28 January 2011


Thank flamingo it's Friday finally!  I wanted to kick of Fridays going forward with a new weekly feature called Brand New Blogger. 

Brand New Beauty Blogger is a place where a new or low in followers blogger gets the chance to shine for the day and get their blog information out there.

You might like them, you might not and the only criteria I have imposed is that you must be a beauty blogger and answer a few obviously informative questions.  If you would like to be included please let me know, you might be in 4/5/6 weeks time though as I have quite a few lined up but the more the merrier.

Why am I doing this? 1) I get so many comments with blog links every day, I am not sure if anyone realises but they are all deleted as spam!  2) I love lots of blogs that don't have many followers and often wonder why 3) let's try and be nice to one another! (No I have not gone totally hippy dippy) just trying to spread some nice-ness in blogland.

So without further ado let's give the floor to our first EVER Brand New Beauty Blogger:
It's the very gorgeous Georgia

I'm a 25 year old wife and self proclaimed yummy mummy obsessed with all things beauty.  
I had been an avid reader of other blogs and wanted to be part of it - it's nice to be able to share your obsession with people who understand!

I have a bit of a thing for blusher, foundation and mascara. I am constantly on the hunt for the 'holy grail' of each of these. I can always be found wearing at LEAST those three things! My perfume collection is also obscene!

My blog is a little bit of everything; cosmetics, hair, nails, bodycare and anything/everything in between.

If you like the sound of that and want to come along and say hello or have a read then please check out 

www.WelshBeautyBlog.com or on Twitter: @WelshBeautyBlog


  1. I would like to be featured! I do have over 500 followers though. Don't know if that's too much but I only started 6 months ago

  2. What a lovely feature, I look forward to reading more new blogs :)
    Jane x

  3. I would love to be featured! I'm only a few months old, with just 45 followers!

  4. Welcome, Georgia!
    This is a great feature!
    I would love to be featured. My blog, Straigh Up Glam, is pretty new!

    Thanks for doing this, it's a wonderful idea!

    Andrée xx

  5. I saw about your feature on Twitter and I'm excited about :) Maybe one day I can be featured too.

  6. This is really great, and so considerate of you. I'd love to be featured, i work hard on my blog but i'm still at less that 50 followers. Getting there though!
    Lovely post, going to check out the blog now :)

  7. Hey Its such a nice thing You are doing here, and would love to be featured...
    I only have 75 Followers So it would be lovely to get some more.. x
    Also Would you mind if I did this Myself..?
    Thank You

  8. Hey, Its such a nice thing you are doing for bloggers with less followers...
    I would love to be featured if you could do that,
    And i would also like to know whether you would mind if i Aslo did a post like this x

  9. Sounds great, I'm always looking for more blogs to read!

    My blog's around 9 months old and I've got just over 200 followers, I'd love to be featured if that's not too old/too many :) x

  10. This is such a nice gesture :)
    I would love to be featured!
    I've just started my blog and I really look forward to writing about my finds/interests/thoughts.
    My new little hobbie! x

  11. i love the idea!!I'd like to be featured pls :) i've been blogging since october and I still have under 50 followers :( xoxo

  12. this is so nice =) i would really enjoy being featured, I'm a german beauty blogger since 2 months and don't have any followers..just a few friendly comments :D

  13. i'd love to be featured too! :X i usually love discovering new blogs :X it's a grea idea! thank you!

  14. This sounds great, I'd love to be featured as a new blogger!

  15. I would *love* to be featured! I love your blog and I have one that's only about a couple months old and would appreciate getting the word out!

  16. This is such a nice idea! I love discovering new blogs :) xxx

  17. What a lovely gesture to encourage new bloggers. I have just been wondering where I am going wrong as I only have 19 followers and was about to do a post asking if there is anything I could do to make my blog more appealing - being seen on such a hugely popular blog would be a fantastic opportunity for my little blog so if you would be kind enough to feature me at some point, likely to be 2015 by now with the responses you have had I would be very very grateful!

  18. I would love the opportunity to be feautured on your blog as a new blogger. Im complety in love with your blog. My little blog is only 3 weeks old and I have 7 lovely subbies so far. Keep up the good work and keep motivating loads of others with what you do. :D
    Much Love
    Beth xxxx

  19. I would love to be added when you get a chance. Its really nice of you to do this. I started my blog a week ago. Kawaii Nail Art. Thanks in advance xoxox

  20. Love Georgias blog, she's loves everything I do and vice versa. A truly fabby blog x

  21. Love Georgias blog, she's loves everything I do and vice versa. A truly fabby blog x

  22. I would love to be featured! Just starting out but am loving it already...thank you!

  23. Hey - great idea, I would also love to be featured. Been blogging for the last month and now addicted! xx

  24. This is such a lovely idea! :) It's really nice to see new bloggers being supported. Looking forward to seeing lots of new blogs to follow!

    I'd love to be featured but think I need to build up my blog a bit first, as I only started in December. It's just so nice to have an outlet though! :) xx


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