5 January 2011

Famous Dave's Tanning Mousse Gold Edition - New 200ml

You know me, always on the search for the best fake tan and on my travels I came across Famous Dave.  I heard about it months ago but hadn't seen any reviews and, with such a bizarre name, I didn't really take it that seriously.

What a mistake!  I was sent the Gold Edition tanning mousse by their PR and I have been getting along with it very nicely.

Smell - the tan has a slight scent although it does say it's unscented?  It's presumably just the scent of the ingredients rather than a perfume and the scent is very light and not at all overpowering, no dodgy biscuit smell.

Application - this applied extremely easily with a mitt.  I always use a mitt for mousse tans, it means that the coverage is smooth and even and you can apply in long smooth strokes rather than the circular motion you often need to use with latex gloves.

Length of Time - after application the tan lasted a good 6 days, which is about average for a fake tan, as I shower every day and use a body pouff with my shower gel which does slightly exfoliate my skin.  It did not fade by going patchy or blotchy such as St Tropez always seems to do on me.

The Colour - The colour is a pale caramel brown on me, I would presume this to be around 10-11% DHA but I couldn't find the specifics on the bottle.  It does look like a very natural holiday colour.

Did I like this tan? Yes the tan was fab!  I was rather surprised as after the strange name and rather plain packaging I have to be honest, I wasn't really expecting too much but I was surprised, for example I prefer this to Fake Bake! I found it sort of a cross between Fake Bake and Xen Tan type of colour, it's sort of somewhere in the middle.

Overall Thoughts
This colour is likely to suit you if you find Fake Bake too dark but St Tropez too orange. If you have type 1 fair skin or don't regularly use fake tan I would probably steer clear as it medium, definitely not a light fake tan.

I like the packaging and the application, it was easy to get on and non streaky.

I did find the name slightly off putting and also I think they need to advertise more and make more people aware of their tan, It has received a lot of awards from Magazines such as Marie Claire but since I don't read magazines very often I hadn't heard anything! Some online adverts would be a good idea in my opinion, as it's a good product so I think they should.  They also provide a spray tan liquid for professional spray tanning and again, I haven't heard from anyone that has used it or who uses it on their spray tan clients.  If you have used it let me know what you think!

Costs £23.95 from www.famousdave.co.uk

Do you think Famous Dave is a good name?


  1. Not going to lie, i cant take it seriously with the name Famous Dave.

    Who is this Dave?? lol xxx

  2. I've never heard of this...so out of the loop! I find the name a bit weird to be honest but if works then I'm sure I can grow to like it! :)

  3. I've heard of this before but not thought of trying it. The results look pretty good though x

  4. I have to say- The name is so ridiculous, I couldn't pay nearly £25 for it- that is St Tropez prices..
    But I read someone else's review saying it was good..
    It looks good on you :)

  5. You know I know next to nothing about fake tanning, however I've heard loads of good reports about this one on twitter. Particularlly for the lack of smell.

  6. I had the same reservations because of the name, it was just too weird & Dave is such a 'bloke' name that I just didn't see how it was going to be any good but I might have to try it out now, thanx

  7. @ CGFB hahah who IS dave? one day I will find out!

    @Rachael - it does seem to have gone a bit under the radar, but yes it does work despite bizarre name


  8. @Nicoletta it is a nice colour, looks a bit like IRL when you get a bit sunburnt!

    @Cheeky yes is v. expensive, but then again so is st tropez and I cannot stand that crap, makes me look like I have orange leprosy!

  9. Beautiful you, yes definitely, maybe club together with a mate and buy the liquid? that way you aren't wasting a lot of money upfront?

    @Sparke- I do know you secretly tan yourself up twice a week lol ;P


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