Wah Nails and Motel Rocks Competition

I’m sure most of you girls know about the fabulous nail art that is done by WAH NAILS.  Well they’ve done some amazing nail designs based upon the Motel Rocks clothing designs and to promote this they are giving away clothing through the Facebook page launching today Monday 16th May.  All people have to do to enter is like the Facebook page and tell them as many of the names of the dresses, clothing or prints they can see on the nails.

Pretty Rose Print and Jordan Jean features:

The link to the competition is: http://www.facebook.com/motelrocks?sk=app_4949752878

There is also the new nail range from Models Own and Wah Nails. They will also be a competition on our website to win £200 of Motel clothing plus ten Models Own Goody bags.