22 November 2010

L'Occitane Candied Fruit Scented Candle

I love candles in the Autumn and Winter but tend to stick to the usual cinnamon, vanilla and pumpkin spice and Yankee type candles. 

When L'occitane Candied Fruits scented candle I immediately thought 'that's for me'!  It is a beautiful sweet fragrance with flowers, candied dried fruit and honey and you can also smell patchouli and vanilla.

It is the perfect scent for Christmas and a gorgeous gift idea as well.  It is also worth mentioning that L'occitane use beeswax and essential oils in their candles so the scent is nothing like the artificial smell of a Yankee candle. 

I love that the candle comes in a tin with a lid so it doesn't get dusty.

L'occitane tinned candles cost £12.50 for 20 hours burn time which seems good value to me!  But either in store or on the Loccitane website

Do you like candles?  Have you ever splashed out £12 or more for one? 


  1. I once spent £36 on a diptique candle but it lasted for well over a year and smelled amazing!

  2. Sounds lovely sarah, i am a big candle fan, i have candles or tarts burning at some point everyday. I usually buy mine from online places but i sometimes spend a bit more and buy a clinique perfumed one or something similar.
    That candied fruit scent sounds lovely xx

  3. Hi, I've tagged you to share 7 things about yourself! The candle sounds great. I've spent £25 on a candle one, definitely worth it!

  4. I have a couple of L'Occitane ones and they're very nice (if not very big). I think my max so far is about £15 on the 'This Work' ones (that's TK Maxx prices though! I think they're £25 full price)

  5. wow i'll definetly buy one l'occitane candle to try, i never bought an expensive candle, only those simple ones for funerals.
    please can you do a review on l'occitane skincare? i've heard good things about immortelle line and i would like to see your opinion too!!!

    kind regards!


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