Have A Pukka Cuppa Char

It’s a British stereotype but I do love a nice cup of tea, and as I drink so much it is nice to have a herbal one now and again to break up the monotony.  

Pukka Teas are so beautifully packaged they are hard to ignore, they stand out a mile compared to the other plain brands.

I like the cleansing and toxin ridding properties of the Detox Pukka tea and  the Green Tea with Lemon is one of my everyday staples.  The Three Ginger tea is both warming and soothing if you have travel sickness or a sore tummy and is great if you feel a bit bloated.

Out of them all, Love Tea isn’t my sort of thing as it contains lavender which I have to avoid. I still have the box on display though as it’s beautiful!

All of the other teas I have tried from this range taste delicious and they are cleansing and good for ridding your body of toxins.  The tea bags are individually packaged so they are very convenient to pop in your handbag and take to work.  

At around £2.00 for a box of twenty tea-bags they are very cost effective, and a lot cheaper than buying detoxing or cleansing supplements. You can purchase from the supermarket, Holland and Barrett or their website

Do you like herbal teas?  Do you have a favourite brand?

I forgot to mention- what do you think of the new template?  Does it work ok now – I hope so!