15 April 2011


Strip - One New Change - The Berry Room
Strip were recently announced winner of 'best waxing salon' in Harpers Bazaar Hot 100.  You might think 'who on earth enjoys a wax??' but I had my very first Hollywood today and not only was it almost pain-free, up until the very last few strips, it was even pretty relaxing!

I have had the bog standard bikini wax loads of times, and a few leg waxes, but I have been left sticky, red, sore and generally pretty unimpressed, so stuck to shaving for legs and underarms and bikini trimmer for the old bikini line.   After a friend's glowing recommendation of Strip, in particular the berry wax, I decided it was high time to book in for a gstring and leg wax and defuzz for Spring.

I figured I would head along to the salon and review it for others, like me, who are a little nervous of these sorts of things (minnie-flashing to strangers) and to see what products they used and how the therapists were.  I often find that if I am sent on a pr arranged salon visit that the treatment is performed amazingly, but do wonder if that's what a regular person would get if they booked in.  So I figured that going undercover would provide a better review.

Strip use Lycon waxes and all related products such as pre and post wax oils

I was put at ease straight away by the lovely Australian therapist at Strip who told me that being nervous was normal but that I would be totally fine, the Berry room was chosen for me and omg the wax smells good enough to eat.  The room is decorated as you can see in the picture at the top, there are also pictures of berries on the walls!  There was a flat screen tv playing episodes of sex and the city so after a while I just started watching that and we had a little bit of chit chat.

The bikini wax was not embarrassing at all and everything was incredibly sanitary.  I was provided with sanitising hand gel and wipes to freshen up my hands and bikini line before the treatment and during the treatment none of the waxing spatulas were double dipped and each one that touched the wax was fresh.  Hot wax is better for use on bikini waxing as it grabs hairs that are slightly shorter, is a lot more comfortable and provides a better result than strip waxing.  The Lycon So Berry wax that was used was fantastic, I definitely recommend it.  The Lycon so berry strip wax was used on my legs and it really looked like molten lipgloss! 

So Berry – Hot & Strip Wax

Vibrant Pink, super creamy and flexible with Lycon’s latest and unique titanium dioxide technology and vanilla extract. Amazingly gentle, excellent for sensitive areas and perfect for Brazilian waxing!

I kept looking at my legs as they were being waxed as they were so shimmery and pink haha!  Both my legs and bikini area were waxed extremely quickly and efficiently, so quickly in fact that she suggested that I have a brazilian as she still had half an hour of appointment time left, I though...oh go on then, and ended up having a Hollywood (all off)!!  There was none of that sitting on all fours that I was horrified about having to do.  The positions to get the underneath hair were not at all embarrassing and didn't involve doing anything that made me feel uncomfortable.

After the wax I thought I had better get a new exfoliator, one that Matt won't nick (I told him it was only for use if you'd had a hollywood haha so far he hasn't clocked me lying) I picked up the Lycon Pink Grapefruit sugar scrub as the lady that worked there said it was her favourite and erm. ... it's pink. Dear god I'm easily sold anything lol! Bear in mind as well it was £21 ! Yes that is a lot for a bit of pink sugar, so fingers crossed it does me proud.

Find out your nearest Strip Waxing here www.stripwaxbar.com the absolute best experience of waxing I have ever had.  The one new change venue is so handy if you work anywhere near the Strand or the City of London.

And before you ask NO I DIDN'T VAGAZZLE!


  1. Sounds great. It is just that thing of 'hi i havent me you, now i'll show you 'downstairs'! If im near one, ill go! Although I hav visions of that friends ep (the one where they eat the wax!) x

  2. I know lol but they were sooo nice there, plus you are in really nice surroundings and you can cover yourself with a towel to begin with if you're a bit nervous, they act so nonchalent too like, ooh a minnie..whatever ;P

  3. That's very interesting, I've never tried strip waxing before! Thanks for the review. I may look into it ;)

  4. I have a branch quite near my work and have considered going there as I have never ever had a pro wax before and Strip sounds like one of the best places to go.

  5. Ouch! I had my eyebrows done the other day and that was painful enough ;)

  6. I was searching for salons that are properly qualified to do Brazilian and Hollywood waxes, and Strip came up in my search. It strikes me as an extremely professional salon which has trained its therapists in the skill of bikini waxing, and that's before I read your review. For 2 years I was going to a salon (a well known one in fact) who weren't doing their bikini treatments correctly. What I mean by that is a Brazilian is leaving a strip, but this salon removed what they could and left a little patch, sort of like Hitler's 'tache (pardon the comparison). Also their waxes were murderous and I have a high pain threshold but I couldn't handle any more of it and it didn't get any better after 2 years of enduring them. Finally their customer service was abysmal so I left them a few months ago and have found someone who is amazing at her job and it doesn't hurt one bit! I am really happy with my lady but if I was looking for someone, I would definitely go to Strip. I've also realised for such a delicate procedure, only a highly skilled person can perform it therefore it is one thing I completely justify spending more money on.

  7. @Livia, definitely worth the price for a top premium service

    @Meeta, it's worth it I think, I went to 1 new change and my friend goes to the Soho one and she said it was amazing there too

    @Audrina - lol I find eyebrow waxing to be more painful to be honest, but then I have a bit of an eye phobia!

    @Sheenie, well to be fair a brazilian is supposed to be either you choice of the strip or the thumbprint although is more commonly the strip but of course they should have asked you which you prefer. The wax may well have been inferior quality or perhaps they had not been trained in the correct technique, either way you were very brave returning there for your wax! Glad you have found someone else, if you ever need someone I would trust Berins, Perron Rigot and Lycon waxes for the bikini area, and also suggest anyone trained in intimate waxing with Lycon or Kim Lawless is likely to be good xx

  8. God. Why can't Telford have a Strip waxing bar -.- We want chocolate wax, and we want it NOW! last time i had a biniki wax i was screaming at the poor girl 'DON'T DO IT!!!' I ended up having just a simple tidy up ( Wax-on, wax-off.... next side wax-on, wax-off done )


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