1 August 2011

Catrice Cosmetics

I love discovering a new brand, especially one that's not easily available. I am definitely someone who wants what I can't have!  I noticed the link to a brand of makeup I had never heard of in a magazine I got today, billed as a European brand that is cheaper than Barry M and perhaps with even better nail varnishes I googled their website at top speed (which is http://www.catrice.eu )if you wondered.

The nail varnishes look like they are packaged in bottles similar to Gosh and the colour picker on the website is pretty good, I liked the look of a green polish called 'Run Forest Run' and dirty dark bluish teal called 'Hip Queens wear Blue Jeans'.  You can see lots of really good NOTD pics if you go to their facebook page Catrice Cosmetics Facebook

Catrice is affiliated with the German equivalent of Superdrug called DM and the brand is about to launch in the USA this year. I hope they decide to launch it here too, and not too expensive please!

If you've tried this brand, what did you think? Are the nailvarnishes as good as I hear?


  1. You can pick Catrice up in Dublin fairly easily, Thank God.

    Their polishes are gorgeous for such a low price, brushes and polish consistency are great.

    They also do one or two dupes that are worth mentioning eg their Iron Mermaiden is almost identical to OPI's Not Like in the Movies from the Katy Perry collection x

  2. You must try every Catrice nail polish, they are awesome!!!

  3. Catrice is all over the place in Italy now, and everyone is raving about it. I might give it a try, I've only just swatched things at their stand in SS. If you ever want me to pick anything for you and send it, just say it :)

  4. Hello, I am one of your followers, I will follow you from Italy:)
    Here, these products are sold at a good price € 2.95, and are of good quality:)
    If you want I can send you two to try them:) there is no problem!

  5. @CherrySue - I really do need to come to Dublin! Thanks for the dupes, will add them to my list

    @Kimberly - I want to! Just have to find out where i can get them

    @Lydia - ooh that would be lovely - maybe we could do a makeup swap?

    @Isamaur - that would be really nice of you, I could buy you something in return from a UK brand?

  6. Yep - I've picked up lots on business trips to Germany. Fab polish, generally super opaque & great colours. Mostly cremes but some great shimmers too, haven't seen any flakies. The bottles are classy looking and the price is to die for! Like Essence they only seem to be sold in Eurozone countries (easier for them I suppose). I have a few Catrice posts on my blog if you want to check them out. And of course another vote for them coming to the UK!

  7. hey sarah!
    I have a little question to asked;
    Could you please sent me something new from the uk?
    in return I will sent you catrice product from germany with the same amount of money.
    it would be really nice and I really wanna get the MUA earth and heaven eyeshadow palette for 4 p.
    thanks in advance!

  8. They absolutely are ! I live in Belgium and they are all over the place, costing only 2eur99 for exelent quality and enourmous range of colours. You should try their chapsticks too !


  9. Hey there, I'm from Belgium and here we are lucky enought to find out Catrice and Essence (another really nice brand, even cheaper than Catrice) quite easily. Both Essence and Catrice are from the same manufacturer and therefore some of their products are EXACTLY the same with a different packaging (a.o. the "Hip Queens Wear Blue Jeans" C. polish vs "Underwater" E. polish or C. gel liner in "It's Mambo n°2" vs E. in "London Baby"), so it's better to look twice before buying similar products.
    I love Catrice, especially the polishes and their amaaaaaazing Infinite Matt foundation, which in my opinion works even better than MUFE Mat Velvet and costs only 6.45 euros. The eyeshadows are another valuable pick, despite they're not equally pigmented: some of them are really good, some other are awful.
    They also have really nice gel liners and lip products.
    If I should recommend only ONE product, I'd definetely go for the polishes.

    PS: If you want to try on some Catrice stuff, you could swap some stuff with me as well! ;-)


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