7 August 2011

Diet pix update

Realised that I hadn't photographed my dukan progress what a dipstick! Here are 2 pics from today

I'm getting there!

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  1. Omg... you look so skinny! I need tofollow your diet thing and do it! You look wshit hot babe. xxx

  2. girl what yuou on about dieting! your a skinny minnie :) xxx

  3. Wow you're so skinny! Time to relax now I think! :D well done! xx

  4. You look amazing!! I may have to try myself.

  5. omg you look amazing!!!!!! So jealous!!! eeeeeeeeeek!! Skinny times xxx

  6. Haha @ looking shithot! Thanks Jo love ya! xxo

    @Sammiebbz - well i've almost reached my target now

    @Kitten - well I'll relax when I'm at target which is only 4lbs away and move to the maintenance portion of the diet, no point dieting just to stuff your face when you get to target

    @Shabby makeup - thanks, if you like meats and dairy products its not too hard

    @Giddy Princess - thanks babes xx

  7. Woo, looking super slinky here! Congratulations on getting so near to your target! x

  8. Getting there?
    Sweetie, I think you are already there! Don't let the numbers bug you, you look lovely and slender :)

    Well done!

  9. Yes getting there, I am hardly going to give up so close to target lol!


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