7 November 2010

Katy Perry Firework Makeup, Bare Escentuals & Mac Tartan Tale

Yesterday night I went to a local firework display and I decided to try and recreate Katy Perry's Firework makeup from her most recent music video.  I did my best! I think mine was slightly darker but I bought a few new eyeshadows and none seemed to match exactly but I got fairly close so that was the main thing.

The look features a lilac/grey matte eye with a pink peach highlighter, black liner and fake lashes, pink cheeks, gold highlighter on the cheekbone and pink lips.

I didn't think much of Mac's most recent collections, I find tartan  hideous and I never see the point buying the mini brush sets - they aren't even made by hand like the fullsize brushes so what's the point?  

Instead I picked up two shadows in Glamora Castle and A Wish Come True and I really like the colours and the quality.  They are very easy to blend and smooth to apply with fingers as well as a brush, the pink is a nice highlight with this sort of lilac or grey look.

I also made my first Bare Escentual eyeshadow purchase, the shade is passionate plum and it's a matte plummy grey.  The application and pigmentation are really good and it lasted all night long. I will most definitely be getting some more of these shadows, I love them!  In fact I got a bit carried away swatching them all and ended up coming out of House of Fraser with both hands covered in sparkly swatches!

I paired the look with Essie's Smokin' Hot nail varnish which I really like.  It does need three coats for a good coverage though which is a pain, I just want to do two coats!

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I hope everyone had a nice firework night. Did you have fireworks in the garden or go out? Do they have a firework night in other countries? 


  1. I love the eye make up! Looks great, loving the colours. May have to take a look at MAC Passionate Plum...

  2. ooops, I mean Bare Escentuals Passionate Plum!

  3. Sarah your eyes look fab, these eye shadow colours really suit you!
    It rained where I live last nigh,t but luckily we had some little fireworks on Friday and it stayed dry!
    I was saying to my boyf last night that Guy Fawkes night is one of our biggest holidays, and is only relevant to our country, I think it pretty cool, I wonder what Guy Fawkes would think if he could see that everyone still remembers him all these years on!

  4. @Miss Merx - thanks sweetie - I kew what you meant ;P ;P

    @Small old bean - thanks sweetie, rain sux, was so bright and clear in Kent although blooooody freezing!

  5. love your EOTD :D never thought plum and grey could go so well togehter!

  6. Really lovely FOTD, lovely eyeshadow

  7. beautiful recreation!
    I love that song :)

  8. No firework night here.
    But we have elections night tonight so there are going to be some fireworks :p
    I love your polish! :D
    And your look!

  9. that nail varnish is so pretty! i have essie little brown dress and that only needs one coat for near opacity so it must just be a bit of a gamble with how they'll turn out! x

  10. i love the eye shadow, very pretty!

    I'm not that fussed over the tartan collection, however i did buy the brush sets, purely because i will never have the £££ to buy all of them full sizes, well never say never :P - and my parents/boyfriend bought me them as part of christmas presents xxx

  11. I'm so confused about whether I love Tartan Tale or not! I love tartan as a print, but I don't know how much I love the collection. Would certainly never pick up the brush sets. I bought one 3 years ago and about a year after that all the brushes bar the 190 fell apart.

    Love, love the look! Agreed, Kent on friday was bloody COLD! Several bit nippy comments later, I had to stuff loo roll down my bra to stop them freezing off. OUCH!


  12. -Jennifer thanks, neither did I!

    -Kirsty T thanks sweetie

    -Nicole thanks, I love the song too.

    -Ria ah that's a shame, they have 4th July/independence day in the usa where they have fireworks and most people have them at new year but wasn't sure about other places if they had special days that do fireworks

    -Emma I have to use 2 for my little brown dress too, maybe it's my nails!

    @City Girls Fashion Box it's because they make the brush sets by machine in China vs the regular size ones which are hand made. I just get mine at CCO or buy one now and again I do have too many as I have been collecting them since I was 14!

    @ChrissyDee I like the things that I got but wasn't sure about the xmas sets. Lol at the loo roll! I bet you caused a stir!

  13. I really like the nail polish, gorgeous colour!

  14. Absolutely gorgeous Sarah, I'm loving plum shades at the moment. It must be the time of year! Which blush and cheek highlighter did you use? It looks fab xx

  15. We have New Year's here as well.And Easter.And when a football team wins at times they get happy and have fireworks.But a "fireworks only day" no :(


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