10 July 2011

Shellac Swatches

Hiya girls, since I know how huge Shellac is, and how it's nice to see a colour as a swatch before you choose to have it on your nails for 2 weeks I figured some colour swatches might be helpful to all you who have shellac or are thinking about having it.  Shellac nails are awesome, I still like artistic colour gel polish more personally as it lasts longer and is slightly thicker, and for those with extremely thin nails, we need extra help, but for a power polish that doesn't chip for 2 weeks - Shellac can't be beaten.  So here are some swatches

Tutti Frutti 

Red Baroness
Hot Pop Pink


Hope this helps! Will post more pics as I do them. I am not allowed to wear coloured polish for college so will post clearly pink once i'v applied that.

Have you had a shellac attack?


  1. LOVE the hot pink im so going to get it done for my hols :) x x

  2. I had it done a few weeks ago but it started to peel after 8 days from the base of my nail. I probably won't bother with it again, I had the pop pink colour which I loved while it lasted.

  3. @makeup hair and glitz - me too, gorgeous for holls, although pinks can fade in the sun so maybe ask for 3 coats x

    @Haylexoxo - there are a few reasons why it didn't last the full 14 days, but with correct application and correct home care (which the nail tech should have told you) they do last 14 or more x

  4. Ah brill, thanks for this - I've currently got about 12 Shellac colours in my S2 basket but I can't decide which to start with! :-)

  5. @Lucy - Clearly pink, cream puff, red baroness, tutti frutti, iced coral, tropix, blackpool, rock royalty, hollywood, rosebud

    My top 12!

  6. I love Shellac, I've been using it for a few months now and everyone has loved it! Have you seen the new colours? I can't wait to get them!

    I didn't know you were at college, what are you studying? x

  7. @Andrea - I am studying beauty therapy nvq, it's just one day per week so the course is quite a long one x

  8. Am dying to try Shellac, am going to try it before my 5 day holiday in Vanuatu in Aug. You have beautiful hands by the way!! Great hand model!

  9. Good for you! I hope it goes well x


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