them while you are using the straighteners.

Swivel cord

There is a swivel chord so your iron lead doesn’t get all twisted up.  This is one of the reasons I love this as I am always getting in a tangle! I have a straightener, blow dryer, curling irons etc. etc. so everything usually gets tangled so this is so handy and the lead is very long so you don’t have to stand 2 inches from the plug to do your hair!

Heat guard
As soon as you have finished using the irons you just clasp them back together, slip on the protective heat guard and allow them to cool and you can just sling them in the drawer or on the floor and no hot parts will get anywhere or melt anything! 

RFID chip

The state-of-the-art RFID chip allows Cloud Nine to identify each iron with its own unique ID number. This means they can track each iron and monitor it throughout its working life to ensure it’s a genuine product only sold through authorised Cloud Nine stockists. This technology is designed to protect you from fraud or mis-selling.  Like other expensive straighteners this is an investment so I think chipping their items is a fantastic idea.

Dual adaptor

All Cloud Nine irons are supplied with a standard two-pin Euro plug, but have been fitted with a UK 3-amp adaptor. To use the iron in a country outside of the UK that uses the two-pin Euro plug, simply remove the screw that’s positioned between the three pins and remove the adaptor from the two-pin plug.  Now this might sounds technical but it means when you go on holiday to the USA, Mexico etc. etc.  your straightener doesn’t get to about 80 degrees then stop leaving you with a massive head of frizz and trying to resist the urge to mash your straightener into the wall! In Mexico this exact thing happened to me and my hair looked like a fuzzball so a dual adaptor is seriously necessary if you are a traveller.


This is a really excellent hair styler capable of so many different hairstyles but if you want to watch a video I certainly recommend watching this one How to curl your hair with straighteners by Holly.

I think the straighteners are absolutely worth the price.  They come in amazing packaging which, if you think that things like this are often bought as a present, is fab and pretty impressive, they look sleek and sexy and really do work.

If you are looking for a brand to replace your GHD’s then Cloud Nine is definitely something you need to look into. I use mine on medium every day and my hairdresser has said my hair looks better than it did previously using another brand daily!  

Cloud Nine sent this to me for review.  They are available from salons nationwide, priced at £129.99. It is also available to buy at www.cloudninehair.com