No!No! Hair Removal Update- Week 2

29 January 2011

I found week 2 quite difficult to complete as you are supposed to use the No!  No! 8800 machine twice a week, but you need the hair to at least be 1mm long to use the machine as the thermicon technology works by the pulse of heat travelling down the hair follicle and preventing hair growth. And my hair had barely grown at all in just over a week!   

Now obviously this is very good, as I didn't  have to worry about removing hair from my bikini line or armpits in over a week, in fact I just sort of forgot about them to be honest. I am not sure if the technology could have already worked so quickly but normally I would have to shave my armpits every 3 days or so, so this is already impressive. 

I have been asked a few questions about the machine so to answer YES you can use this machine with dark skin or blonde hair, this is because the Thermicon treatment doesn't target melanin in the hair follicle which is why grey or blond haired people cannot usually use IPL for hair removal.  It also will not burn the skin of those with daker skin so really it is quite a fantastic.

It is very small and it is lighweight and easy to use and the second treatment was a lot quicker than the first - for reference the first treatment of bikini line and underarm together was 30 minutes, this was more like 15 minutes.  The regrowth that had come back by this week was already finer so I am hoping for good things.  I will update you next week so stay tuned!

£193.50 at Selfridges


beautydiarist said...

Thankyou for the update Sarah, I often see this on QVC, but can't quite justify the expense. It does look rather sleek, but to buy something just to admire the design is downright silly. Jan x

Gemx said...

Thanks for the update, it's sounds like a promising product! Always nice to see something having an effect so quickly :)

Hell Candy Make Up said...

i must be doing something wrong as I can't seem to get a clean complete hair removal when using this under the arms! Any tips you'd like to share?

Sarah said...

@Hell Candy - I just make sure that I hold it at 90 degrees and keep going over until the hair is done. xx


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