23 June 2011

Planning a relaxing spa day and Wireless Festival

I have been thinking about having a lovely relaxing spa day for a while now.  I have always wanted to go to The Sanctuary in Covent Garden for some treatments but haven't really had the time. But I was given a spa finder voucher which I can use there and I think I might bump up the money so I can have a really lovely treat. I think i'm worth it lol! I spend so long pampering everyone else these days I am starting to look a bit like i'm falling apart!

Have you been to The Sanctuary before? If so which treatments did you have, I am looking for recommendations.  I am not sure whether to go for a facial and pedicure, or a pedicure and some sort of body scrub and floatation treatment? It all sounds so amazing!  

Please do share if you have been what it's like. I am so excited!  

In other news I am going to wireless festival next Friday, have you been to that before or are you going? What should I wear?


  1. I've never been but it is 1 spa place that is firmly @ the no.1 spot on my list. It just looks lush, soo tranquil and relaxing.

  2. I went the year before when kanye west was headlining it. Firstly wear flats, and possibly shorts because you will feel much more comfortable, please by all means pack wipes, A LOT of wipes! If you are carrying water, place the lid in your pocket when you are going in bcz they will not allow you to go in with a water bottle lid( dunno y), carry cash bcz the cash machines charge!! a whole lot more than they should, and eat light because the toilets have been "used". Sunscreen and go to the main stage early, and enjoy your time!! xoxo. cho cho.

  3. The Sanctuary is amazing, the relaxation room is so fab and calming. Plus it's mad that it's so big and just in the middle of Convent Garden, you wouldn't realise there was a spa there if you didn't know! Defiantly a winner - go!

    As for Wireless, I've also went when Kanye was headlining and I'm going this year too! It was a really chilled out friendly kind of festival. I had no problems with the loos (do take antibac gel though!). If it's warm just wear shorts/dress/playsuit and sandals (be prepared to get dirty feet though) and make sure to take a cardi or jacket to cover up when it gets chilly. The only negative was that at the end of the festival it was a massive bitch to get on the tubes!


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