8 November 2010

One Hand Washes The Other

When I was ill in bed the lovely londonmakeupgirl recommend Etsy and specifically 1HandWashesTheOther for some treats to cheer me up. 

OneHandWashesTheOther offers bath and body products that are not only fun, but that are good to your skin. The fragrance selection is vast, with something to please everyone.

My order arrived within 10 days and I ended up purchasing a  Solid Scent in a tube and one Emulsifying Scrub both in the scent Pumpkin Eater. In my order I received two samples of solid scents which I haven't yet tried. 

The solid scents are vegan friendly and come in a handy lipbalm style tube which is perfect for your handbag, no need to worry about any glass product smashing and ruining your Prada.  The labels on the products are super cute and all products come beautifully packaged. The formula melts into your skin easily. As for staying power these stayed strong for around 3-4 hours and then they began fading. I could smell them, but they weren't very strong. 

The emulsifying scrub is a bit of an odd name, as I am not sure what the emulsifying bit means, presumably that it is isn't made with oil but is still spreadable as that is what I I found but I had assumed it would be bubbly!

This is a fairly strong exfoliator, but not so harsh as one which is just sugar or salt and oil.  This would definitely get rid of old patches of fake tan but isn't scratchy and my skin isn't ever red or sore after using. My shins in particular were left super soft and smooth after one use of this product. 

Scents - all of the products come in a multitude of scents but as it was Halloween when I ordered I picked Pumpkin Eater as I do love anything pumpkin scented.  This fragrance smells of pumpkin flesh, spices, mulled wine or cider with a sweet note too.  It is divine - all in all a sweet warm spicy lovely scent. 

The prices are very reasonable and you can pay via paypal. Shipping isn't over the top either.

I will definitely be making another order once my scrub runs out and recommend this shop wholeheartedly from the fast postage, lovely items and super cute packaging.   

Have you ever bought anything from Etsy?


  1. I love etsy but sometimes its hard to find the gems amongst all that stuff so whenever anyone makes a recommendation I make a note of the seller. Love the sound of those products I will take a look :-)

  2. Sounds lovely, i love all these hand made products you can get some really unusual scents too xx

  3. I absolutely love OHWTO. You should try the Deep Black bar.


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