Cosmetic Dentistry: is it for you?

There is now a huge selection of cosmetic dentistry
available on the market from veneers and professional teeth
to invisible braces, implants and crowns, all of which help you
achieve a more attractive smile. British dental researchers have and are
continuing to come up with innovative products and treatments that will
revolutionise dental care. It is extremely important to look after your teeth
as in the long run it could save your life. Dental care is just as important as
putting on your make-up and styling your hair. If you do not take good care of
your teeth, in time your appearance may begin to change.

Before I had my teeth professionally whitened

After I had my teeth professionally whitened

The most popular cosmetic dentistry is teeth whitening,
which involves lightening the colour of the teeth to achieve a brighter look
without harming the original tooth structure in any way. Teeth whitening is one
of the simplest and most effective ways of achieving a more attractive
smile. The benefits are endless as it can freshen the overall look of your
teeth, reduce stains and it does not damage the teeth structure.

Cosmetic dentistry also involves more specialist
treatments, which do not suit all. The key thing it to use a reputable salon,
preferably in the UK as new research has revealed that many people are trying
to cut costs by travelling abroad in the belief that they will get a cheaper set
of teeth. However, research has revealed that many dentists abroad who offer
treatments such as veneers and teeth whitening, at a fraction of the price they
would cost in the UK, are not performing the procedures correctly or to the
strict standards the UK adheres to, damaging teeth, many beyond repair.

So which type of dentistry will you opt for? The
toothbrush or the drill?