NOTD Ezflow Gelez in Pink Cosmo

5 February 2011

My beautiful EzFlow Gelez Polishes and Lamp Ooooh I love them!

OK this is probably not very interesting to some people, but my Gelez gel polishes arrived today and I got straight on and gave myself a Gelez manicure with Pink Cosmo.

I love the colour and the gel applies so thin just like a real polish.  The topcoat seems super shiny so far and the whole system was easy to understand and there is a fab tutorial on youtube from EzFlow in the USA which tells you exactly how to do each step.

I cant wait to update with the other colours!  I will be offering Gelez and Gelish gel manicures in my beauty business so hopefully people will love it as much as me.

Sarah x


ModestyBrown said...

Oh, that's really pretty. Was it exciting using the lamp? :D
Jane x

*~♥Giddy Princess♥~* said...

Oh I love that colour! And the packaging!!!! x

Sarah said...

@Modestybrown = yes haha it was very exciting,I am so saddo!

@GiddyPrincess - Me too, they use it in Harrods Urban Retreat too, very posh!

Victoria India said...

Love the packaging! xo


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