Slendertone Christmas Fitness Challenge Week 1

I have agreed to take part in the Slendertone Christmas Fitness Challenge as to be honest I always do try and sort out the old bod before Xmas parties and stuff and I have nights out planned for the 24th and the 30th so have to look alright for those!  Also I think it’s good to keep myself focussed so I don’t scoff too many mince pies prior to Christmas day, so far I haven’t even had one so I have done really well as they are my favourite Christmas food ever.

Week 1 of the challenge
Every professional party girl knows looking good in your Little Black Dress (LBD) calls for an action plan, so Slendertone ambassadors – fitness expert Jarod Chapman and celebrity facialist Nichola Joss – have created the ultimate guide to ensure you feel fabulously,festively fit. Simply follow their four-week guide and you could be the Belle of the Ball this Christmas party season.

Four Weeks Before
1) Step up your cardio and work on strengthening your main muscle groups –  Aim for three sessions of 30 minutes a week 
2) In addition to building up a sweat, start work on toning up your arm muscles with free weights or Pilates 
3) Put your Slendertone on whilst you raid your wardrobe to check for any
lovely LBD’s which will show off your new killer curves in four weeks time. 
4) Shop for some good underwear.  Not only will you feel better but the right support means you’ll look thinner in seconds.
5) Start moisturising daily you skin will look stunning by Christmas day.
6) Be sure to maintain a consistent facial skincare routine for the next four weeks. This will allow beauty products to absorb better and your skin to look more luminous in party photos.
7) Get your feet sandal ready by slathering them in thick moisturiser every night before bed
8) Coconut oil is brilliant for reducing stretch-marks on your décolletage and arms slap some on when you are doing your feet at bedtime

This week I have been using my slendertone ab belt (I was sent this by the company to use and review) every single day because I am ADDICTED!  The ab belt is fab because I don’t have to do my situps at the gym so I have more time to do my free weights and cardio.  I have been to the gym today and am managing to average 2/3 times a week which is good for me at the moment as this is the busiest time of year for me and I have things every day, evening, night and weekend, so I am really trying hard to fit the gym in and am pleased I have managed to go.

When I first received my Slendertone Abs Belt, I was a bit dubious about whether it would work or not. I cracked on with using it straight away and it’s easy peasy to set up and the instructions are very simple. It is a very bizarre feeling to begin with but you soon get used to it, although you do need to make sure that you up the level of the belt as you get used to it or you won’t be working your muscles as much as they need.  I started to see the difference quite early on, after about 3 days and now, after 7 I can start to see a bit more definition on my my waist and my top two abs. I do already feel a little bit more confident about my tum, it was flat beforehand but I think it’s starting to look more defined, I have to be honest though I don’t think the Slendertone would be much good for someone who needed to lose weight as is doesn’t help you lose fat. I did also find that when I was running at the gym today my stomach felt quite strong, which I am presuming is because you use your abs and core muscles whilst running so me working them daily with the belt is helping me? I did find I ran with less effort needed which was great and I managed to run for longer than usual.

Diet wise I just try and stick to plenty of protein and vegetables, I am still not eating fruit due to my dietary intolerances and have felt better since I have stopped this, it must have been really messing my stomach up I guess it is to do with the fruit sugars or acids, either way I have been making sure to take supplements and eat plenty of veg to make up for it. I don’t really eat many carbs and still not having rice, pasta or bread although I do let myself have a few bits of chocolate here and there just not overdoing it.

Skincare wise I have taken on a new facial range for my professional facials for Beauty Retreat by a brand called Eve Taylor, I have been using their cleanser, toner, facial exoliating peel, facial oil and brightening moisturiser myself and I am loving and which I will blog about soon – I am really impressed with these products and am hoping with a month of this routine my skin will be even better than before.

Still to come in the challenge I will update how I am getting on with the ab belt, I have a Universal Contour Wrap booked for 2 weeks time which is one of the inch loss wraps and I will be testing out some new toning arm exercises, so stay tuned for next week’s instalment for more updates.

If you have any slendertone questions then please do let me know!  I am happy to answer any queries.

Below is the link to where you can buy the slendertone, I LOVE that it is clinically proven to work in 4 weeks, you know me and a clinical trial haha! 

Use the Female System Abs 5 times a week for 4 weeks to achieve firmer and flatter abs – guaranteed.

In independent clinical trials users reported: 
100% of users reporting firmer more toned abs
72% increase in abdominal endurance
49% increase in abdominal strength
3.5cm reduction in waist circumference

Replicating abdominal exercises, 20 minutes is equivalent to 120 sits ups targeting the rectus, oblique and transversus abdominis muscles. *Clinical trial conducted by Prof. Dr. John Porcari, University Wisconsin, La-Crosse