3 January 2011

Sleek MakeUp Molten Metal

I posted last month about Sleek's new addition to the range, Molten Metal.  I really think they missed a trick, as launching this for Christmas and New Year surely would have substantially increased sales?  I know that metallics are due to be big for Spring 2011 but personally, I only really wear them at Christmas and New Year as I am no longer a teenager who can get away with looking so wacky on a day to day basis.

Sleek Makeup's Molten Metals are a new cream eye shadow available in a set with two colours - Pewter and Gold. As with all Sleek MakeUP colour products, Molten Metal is highly pigmented and designed to show up on all skin tones. The long lasting cream can be used on the cheek bones, the lips and also as a highlighter. Molten Metal, priced at £6.99, is long-lasting and stays in place without creasing. 

I actually find the quality pretty similar to Illamasqua's similar metallic creams so if you are on a budget, or just prefer to buy a compact with two shades in one, then you should definitely give this a look when you are next at the shops.  To be honest after all of the online drama there has been recently I would stick to buying in Superdrug!

Sleek MakeUP’s Molten Metal launches on Wednesday 5 January 2011 in Superdrug stores nationwide as well as on www.sleekmakeup.com 


  1. i want this so so bad!! the minute i see it released it mine hehe xox

  2. I'm so gonna get this.Sarah, do you think it'd work well as a highlighter as well?Mixed with a moisturising cream?

  3. It's funny, cos looking at those colour, all I can think is that I'd only ever consider wearing them to a Christmas party or something- and since that has been and gone, I personally have NO need for a colour duo like that, and find it (like you say) odd that they missed the Xmas period by a few weeks?

  4. @Steph, ready set...go! ;P

    @Ria- to be honest they say it can but it's so pigmented even with a tiny bit I think you would look like goldmember

    @Bettina - concise! Lol xxx

    @Cheeky - I know, its odd!

  5. Would have been a brilliant idea for new years, loads of sales.
    I still want to give it a try though, more for eyeliner than anything else.

  6. Haha! I think you could work the wacky day-to-day look!

    This looks great! I've looked into the Illamasqua, but like you, I don't think I'd be able to wear them very often so it's not worth forking over the money for it.

    I wish Sleek Makeup was in drugstores here!

  7. This looks promising. I wonder if it'll crease easily like the Illamasqua ones!

  8. Hi Sarah!..
    Wheres a good website were I can purchase sleek cosmetics, i've seen reviews on their e/s palettes but I dont know where I can get them that excepts paypal...Any Suggestions?

  9. I saw these in superdrug but they only had testers left.I am pleased actually because these are very very pigmented and i don't think I could pull them off x


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