1 January 2012

Celeb Boutique - My Favourite Online Shop of 2011

I want to share with you a little gem of an online shop that I found in 2011.  

They are hands down my go-to shop for a dress for a night out and from the amount of pictures of girls wearing the dresses I see on Facebook and Twitter I am definitely not alone.  The dresses are predominately in the bandage style like Herve Leger dresses but at a fraction of the price.  The dresses are all around £80-100 which is obviously a lot of money compared to say newlook or missguided but for me, at just over 5'10 without shoes and not the best legs in the world I need a dress that is suitable for a tall person with a modest enough hemline not to flash anything including any cellulite (rank) that deffo needs to stay hidden away! 

The dresses are those sort of suck it in push it up ones which are great, especially around Christmas when you need a bit of sucking in!  The dresses are so comfortable too as the fabric is so thick and soft and stretchy and the zip is good quality too.  I have been so fed up recently of dresses from Warehouse and similar being washed once then being totally ruined with holes appearing or seams coming undone, buttons falling off and zips ripping or coming away so I am happy to pay a bit more and ensure that I get a really good quality dress that will last a long time.

The dresses come in so many beautiful colours, I was given a purple one with a black halter-neck as my Christmas present from my mum which I love.  Hopefully I will get to wear it soon on a night out - maybe Valentines or something.

Here are some of my favourites from their website hopefully I can add to my collection in 2012 ooh and they also do gorgeous shoes and bags.

Do you have any favourite online shops?


  1. Im defo gonna try one of these dresses. at 5"2 and size 8-10 i do use alot of highstreet but my short legs are not the skinniest either so one of these dresses sounds amazing! thx hun! xxx

  2. you look fab! Your pics made me try it out & I love it! how cute is the black box it comes in too?! reckon I have a new addiction!

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