31 August 2011

Dukan Diet Update - Day - I don't even remember

I realise that I have not been updating the Dukan Diet Diary daily like I used to.  This isn't because I have fallen off the wagon, it is because this diet is literally driving me to distraction. I got down to 142.5lbs which was nearly my goal.  Then the weight started to go up again....all the while I was sticking exactly to the diet. So I went on the attack phase for the last week, it has done literally NOTHING. My weight is exactly the same as last week.  So writing down just what bloody boring food I am eating daily just makes me feel even more cross.

I did have some lovely comments the other day from a friend that I hadn't seen for ages, who said my skin looked amazing and i have to admit that is a good side effect of this diet, my hair, skin and nails are growing like mental, presumably from the protein and massive water consumption.

So yeah, I'll do it for another 2 days and then it's my holiday. So i'll see how I feel when I come back from that.

Just wanted to update incase you were wondering what had happened and if I was lying in a ditch of baguettes and chips ;P


  1. I have been reading all your Dukan diet posts with interest - I remember last year buying the book and getting started even though it was estimated that it would take me about 20 weeks to get to my target weight. I started and just got so bored with the lack of variety. I gave up and started on the Harcombe Diet instead which was less onorous. I do wish you luck with it though Jan

  2. Surely the weight will just pile straight back on when you start eating "normally" again? Im keen to start a diet but don't really want to put my body through any unecessary stresses such as cutting out certain food groups. If only there was an easier way lol!

  3. @Lauren - obviously that's true of any diet as it's scientifically impossible to eat more calories than you expend and lose weight.  If you mean over the holiday only? I don't plan to put on a stone in a week ;P If you mean after the holiday? I will go back to the dukan diet, complete the attack phase if necessary or move to the cruise phase, then move to the other two phases on the diet which were created so you keep your weight stable. I managed to keep my weight stable for 6 years as per my first dukan diet posts this 1 stone weight gain was due to a lifestyle change which I am now correcting. so I think I will manage fine after that.

  4. Hi Sarah, I've never had oat bran before but I like porridge so think I should try it! Do you literally have it for breakfast on its own with a dollop of low fat yog?


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