Loreal Professional Fiberceutic – Botox for hair

When I heard the L’oreal Fiberceutic treatment had been described as ‘Botox for hair’  I ordered it within an hour!

My hair is very fine, and while my short haircut has really helped my hair start to be in better condition I was definitely looking for anything possible to make it look thicker and it better condition.

The product claims to contain some sort of chemical formula which can fill the gaps in damaged hairs and smooth down tears from brushing/straightening etc.a formula which apparently plugs holes and smooths away tears in damaged locks. 

Apparently these chemicals can seek out the gaps in the hair (damaged keratin) and then penetrate the hair to fill the gaps.  

How to apply.

You can either have this treatment done at a salon or buy the things online and use it at home.  I don’t have anywhere near me that does this in a salon (that I could find on-line) so I just ordered the serum and masque from ebay and did it myself.  The only difference I believe is that in the salon they apply the serum with some sort of syringe, whereas I just used the slap it on and rub it in technique.

Shampoo your hair with a little of the serum, then rinse the shampoo out and then towel dry.  Then use the rest of one little bottle of serum (presumably two if you have long hair as this small bottle only just did my hair) and smooth all over the hair and smooth through from roots to ends.  Then straight away apply the masque and leave it on for 5 minutes.  

After that I just rinsed it out of my hair and towel dried, then blow dried with a hairdryer.


My hair feels so much smoother and less frizzy.  I am seriously impressed with the silkening, smoothing and de-frizzing properties of this treatment.  When I used to wake up my hair would be sticking all over the place like Jedward and now there is just a little frizz but my hair isn’t sticking everywhere.  My hair doesn’t feel massively bigger but I can tell there is slightly more volume.  I can style my hair quicker as it doesn’t take as much effort to pouff it up with mousse.

How long does it last?


This treatment is THE BEST for volumising and smoothing that I have ever used. I would 100% definitely get this done in a salon after my hair was coloured as I can imagine it would look fantastically shiny in a Cheryl Cole- hair way.  This would be brilliant for bleach blondes as well to get some smoothness back if your hair is like a crisp.

I paid £24 for 3 serum bottles and the masque on ebay.  However you can buy the masque from Feel Unique  L’oreal Fiberceutic Masque for £10.65 which you can still use for maintenance without the serum if you want to.