17 August 2011

What is a BB Cream?

Oops. I kind of missed the boat on BB creams, in fact until today I was blissfully unaware what the hell one even was. So for all those people as clueless as me, I found out what the hell it was, and have written a quick description for those who are also clueless.

The Korean market tapped into BB creams years ago but the UK market only seems to have been producing them for the last few months. So....what the hell is a BB cream?

BB stands for Blemish Balm. Automatically you would assume it's a spot cream and so, for people with dry skin such as myself, you might think - hmm don't need that - next!

But apparently it is so much more than that, being a primer, complexion smoother, concealer, moisturiser, UV protector and some even have anti ageing properties.

Some of the BB creams available to the UK market at the moment are:

Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector Daily All-In-One BB Cream (hello longest product name in the whole world).
Germaine de Capuccini - BB Cream Perfectionist
Dior Snow White Reveal UV Protection BB Cream
Estee Lauder Cyber White Brilliant Cells Extra Intensive BB
Mac Prep and Prime BB Cream
Clinique's Age Defence BB Cream
Now I am on the fence currently. I generally use Korres Quercetin and Oak primer (anti ageing, moisturising and a primer) and then my foundation which has SPF. So do I need a BB cream? Ok let's rephrase that because if it's skincare I always feel I need it. What I mean is - shall I buy one? They say this is the Asian celebrities secret to looking flawless - is this true? If you've tried a BB Cream what did you think? Any recommendations?

I can't get the Garnier one as my skin will have a fit, I doubt it would like the Mac one either as I rarely get on with their foundations, Clinique skincare is known to be full of alcohol and mineral oil so I'm not spending buckets on that when I could just cover myself in vaseline...Hmm maybe this Germaine de Capuccini is a good plan?

I need details!

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  1. I think its great its finally being introduced in the UK. Although I agree so far none of them particularly make me want to go out and buy them. I would definitely go and explore Asian brands online. My current favourite being Dr Jarts Black Label BB Cream. A BB cream is a a quick all in one makeup fix!

  2. i have tried bb cream.. it just doesn't work me because of my very sensitive skin but i have read tons & tons of reviews with before & after pics swearing how bb creams made their skin a lot better than before.

    It's funny how MAC, Bobbi Brown & the likes are now jumping in the bb cream bandwagon.. i guess the bb cream craze that was like almost over in some asian countries is slowly penetrating european & american market,huh?

  3. What I dislike about them is the whole 'whitening' theme they all seem to promote. Im sure its not skin bleaching and something to do with brightening but i find it annoying to even see written on a tube. Im not a fan of white on my face

  4. I really want to try this, the blogosphere seem to be losing their shizz in anticipation ;)

  5. @Miss Kei Kei - Asian brands probably would be a better idea but then i'm assuming that most asian markets beauty/skincare is run by brands with a global presence? Hmm not sure I will look into the Dr Jarts one so I can do a comparison - thanks for the comment xx

    @tHiAmEre - did you try a specific brand? I have sensitive skin too

    @Tali - ooh you're back! I know agree about the whitening thing, especially the Dior's 'Snow White', as if having pure white skin is abject perfection. Saying that think that is the general feeling in some Asian countries - the whiter you are the better? Sounds a bit racist!

  6. I got on and fell off the BB wagon years ago. As much as BB creams are really used for convenience and the fact that korean people are known to have surgery left right and center, I can acheive the same effect with tinted moisturiser.

    If you want to try BB creams that have been around for ages, I suggest going on sites like imomoko. :)

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