Catrice Cosmetics

I love discovering a new brand, especially one that’s not easily available. I am definitely someone who wants what I can’t have!  I noticed the link to a brand of makeup I had never heard of in a magazine I got today, billed as a European brand that is cheaper than Barry M and perhaps with even better nail varnishes I googled their website at top speed (which is )if you wondered.

The nail varnishes look like they are packaged in bottles similar to Gosh and the colour picker on the website is pretty good, I liked the look of a green polish called ‘Run Forest Run’ and dirty dark bluish teal called ‘Hip Queens wear Blue Jeans’.  You can see lots of really good NOTD pics if you go to their facebook page Catrice Cosmetics Facebook

Catrice is affiliated with the German equivalent of Superdrug called DM and the brand is about to launch in the USA this year. I hope they decide to launch it here too, and not too expensive please!

If you’ve tried this brand, what did you think? Are the nailvarnishes as good as I hear?